HD RISE OF THE SLANN! Total War: Warhammer 2 - Lizardmen Campaign - Kroq-Gar #9

RISE OF THE SLANN! Total War: Warhammer 2 - Lizardmen Campaign - Kroq-Gar #9

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#9 of My Total War: Warhammer 2 — Lizardmen Campaign with Kroq-Gar. Feel Free To Leave A Like If You're Enjoying The Series! Get Warhammer 2 here: *Leave Unit Name Suggestions Here:-----------------------------------------------------------------------Battle Timestamps:19:17 — Slann Strike!-----------------------------------------------------------------------Check Out My Qutee's Here:-----------------------------------------------------------------------Buy PC Parts, Monitors, Accessories and More!-----------------------------------------------------------------------Great Great Games at Awesome Prices: -----------------------------------------------------------------------Check Out My New PS4 Gaming Channel — Deadly Duo Gaming:Missing My Uploads — Subscribe to Email Updates everytime I upload a new Video:How To Use the New Google+ Comment System on YouTube:-----------------------------------------------------------------------Please Comment, Thumb UP and Subscribe!-----------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with me!Email: Twitch: Twitter: Facebook: Steam: 2nd Channel: Donate:
Callum Edwards
Go Lizardmen! And congrats on getting the Slann, Lionheart. I hope he's as powerful in game as he is on the Tabletop! ☺️
Ruben Baltazar
The best series yes yes
The Sarcastic Raptor
Got to enjoy the lizardmen some cheeky fanatical dinosaurs
ALemonNeedsAde ?
Mazamundi will be proud
Already a dislike after 7 minutes so unfare!
Tim Barney
Do 2 in untainted 2 in iron disciplinarian.
Silas Dasgupta
Snap into a Slim-Tim Yeah
Dean Camorra
walls in your capital are super important because enemy intervention armies will pop right there
Hey Lionheart, why aren't you uploading in 1440p anymore?
The One
I love all of the TWW 2 series' on this channel, I am waiting to get the game for myself!
Hey Lionheart, you should have another «Likes» target, like you do with the early hour special of Episode 5. For instance, if you get a certain number of «likes» or views on episodes 11, 12, 13, and 14, you give an an hour special on episode 15. And so on for episodes 25, 35, etc.
Speed game
Yes Yes!!! :)
Tim Barney
Ra'tim put some skill points in Scouting it increases the chance of a drop chance in fights.
Attila Zsugonits
The high elves sent an intervention army against me at my second ritual. It was pretty decent too. I thought, because I was ahead in the race… not so sure now. I'm leading in plaques, almost enough for the 4th, but still havent popped the 3rd ritual. The WW1 I happened to start kinda deterred my planes there… :D But at least I'm going to own the entire continent this way :)
Kroq-Gar tail of two Tim's
cowman the God
Finish upgrading scarred veteran for your legendary lord
Rogue Assassin 434
Those blessed saurus warriors have perfect vigor
Peter Gambino
You should get at least one unit of temple guard and a suarus scar veteran for Slim Tim's army.
Nightmare of Onyx
This whole Tim the Enchanter thing started as a Monte Python reference, but I think it's really taken on a whole new life of its own with you.
Centurion Titus
The Arrival of Ra'Tim
Ra'tok strode from the temple he lived in, his tongue flicking in the air, tasting it all. A gentle breeze blew, ruffling the feathers on his head. The sound of the forest was deafening, creatures calling to one another. A small knife hung on Ra'tok's belt, it was the only physical weapon he needed for magic flowed through his veins.

Ra'tok needed more toads and frogs for his experiments. He always liked to try out magic on them. Hours began to tick away and the number of toads and frogs Ra'tok had began to grow. He could hear their protests through the small bag he dragged along behind him and when they grew too noisy he would simply turn and give them a small kick.

Soon he had enough toads and frogs to use for many days and nights and turned back towards the temple city. As always his tongue flicked out tasting the air and that was when he tasted something strange. It didn't belong to this forest. He had never tasted it before. Ra'tok tasted the air again and followed the taste. As he got ever closer the taste was stronger and soon the clanger of the forest was replaced by the grunting of something and the sound of hacking.

As quickly as he could, Ra'tok scurried up the nearest tree, after he had picked up a rock. He nestled in the branches and continued to wait for the creature. It was only a short while before it came into sight. It was a man. Ra'tok had never seen one in flesh and blood but had heard of them and seen drawings.

The man was beneath him and it was at that point, Ra'tok decided he wanted to meet it. He leapt from the branch and fell on the man. The man staggered under the blow and tripped over an exposed root. With the man down, Ra'tok clambered to his feet, rose his rock and cracked it on the man's skull. The man's eyes rolled back into their sockets and he lay still.

When the man woke moaning, he found himself bound with vines. His moaning startled Ra'tok who had been occupied with other things. His eyes opened into the bright sunlight of the forest and the man was forced to squint and so at first he did not see Ra'tok staring at him.

The man struggled with his bonds for a bit, before giving up and it was at that point he noticed the skink watching him. Without thinking the man spoke in his native tongue, but Ra'tok simply stared at him not understanding a word. After a few minutes of speaking his native tongue, the man realised that it meant nothing to the skink and so switched to another language.

“Hello there. My name is Tim and I travel these lands and map them for my people. What you did was very impressive even for a small creature. Untie me and I will be on my way.”

After a short while, Ra'tok replied, “No. You are mine. Mine to use.” Lightening seemed to crackle in his eyes for the briefest of moments. Tim had noticed it as well.

“Ah your a wizard. What does a wizard want with poor old me?”

“I never seen magic on man before, so I want to test it on you. See how you rupture.”

“Please for the sake of Sigmar, don't do it. Let me live. Please I beg you, take all that I have. My maps, my gold, even my name. I don't care please take it and leave me be.”

Ra'tok simply stared at Tim for a long while just thinking. Eventually he began to mummer to himself before saying to Tim, “Ra'Tim! Ra'Tim! Your name is mine. You are nobody. You are lucky man, I ain't going to kill you, but I don't know what in this jungle will.”

Ra'Tim scurried back to his sack and began to drag it back and began to chant his new name for all to hear. Tim was left bound to a tree, screaming at Ra'Tim to get back here but he soon broke down and began sobbing.
AbZhz101 handle
Lionheart, would it be possible for you to show off (Probably not in the LP proper, but in like an extra episode or something like it since I don't want you to try and wreck the Run) how to deal with an Ambush… As in they Ambushed you. Since that can apparently happen even when you're sieging a city. And the little cut-scene is interesting.
Tom Biddlecombe
If you're going to pop the Rite for experience gain, it's worth changing a commandment the turn before to the War one as that gives you increased recruitment capacity and recruit ranks too.

Also you really need to build a Geomantic Pylon in Teotiqua to up your web strength in your first two provinces. You've got the rank 4 building in Temple of Skulls but it's giving you no benefit because it's not linked to another Pylon.
Daniel Queiros
Lionheart dont forget to do a halloween special this year. maybe something with the free-for-all.
Tim the Twinkie enchanter
I've not actually done the Rite of Primeval Glory as I'm not far enough into a save. What I have seen from watching other people is it does spawn a very large army, maybe even a full stack. It basically kills your economy as the upkeep on top of the 12k to do the rite is enormous. It is probably worth it if a really strong intervention army is spawned and your armies are too far away to help, and if you save enough money in reserve you might be able to get away without improved walls in your capital.

As someone else said Blessed Saurus Warriors (Shields) spawns have Perfect Vigour on top of any improved stats and are stupidly good.