HD iPhone 8 / iPhone X: Wireless Qi Chargers - SAVE $$$!

iPhone 8 / iPhone X: Wireless Qi Chargers - SAVE $$$!

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A hands-on look at iPhone 8 and iPhone X-compatible wireless Qi charger. Which one is right for you? Subscribe ► | Read full article ► Mophie Wireless Charging Base: Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad: Anker Wireless Charging Pad: Spigen Essential Wireless Charging Pad: Otium Wireless Charging Stand Dock: ## Favorite apps:LumaFusion (iOS): Final Cut Pro X (Mac): Pixelmator (Mac): Affinity Designer (Mac): Affinity Photo (Mac): Affinity Photo (iPad): Filmic Pro (iOS): Ferrite (iOS): Ulysses (iOS): Ulysses (Mac): ## Favorite gear:Panasonic GH5: Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8: 10.5-inch iPad Pro: ATH-M50x: Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard: ## Follow us## Other channels
Kermit The Boiii
Notification squad
That’s one “kinky” product lol
Miguel Bonilla
What about Samsung's?
Clorox Bleach
20% for 30 minutes is ridiculous
Pepe Nero
I have the mophie and it is an amazing product.
Zach P
the ones listed on apple’s site say fast wireless charging is coming in a future update. which one do you think will be better then?
Simon pr
I really prefer wired charger and you can get USB-C charger from Aukey or Anker. don't buy the Apple one! But you need to buy the USB-C to Lightning form Apple.
Grant Rodgers
I just got the $30 Samsung one…
Zach Low
Loving the content! Keep it up Jeff!
Joseph Y H Hii
I would like to try Samsung EP-PG950 fast wireless charging convertible stand. It uses USB Type-C.
Curtis Redcorn Irving Sr
So your saying that the IPhone 8 and X can use Fast WIRELESS Charging?
alexander fortman
I use the $20 IKEA one
Oreo Bug
Now this is informative, i thought apple had limit us to only there wireless chargers, can wait till u do a review on those other ones with the iPhone 8 and X
I bought this one based on its reviews and it definitely is worth the $$.

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Mike Boyer
I use an Anker wireless charger with my iPhone 8 found here
It was about $25, supports fast charge as long as it is with a compatible power brick, and comes with a USB-C cable. It doesn't come with a power brick but let's be honest, who doesn't have an extra USB power brick laying around somewhere? For this I think it was for sure worth it and I love this thing! Unfortunately, it is currently unavailable through Amazon, not sure when/if it's coming back.
Shamar Coke
Next year iPhones won’t support 3rd party wireless chargers
Raymond Duong
Most people want something with a kinky cable, but not too much
XPS jack
@9to5mac so I’m planning to buy spigen wireless charger as shown in the video. Which charger do u suggest that I buy for this wireless charger?
Also I’m planning to buy lightning to usb c cable from Apple. So this also requires a usb c charger.
So can u recommend me a brand that supports both usb and usb c cables. I don’t want to buy two chargers.
Thank you.
Is there a wireless stand that is oriented to sit panoramically for watching videos
Chris Engdahl
Why is the charging so god damn slow? I charge 100% with my external anker battery, and I have them on me eg can walk around while it charges
Why spend extra $$ for belkin and mophie if the charger is not standard usb-c and you cannot use that power brick anywhere else. Also it’s not even Fast charging.
Iran is Satan
I would say, buy the Wireless chargers only when Apple upgrades them to 7.5 W.
Right now, just stick to wired solutions.
I'm just gonna wait for reviews to drop for the AirPower mat when that drops next year. That seems like the best wireless charging solution if you are deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem. Plus, I'll get to compare more extensively when more options release by that point in time.
Mark Vuille
Thank you for your quality in-depth analysis/ review of the wireless charging stations. As a consumer, it’s hard to stay up to date on the latest accessories available, which often results in me spending more then I need to. I look forward to your videos on all things mac
Nahid Islam
C. Patrick Sadowski
Can you charge your phone and watch on the Belkin at the same time?
Fredrick Weathers
I chose the Belkin one over the Mophie. I preferred the larger surface area, better led light visibility, clean color and 3 year warranty. Both have 7.5w ability when Apple updates faster charging.
would have loved to see the IKEA one in the lineup, since they just dropped the price