HD [20] Soo'per Kah'me Ke'Mono Eats - Total War: Warhammer 2 (Lizardmen) Campaign Walkthrough

[20] Soo'per Kah'me Ke'Mono Eats - Total War: Warhammer 2 (Lizardmen) Campaign Walkthrough

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This is a campaign let's play of Kroq-Gar, Legendary Lord of The Last Defenders for the Lizardmen faction. Below you're going to find a playlist linked to future episodes. ►Playlist: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Discord: ►Twitch: ►Warhammer 2 Quest Battles (Legendary)Buy games and save 20% off at GMG!Use this link and voucher code: GREENM-ANGAME-R20OFFWith the crazy changes to Youtube. Your interaction with a video is more important than ever. Your likes and comments will help me out immensely!
Neil Mihalich
Windows 10 update caused BSOD on my comp, I've been living my campaigns vicariously through you.
Garrett Ruslin
Ernesto Valenzuela
what's wrong with the name Martinez? sound lore friendly to me
Kibou Wanderer
I don't know how the payment for confederation works. eh i mean, you pay them to become a part of your empire which mean you should get the money back anyway. xD ignore me
Preston Garvey
Your krox took that much damage from the skavenslaves because there is a bug in the game that makes summoned units clip through enemies so all of the slaves with spears clip into the krox and hit them together which causes alot of damage.
Why would you disband Nijii's army, even when you said that the dinosaurs weren't that good? I would have kept that army, disbanded the dinos, and pincer attacked the Skaven.
There is a mod to make temple guard great again. It gives them +5 armor, makes them unbreakable and gives them a slight bonus vs inantry cause jesus these troops slaughtered so much chaos inantry, they are very good at it. Perhaps you want to check that out
Edz Ballar
Hey wait a minute thet right shud have give you carbosaur what happend?
Huub van Maarschalkerweerd
I need more of this