HD Fortnite Cheaters SUED! - The Know Game News

Fortnite Cheaters SUED! - The Know Game News
Watch out, cheaters — Epic is on the hunt for people spoiling the Fortnite: Battle Royale experience for others. In fact, they want to get cheaters so bad that they're hitting two cheaters with lawsuits. This isn't even the first time they've sued a cheater, either.Written By: Brian GaarEdited By: Kdin JenzenHosted By: Mica Burton & Ben ErnstGet More News ALL THE TIME: Follow The Know on Twitter: Follow The Know on Facebook: Rooster Teeth Store: Rooster Teeth: Business Inquiries: Subscribe to the RT Channel: Subscribe to the AH Channel: Subscribe to the Let's Play Channel: Subscribe to The Know Channel: Subscribe to the Red vs. Blue Channel: Subscribe to the Funhaus Channel: Subscribe to the Slow Mo Guys Channel:
Burai Murian
Cozy mica is a happy mica XD
A 2
Good for Epic, I'm honestly surprised they were able to sell the battle royale mode despite the competition
Mr. Regardless
Honestly good on Epic
I think games should just do what Dark Souls did.
Don't ban them, put them in their own special circle of hell where they can only play with other cheaters. Maybe even let regular users be spectators to that show.
Edit: Sorry I might be wrong on the game that did it, I still think it should be a thing.
Tomas Cervantes
Every game should do this to cheaters, that would be amazing
Legato 1985
Does EPIC not understand what the hell a hardware serial number ban is? By making a T&A post they can literally request to see all serial numbers of your hardware for 'research' on what hardware is most used for their next game… then its just a simple easy thing of picking 3 random serial numbers from one IP and banning all three. Makes it so he can't just make new emails and accounts and the problem is fixed with a vastly more expensive work around. We've seen multiple companies do this sort of thing now not to mention the company I'm currently with has been doing this sort of thing for the pass 7 years now.
Not Clorox Bleach
I'm tougher and cheaper than the name brand!
Justin Springer
just waiting for the government to crack down on all the illegal gambling called loot boxes. Can you imagine? No more multiplayer hacks and no more loot crates?!
Im a simple guy, I see Mica, I hit like.
It kind of amazes me that people are actually willing to PAY for a hack to a game.
Darkstar Archangel
We pay our hard-earned money to play these games fair and square and these people are ruining that experience, Blizzard and Epic got some balls to know how to fix this issue. Especially if you are playing online by paying for paid subscriptions on PSN or Xbox LIVE.
Cheaters in a multiplayer shooter? You don't say.
Deon Spates
Cheaters never win…
I've always said that cheating in online games detracts from the overall value of the game by driving away potential sources of income, as well as creating toxicity in the community, doing even more damage. I imagine that's reason enough for a lawsuit against someone cheating on multiplayer competitive games.
James Nettum
Good for Epic. I hope they make public examples out of those cheaters.
Finally a good game winning something
Astreal Brizbee
There game does even say they have zero tolerance, so if you get sued by them for cheating, thats on them
Mmm the tears of banned and sued cheaters… Delicious.
Oh wow pubg cant find a way to stop fortnite so they hire people to screw with their game
I don't understand why people cheat. How do people find it fun to cheat? That removes all of the challenge from a game which is the thing that makes games fun
Happy Mica is sort of infecting… can't tell if happy now because she was happy… or happy because her sweater looks good on her…
Dcruzn Jezzuz
I got a question If you know someone who uses glitches in games to get an insane amount of kills, are they a cheater, my dad when he was hardcore into call of duty modern warefare 2 he would do that. He would finish a map with 200 kills.
Demon X
sadly no matter how hard they try there will always be cheaters, and sadly its very possible all they did was anger some very powerful hackers somewhere in the world, and everyone knows piss off a hacker and get into some very VERY deep dirt. Regardless its good to see some developers take matters into their own hands even if it is their own fault to begin with, If you ask me how it's their own fault you should really be able to figure it out on your own.
Richard Rodriguez
Damn, They really have a zero tolerance policy.
Simon Lobo
«if a game gets a reputation as being infested with cheaters, gamers will quit and go elsewhere»....so… GTA online is the exception?.. or does it depend on how good the game is?
Now i know why i keep losing
Anthony Bullington
Honestly I think things like this should happen more often to many Developers and Publishers just kinda shrug their shoulders walk away when cheaters show up.
Now if they do this for Call of duty and CounterStrike…
ray taylor
lol fortnite has nothing when is comes to cheaters. APB is the king of games with 80% cheater pop
Devin Walters
Another reason why we can't have nice things.
Ed Garcia
That cozy pink sweater looks big, I bet 2 people can fit in it, I will volunteer my services, Mica
Lucky there's no cheating on the new consoles
Masha Vasilchikova
Starting to love Ben <3
Vanilla Neko
Honestly I wish more companies would be this aggressive towards cheaters. Whether it be developing hacks or even just stream sniping, cheaters kind of ruin the game for everyone. No matter what game it is
Oh wow, a game developer going after a couple cheaters in one of the most boring game types ever. Great. Can't make a game that has an awesome story, we have to save our multiplayer part from cheaters.
This is why you only use wall hack and not make obviously that you have wall hacks.
CrushingZero Da Afro Hero
Mica: «I'm so cozy»
Me: you're so beautiful
Andrew T
Bwa ha hah ha haaa! Serves them right! Make them pay for life!
Selling cheats? Yes that's very sue-able, just cheating period, is less so.
Joseph Freisinger
Call of duty i flooded with cheating
Kryptic Canvas
Aw they cant sell us cheats through loot boxes, these sites are taking there jobs!