HD iPhone X Notch: Feature, not a Bug!

iPhone X Notch: Feature, not a Bug!

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iPhone X isn't here, but I have seen enough of the iPhone X notch to know that the iPhone X is a usability problem. Links I Promised below! Join the Discord Chat Room: & Graphic: Blog Post: - I don’t have one yet, supplies are constrained anyway (blessing)- Unboxed essential PH-1 to get an idea- Obviously different, better accommodation — but still can’t get around it (perturbing)- If you think this wasted space is bad, expect similar in iOS - Confirmed all suspicions — idea only good on paper - Not about screen space, but usable screen space - Even optimized apps aren’t going to look nice- graphic floating around showing bezels (doesn’t account for usability)- Apple isn’t gonna change this. It’s a branding exerciseGADGET STUFF ► PODCAST ► Click the
It's like having dead pixels
Pablo Casiano
This pretty much clarifies that many Apple fans will buy anything they make. Apple can release a turd with wifi and it will be sold out! I agree with your pain! That notch looks horrible! Maybe the IPhone X will be a flop, due to that notch and extreme price tag. Flop in terms of past sales numbers, this phone might generate lower sales by comparison to past releases. Let’s see what happens.
I also hate notches. Don't even wear belts.
Holding s7 edge now,with no freakin edges,and during first 5 minutes of this videi managed ti exit the youtube app 3 times. No bezels = pain in the ass, in my opinion. I love this phone,but im gonna switch to iphone 7 plus,just so I can get a phone with real space to HOLD on to. Edgeless phones are prety,but NOT practical. Unless paired with a very thick case… that iphone x looks like utter shit lol…
Mayank Rangari
the man said it himself
what would you do to the notch, if you're the designer?
I'm a budget android user, but I think S8, Note8, LG did the right way.
Mohammad Masseoud
Wait for the phone to come out and see how the «Notch» side areas can actually be useful. They could have simply carried the black band all the way across, but chose to make use of it. This is the next evolutionary step of iphones and ios. No company can always be the best no matter what. They ebb and flow over time. I will say they are very hit and more miss than the past lately, but they keep pushing ahead. Just give it a chance and reserve judgement till it at least gets in your hands.
You're not an expert in UI and UX design. You shouldn't make such bold claims about user experience. Developers are told to work around the notch because it makes more immersive experience.
Adam Clayton
I love it how he rants about something is not going to buy simple if you like it don’t buy it
Andrew Lind
If Steve Jobs was still around he would have sent this one back to the drawing board, no doubt in my mind. If anything, he was an excellent crap filter
Andrew Hall
Its amazing how we go from one year to the next and suddenly everything is judged and predetermined based on how big the bezels are. Monkeys, trolls and echo chambers with no talking points always bring up the discussion of bezels. Unoptimized software is just fine to the brand loyalist and myopic sheep as long as it looks good in the hand…
Michael Pasaoa
Would have been cool if you added a notch to the left side of my screen during the entire video
I've said that before, I am 100%with you on this one Chris. I would also like to add a though…
We now see the first generation of asymmetrical oled screens and I fear it's going to be a contest among companies… «Oh look, we can cut our screen in any shape to 'accommodate our needs'. Can you do that?»
I fear it's going to be a technological statement among different companies.
The fact that you CAN do something though, doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD do it!
Yoshi could see up your shorts
Marketing has effectively taken over at Apple. Brand recognition is what's important, not the user, not the experience, not to usability. Steve Jobs warned about making such fatal mistakes, letting marketing steer a company. I hope to God they stay FAR away from MacOS. FAR, FAR AWAY.
Jay Alford
I don't understand why Apple just didn't do what Samsung did, or like most other manufacturers, just have a straight black bar at the top like with the S8? I mean that notch thing is seriously an eye sore. Perhaps they'll redesign the screen with the next models in the future.
Dylan Robertson
At first when the iPhone X releases before apps are updated for it. It actually will be basically identical to the essential phone in landscape and nearly identical to any phone in portrait within non stock apps. There have been several leaks that show developers using iPhone apps made for the 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen placing bars at the top and bottom of the application.

Also the usable space on the iPhone X apparently is about 5.5 inches. The big thing though for most people is it's nearly the form factor of the 4.7 inch iPhone maybe ½ an inch taller even with that nearly identical usable space as the 8 Plus. That 8 Plus body is just too big in a lot of ways. Also it has a larger battery than the 8 Plus in that smaller form factor just over 2700 mAh too. 

I don't see the holding issue as even on my 7 Plus or a family member's S7 or iPhone 6s I don't use the bezels to hold the phone in portrait or landscape.

The last thing too is Apple is using the notch to sell the phone and for people to know it's an iPhone. I see that Essential is doing that with that phone too in their advertising to make it stick out from other devices.
Bezel issue comes from Monitors and TVscreens. Bezels are a nightmare when watching a movie or playing a game. Since we're in the trend to minimize distractions for our gaming/movie experience, of course the bezel will have to go. Its wasted space. Unfortunately, that trend has moved onto mobile devices BECAUSE of the seamless experience. But to the credit of the modding community, these «notches» will be fixed via software. But for the everyday user, it will be an annoyance until we're eventually accustomed to these glaring issues. We've survived the removal of the headhone jack, we'll survive this. Besides, if you're talking about symmetry, the Iphone X is Symmetrical from a vertical position. In other words, «This too shall pass».
''Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.'' Comes to mind.
Harry Thomas
I think it would be interesting to see what the developers will do with the notch.
Calin Florea
i hate the no bezel thing also, i use a nexus 5x, and i hava a very bulky/rugged case for it, makes it bigger and with a lot of edge to hold on to, also i put sandpaper on the back and sides of it for more grip. I get the issue but other don't, and of course there is market for those phones also. But yeah, we are talking about US here, not them, «the others» :)

Also i guess the only «more screen» you get with that notch, is the part where the clock/notifications bar is, because that goes around the notch, and everything else is below it, so you get around 20px or something? on top, with the sacrifice of design, notch, and that's it. Not even one row of icons, because that might be ok i guess, but not for me.

At least 60-70 px would've been a «more screen» situation, not 20px. Also the notch could've been smaller to just accommodate the clock and all that, but perfectly centered text and just that, nothing else, make the side space even on all sides.
Aussie Nerd
More screen for a notch excuse me as I use my galaxy s8 plus and its tiny screen
I feel your pain Chris. We should start a UI design consulting company. This nacho phone design mentality needs to sunset ASAP!
Sean Washington
«Bezel Less design» is all about uniformity. You want to have relatively small bezels (but not too small, like Samsung or LG or you mess up usability) uniformly around the entire screen. That's how you're going to really get the immersive screen aesthetic. So far, every company has completely failed.

Apple has failed because of the notch and some bad software choices (why swipe up to home? why not force touch?) but atleast they had thicker size bezels. Samsung has failed because of the curved side bezels, while cool looking is completely stupid for holding. LG is a little closer, but the side bezels are still too thin. Pixel XL2 is nice with the thick size bezels, but the top and bottom are huge, which makes the overall device much bigger than it needs to be.

The fact is, the tech isn't there yet. We still need room for batteries, sensors, speakers, cameras, etc. OEMs are pushing for a design that makes no sense yet because of this arms race to be the «first» at something. Makes figuring out a new phone really hard.
Eric P
Big black nipple...thanks for the visual bruh
Walking Mannequinn
I’m a STRONG iPhone lover and I have to say.. I’m not a huge fan of the “notch” either. It’s sort of ugly lol
Michael Mason Jr
The notch is a feature. A reference to what the top of the device is. If a phone was a slab of glass the same speaker arrays for the earpiece at the top and the bottom for orientation. This clearly makes it easier for non power users or technicality illiterate to easily know what’s the top. We lived with a phone that was not symmetrical for ten years. The button is not on both sides.

I agree that like the button it is for branding. I do believe Apple will partially backtrack if it makes sense. Just like they did for games on Apple TV and requiring that all games be able to be played with the Apple TV remote.

This comment is not meant to discredit the video but maybe look at why it is a feature and not a design point of the phone. The title is misleading because you do not say how the notch is actually a feature.
Fred Stanvic
Steve Jobs would kicked the ass of the designer who showed him that «Notch»
Dominik Seljan
I'm so glad I've found this channel :)
There's actually gonna be an «easy» fix for app developers… You know how the top bar (With the LTE signal indicator, time, wifi icon, ...) they'll just make it stay on all the time, essentially making a pseudo-fullscreen (But it won't be really full screen because the top bar is still there! XD

I got me the 8+ and I like it. I did think about getting a Note 8. I really did. The phone is gorgeous. But at this time I'm still not comfortable getting off the iPhone ecosystem. But if things progress as they are, in two (Maybe even one) year, this may change…
Antonio Santiago
I agree with you, pal. And now I hate you for it!!! There weren't many chances for me to buy an X… still paying my Ferrari and Gulfstream… but now I can't even look at it! It hurts!
Ryan Mcqueen
This is exactly why I’m not getting the iPhone X. I had the money saved but kinda glad in some ways (a grand). I could have lived with the notch if they had blacked out the “ears” area. I think it should have just been for carrier, signal and time and not usable. Similar to how the oled keyboard bar is on the MacBook.
I couldn’t watch a video in landscape and be forced to have that intrusive notch unless you zoom and crop. A screen should be a rectangle. Would you buy a TV which is the shape of the iPhone X. No.
How they will fix this problem? Introducing the Iphone Xs
Someone make a compilation of every time Chris says notch
Mark Brown
Apple could make a brick, stick a logo on it and people would say it's the greatest brick they've ever seen and go out and buy it. People get blinded by brand loyalty, regardless of what they churn out. iOS software for me is ruining the marvel of carrying round an iPhone or iPad.
lou duplago
Top notch video Chris! I too would like to upgrade but can't get past the ugly design. Wonder what Steve Jobs would have said to the person that presented this to him. Enjoy your videos.
Sheri W
Not liking the notch at all
Aras Pundys
Ears are the wings on the back of a Cadillac. Don't fix anything just add a flourish and raise the price.
Jim Johnson
Bring on the emotional outbursts! It makes for a more raw experience, and I for one enjoy that. As a software developer (not mobile development, but still), I'm sure mobile devs are cringing over having to deal with the Notch, with a resounding «but, WHY?!?!»
Leroy young
IPhone x is going to make Samsung more money with the oled screens
I would rather have some bezel and keep Touch ID
Angel N Fernandez
Man, you're great!!! Regards from Mexico!