HD Loot Boxes AREN'T Gambling? - The Know Game News

Loot Boxes AREN'T Gambling? - The Know Game News
Gamers have been up in arms over loot boxes recently, to the point where some are calling for the ESRB to rate loot boxes as gambling. Well, the ESRB has weighed in on the matter, and they think loot boxes are just fine.Written By: Eddy RivasEdited By: Kdin JenzenHosted By: Mica Burton & Ben ErnstGet More News ALL THE TIME: Follow The Know on Twitter: Follow The Know on Facebook: Rooster Teeth Store: Rooster Teeth: Business Inquiries: Subscribe to the RT Channel: Subscribe to the AH Channel: Subscribe to the Let's Play Channel: Subscribe to The Know Channel: Subscribe to the Red vs. Blue Channel: Subscribe to the Funhaus Channel: Subscribe to the Slow Mo Guys Channel:
did they just said the g word
Hey guys, I'm glad the comments about Mica have been less racist or sexual lately. Good job being civil, Youtube commenters. I knew you could do it.
I don't really care about the whole mature rating thing most parents will let their children play games rated higher then is suggested for their age nowadays but something to note to parents that a game can encourage gambling and cost a lot of money should have more than «in app purchases».
funny how the Chinese government see this as gambling and they passed a law of it
Asetari Greenfire
ESRB is just a joke now…
wacky jacky
This loot box trend is extremely stupid. You guys forgot to mention 2k18
So gambling heavily regulated in gaming because of the effect it has on our brains, lootboxes have the same effect yet it's not gambling, yea that makes sense
It's gambling but no one's forced to buy a a box that you don't have no idea what's in it.
Rodolfo M
An easy way to stop loot boxes is to NOT buy the game but y'all can't help yourselves huh?
Robert Woodall
what happened to the days of buying a game and that was it. lootboxes are gambling. its a gamble not knowing what your gonna get and the fact you could get something you already have reinforces this as far as I'm concerned.
So, from what I understand, rating teams decide that Lootboxes aren't gambling cuz players always get something when they open lootboxes, where as if player uses money & has a chance to get nothing, then it's gambling, hence M-rating?

… That, right there, is a loophole being exploited. Basically if devs replace the «nothing» part with «something that's absolutely pointless but it's still worth 1 cent(looking at you, emotes-in-a-lootbox)», they can get away with having their game being M-rated cuz the player «get something». Like, If all casinos rework their slot machines to always give a dime or a free drink coupon on a failed attempt, then it's no longer gambling cuz the user «get something»(hence, free from standard gambling regulation) and gambling apparently only applies to activities that involves real money usage along with a risk to get nothing.

IDK, maybe I'm being stupid about this… and I would still be stupid if I am wrong and no one corrects me :/
You always get something, that's how they get around it. If they start banning stuff like this, you should then ban all carnival games as well in amusement parks.
Simple solution. Don't buy them. Just play the game. Git gud
Cody Kochmann
So, it wouldn't be gambling if a pharmacy had a loot box setup?
senko ukura
As long as the items in loot boxes do not directly affect the game ( powerful gun in fps for example) and only have cosmetic/vanity items ( skins, banners, voice lines ect) I'm fine with loot boxes… don't like them but acceptable
John Redman
Until a parent shows up at E3 and dumps a full magazine or two into the game Dev panels over their kid blowing thousands on credit cards gambling in video games....I just hope we get to see the footage.
Majinn Buu
Yes it’s gambling, but unlike tcg’s you only have data, Overwatch is just skins so no big deal it’s cosmetic, now Hearthstone is very close to a real tcg since you can turn cards you don’t like into dust and craft what you want, but getting stuff that is required to win in a game “like mobile free-mium games” is 1 shitty 2 done by greedy a-holes 3 needs to stop, at least for games you have to buy, free to play games need to pull back on the practice or have a alternative way to buy the boxes like in game currency “like Hearthstone”, but I won’t buy these games that have loot boxes as a major gameplay component, so either use Hearthstone as an example of it done right & add a crafting way to get the rewards, or only have cosmetic loot boxes, or just make the games free. They need to just do one of those. But it’s unlikely they will.
If you don't like loot boxes, don't buy them
Darren Preece
We all know gambling has better odds than loot boxes :-)
Kitty McJesus
So if a casino allowed you to play blackjack, but after every round you won a single M&M then it shouldn't be gambling because you get some form of compensation back just like with these loot boxes.
Channel H
If you don't like lootbox, just dont buy the game!!! Then company will stop doing it. Do we really need the government to babysit us for everything?
I think this garbage is going to get worse until a government has to get involved somewhere
Gaming loot boxes aren't TECHNICALLY gambling. Loot Boxes are the same thing as digital slot machines but change a few things so you can git away with saying it's not gambling.
It is gambling. Just imagine to would transfer that business model in real shops. You cant purchase the item you want anymore, you can only buy lootboxes with a slim chance to get it.
Divergent Evolution
And they wonder why people steal from them and Ddos their servers…
I work in a casino i feel they are equal to a slot machine just getting game content back instead of cash!
Gambling is betting currency to win or lose more currency.
Loot boxes is using currency to purchase a product to obtain another random product.

There's a difference. Loot boxes are more like raffle drawings then gambling.
Tyler Thorson
I find it funny that they still don't what gambling actually entails. When they mean you don't get money, they mean hard earned cashed. As long as the loot boxes don't deal out money they aren't gambling. There is a massive difference you people overlook. Also, gambling doesn't mean you'll win. There are outcomes where you get absolutely nothing and feel cheated. Loot boxes guarentee something in the outcome.
This sweater… This is a long term marketing ploy I know it. El Psy Kongroo…
The ESRB won't do anything unless soccer moms and politicians complain, they could care less about the consumers
maui strife
here in mexico,in some little stores they have a board with ballons and you pay a certain amount of money an choose a number and see if you get a good ballon,its gambling,you get a balloon but you dont know what you will get,so doesnt matter what you think its the same as loot boxes,ITS GAMBLING!
James Pearson
Gambling Commissions all over the world are now getting donations and gifts!
Retro Goat
loot boxes suck they control what they cost and what comes out of them just look at warframe the first data mine showed some things had a .001% drop rate they can do that for the boxes too but not like warframe you put real money in
Corey Leon
By that logic poker chips being paid out isnt gambling
Geoffrey Perrin
As far as I understand, gambling requires the possibility of getting more money out than you put in. I bet on a horse race hoping that my $100 becomes $200. Lootboxes are like going to the merchandise store at the horse races and paying $10 and getting a random piece of merchandise. You don't know which, but you're getting merchandise, not the potential for $20
ron johnson
With great help from game publishers via «heavy donations» im sure.
Alex Grey
i don't care what everyone says, i think you guys are great
Cpt. Muff Cabbage
Back to retro gaming for me