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This is the place for Youtube to MP3 conversion. You can find videos via search box, then convert to MP3 in 3 easy steps.

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How to extract audio from Youtube video?

Convert Youtube videos to MP3 format

Pull our all the stops and convert your video to MP3 format easy and fast using our online converter. There's nothing easier than our simple and straightforward process. Just follow the 3 steps below to convert any Youtube video to MP3 (under 90 minutes long, please. This restriction is needed to make sure everyone's conversion ends in under 1-2 minutes and noone has to wait extra for their music file.

Download audio from Youtube as MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc

We just want to confirm here, that Youtube videos can be converted to the format you like and it's most likely going to be M4A, WEBM or most popular one - MP3 format. Although we personally think that M4A format delivers about 10-15% more actual sound with the same file-size, so there's room for discussion what's better and what's popular.


FAQ - Questions & Answers

How to convert Youtube video to mp3?

  1. Copy video link and bring it here to Pull Video
  2. Insert video link into the search box on top and submit form
  3. Wait until MP3 download options show up, then Get Links and Download MP3 file.

How many videos can I convert to mp3?

As many as you like. Just make sure do them one after another, we don't like simultaneous jobs from same user, to avoid exploits and abuse of our app..

Where do mp3 files get saved on my device?

If you don't know your default downloads folder, try going into browser menu, there's always Downloads option where you can check the list of downloaded files.

How to convert Youtube to mp3 on mobile device?

We don't recommend doing Yotube to mp3 conversions on mobile devices, unless you are on free WiFi, where download amounts are not counted towards your monthly limits.. Just follow steps described above to download Yt mp3 on mobile.

Get free mp3 converter app

Add to Home Screen

It's really easy to convert Youtube videos to mp3 using Pull.Video web app. Simply click on the button above, and confirm installation with the browser. This app will help do everything our website does, - in the comfort of your Android smartphone or Windows device. It needs no updates, it can be removed in 2 clicks, - check it out, it's a great app to install.

Try quick bookmarklet

Download Mp4

We have this quick-access bookmark-let. It's a little shortcut of sorts, it helps you skip the step where you'd need to copy video URL from the website or app that you're watching it in, and then insert it into our form. So if you drag this button below and drop it to your browser's bookmarks section, later you can press it whil ewatching some video, and it will send you here and videopage URL will arrive with you, and all you'll do is press Download.