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How to download online videos (from any site)?

Online Video Downloader

Hello. We are happy to have you @ Pull.Video. We help our visitors download their favorite videos as MP4 video files, to help those who don't want to spend their monthly data allowance constantly replaying their favorite music videos and funnies from other websites, and so sooner or later you're facing the question: what to do? how to watch these videos as many times as desired? Well, for one thing, you can find free wifi access, and then data becomes unlimited. The other way would be downloading that online video, or audio for that matter, and then converting them to a file which can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. That's all there is.. See video online that you know you'll be replaying dozens of times for all your friends? Simply download that video to your device and by that access it offline as many times as you want, without any additional data usage. Just copy video URL and bring it here, submit into the form and see download options...

Convert online video to MP4, MP3, M4A, etc

Pull any online video to your device and save file in one of multiple popular formats supported here. We are talking such gems as MP4 and FLV formats, supported for video downloader. We can also help extracting audio in M4A, WEBM, OGG formats, while converting extracted audio to MP3 format is also supported. Universally online videos store their audio track as M4A or AAC formats, which is slightly better for streaming, but for you and me - MP3 is the best, so we provide 320kbps MP3s to everyone who requests them.


FAQ - Questions & Answers

Can you save Twitter videos?

Yes, just copy Twitter video URL, then submit to the form, and see download options.

How to download online videos?

  1. find Share button to Copy Link from
  2. Submit said video link thru our form
  3. Now wait for download links, then save video file.

Can I convert Instagram to MP4?

Yes, no problems, just copy video link from the app, using Share button, then insert into the search box on top, hit Download and see the options from the drop-down menu.

What sites can I download videos from?

Try Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Aparat, Reddit, Twitter, even Twitch clips or videos can be downloaded, etc.. nearly 500 websites supported. The easy way to find out would be giving us the URL and seeing from there..

How to download videos on Android or iPhone?

  1. Copy the video URL you wish to download via the Share button.
  2. Navigate here, insert the URL into the search box. Hit Download and wait for the options.
  3. Now find the format and quality setting you like for yourself and download video, or extract audio.

Where do I find downloaded files?

Very easy to find them via browser menu (three-dot icon usually as of late), just look in the menu there'll be Downloads option, click that and find all your downloaded files.

Pull.Video Android app

Add to Home Screen

This little app will work on Android and Windows devices, including PCs and laptops. Simply click on the button below, and app will be installed to use your current browser and basically show our website but as a local, native Android or Windows app. App takes little to no room from your storage, yet it can download online videos and extract audio or convert it to mp3 format. Just a sweet app, if you ask me. Uninstall in 2 clicks if you don't like the app.

Try quick bookmarklet

Download Mp4

We have this quick-access bookmark-let. It's a little shortcut of sorts, it helps you skip the step where you'd need to copy video URL from the website or app that you're watching it in, and then insert it into our form. So if you drag this button below and drop it to your browser's bookmarks section, later you can press it whil ewatching some video, and it will send you here and videopage URL will arrive with you, and all you'll do is press Download.