HD SECURING THE REALM! Total War: Warhammer 2 - High Elves Campaign - Tyrion #9

SECURING THE REALM! Total War: Warhammer 2 - High Elves Campaign - Tyrion #9

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Thijs Celie
Zarya Futa
Just a quick comment to express my respect for you dude, you put out so many videos for us and its amazing.
Keep doing what you do!
Deeclassify LS-RP
The greatest mystery in the known universe is why Skirmish mode isn't turned off by default.
Daniel Pencil
You probably should have confederated slower you would not have as much problems as you do now
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Sartosa has the wine resource, it gives Public Order and some resources. It is better then the normal PO building…
Who cares about making peace, just destroy them
I'd say go for Vaul's Anvil sooner rather than later, I think you are going to need to start racking up those wayfragments
Don't peace out with Tiranoc, just take the Silvation Isles and Vaul's Anvil…
Vaul's Anvil gives you 10 wayfragments *per turn*. Don't obsess over getting every single quest. It's a marathon, not a sprint. You're going to want to take Tiranoc out anyway, so you can try to take the Salvation Isles, but in the 2/3/4 turns it is going to take to get there for the 20 way-fragments, you will have already earned 20/30/40 if you just had Vaul's Anvil…

Also, it looks like there is some green light coming out of High Vale, what… is that?

Finally: Confederate Ellyrion! You could use their army/armies to attack the Salvation Isles. I know your instinct is to turtle — but you can turtle *once you have unified Ulthuan*. The gates are great for preventing anyone from getting inside, but that only works if you have unified the island. Confederate Ellyrion, take over Tiranoc and you can spend a few turns on public order. You'll have public order problems again in the future once you confederate. Just get it over with now. Then you can focus on public order and turtling (and getting trade overseas. You can turtle from a position of strength