HD High Elves vs Dark Elves | THE DRAGONS - Total War Warhammer 2 Multiplayer Battle #21

High Elves vs Dark Elves | THE DRAGONS - Total War Warhammer 2 Multiplayer Battle #21

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Frank Castle
Do you think high elves need atleast a regiment of ap archers? Or armor sundering?
Black dragons are on the lvl of moon Dragons, so medium level. They're Dragons that we're stolen from ulthuan (he Homeland) and transformed by dark magic
DA FQ?!?
in my thought Dark elves are kinda cheesy pick like Empire too op
Lorgar Aurelian
Turin following my suggestions, i feel kinda of flattered (although bringing the second dragon is common logic really BUT WHATEVER!!!)
Anyway black dragons are exactly like moon dragons.
Tomasz Cynk
dragon ranking

-sun dragons
-moon, black, undead, forest dragons
-star and chaos dragons

if i missed any, they're at moon dragon level
except frost wyrms, they weren't a think on tabletop so it's up to CA how they stack up (i think they are on moon level tho)
xxx xxx
How can i play against you?
B 1
Why haven't I seen Dwarves vs High Elves ect or is it that you can't play TWH factions against TWH2 factions?
rockn roll
compared to what the old factions get for more or less 2.5k gold invested in lords… these new lords/dragons need to be balanced quite a bit
Hey Turin, could you try to find a place in the meta for generic Slaans?
Ded Mosh
«Alright Teclis I've had enough of your shit»

Black dragons are just in the middle of moon dragons and star dragons on a power scale.