HD I'm ready to fight in Dec if Conor McGregor doesn't unify belts he should walk away,Condit on Tyron

I'm ready to fight in Dec if Conor McGregor doesn't unify belts he should walk away,Condit on Tyron

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Haha! I love reading the comments! You guys are hilarious!
trusting virus
I think the problem is these fighters see conor as a co-worker… So imagine you go into the office and you see a guy who does the same thing as you, making 100x what you make, even though there position is equal. BUT the thing they don't understand is that they don't work in a office and conor isn't equal to them. He's way above them.
u get a gain & u get a gain
SHUUUUUUUUUUT the fuck up about conor & his belt already geez you all sound like whiney bitches and i dont want to watch ferguson fight conor he's not entertaining at all.
DJ is the GOAT, if you don't agree then you gotta at least admit that he's in the conversation. If you don't agree with that either then fuck you! lol
What was the song played over dj throw into armbar? That shit was beaut
Just when you thought Tony couldn't get any more crinch. You heard it here first, he is saving the best crinch for conor lol
Morgan Mackay
matt serra is dana whites bitch never has he ever disagreed with him once
John Lime
What demetrius Johnson did Is fuckin art man I know I probably splelt his name wrong
Put a sock in it Carlos, rhe champion always fight causiously you wouldn't know since you have never been champion.
Joshua Thurgood
Already sick of the trash talk between Conor and Tony. McGregor hasn't even said anything yet…
Kabibs shit talk was way better then ferguson 's.
Chris Watson
The king of cringe is gonna look like a fool if and when conor destroys him.
Aleks Shears
Conduit got choked out by Maia in the 1st round he knows all about finishes lmaooo
Noah Bird
Tony confuses people. Not intimidating rhetoric at all.
Tony is full on back to cringe. Wants to be a real champ, talks about his streak, yet makes an immature and personal call out saying hell follow Conor no matter where he goes. IE- He just wants the money. Lol. Fucking tool.
wesley Hempoli
Jesus that outro was the most painful thing i ever had to sit through
Natelostgetoverit CryBaby
*5:27** Why's his dummy got a woody? Is that supposed to be McGregor at weigh-ins  XD*
Why is Tony wrestling with a sex doll in that clip?
Marcos leon
Lol some of you guys are delusional thinking RDA can beat Robbie,because he looked impressive against a guy ranked like #7
Jon Ruger
wow watching that in slowmo shows just how good DJ is he is twenty steps ahead of everyone he sets things up so perfectly and does things no-one else could think of.
Mathew Hosier
Can't wait to see the champ champ knock tony the fuck out
Jaden West
Tony is crazy if he thinks he can outbox Conor
liddo pizza
«From the feet all the way down»
Bob smith
Lmao, Dana white holds up his hands to separate them before they even handshake, and Mark Hunt responds appropriately
Killer Mike
Even sweeter in slow-mo… DJ the true goat
Tony will take Dump ass Conor out, the third lose for Conor is coming, do you imagine what would happen if Tyron was fighting Poor Conor, more brain damage for Conor. l m f a o.
Google Phone
Twoodley is a beast he is too good for that division
Peopel shouldnt be talking bad about tyrone woodley for the way he fights they should talk bad about the way gsp did not tyrone if he fights mike perry 1 day u tell me thats gonna be a borning fight cuz tyrone will fight scared no i feel the styles make him fight that way but agaisnt the right oppent he can ko most and make fireworks
Robert Galvan
Did anyone else forward on the part where they were talking about DJ !? I sure did.
I'm glad mighty mouse put that kind of stamp to solidify his status as the GOAT. Something that prick silva never did
I want Tony Ferguson to ankle pick Donald Trump
Dayo Olufade
@mmaworld best ending ever unless you splice DJ with Zangrief from street fighter
yo MMA world get us some kind of mighty mouse merch! i dont want to rep the champ that doesnt defend his belt
exisist bmx
gsp thinks, he has meet aliens and forgets shit why is he fighting.let mark do what he wants. he is the true natural warrior through k1 to ufc .samoans are built to be warriors mark is a true warrior
That surprised dude has lips made for prison… His mom should be proud lol.
Didn't condit get submitted in like a minute against Damian
Arron Patterson
Lmao at Tony saying everyone wants to see him fight dude did 120k ppv buys on ufc 216… NOBODY wants to see you fight
neweverymorning Mercy
DJ is amazing, that move was brilliant. Sorry, Tony, no matter how hard you try and sell it I'd rather see Conor vs Nate. I don't think Conor is going to fight but once more so I'd rather it be Nate.
Conor The No Stamina, Hugging McGregor
«I'll be the King of boxing» — McTapper 2017
Wade Dewell
Ufc USED to be about honor, respect and putting on great fights with a clear line of contention.

 Was there trashtalk? Sure a LITTLE BIT, however ufc followed the core values of martial arts pretty much. Ufc before conor had all its fans excited about almost all the fighters and it was a serious fight league…

After conor the ufc is all about wwe over the top trashtalk and antics.  Thanks to the cunt mcmouth RANKINGS DONT MATTER JUST YOUR WWE PROMOS AND THROWING WATER BOTTLES AT PRESS CONFERENCES. Now thanks to conor and the scumbag wwe loving casuals he brought with him,  fans now only care about seeing trashtalk and drama and twitter wars and throwing water bottles…

Fuck conor the cunt mcmouth and fuck you for supporting the cowardly cunt who ruined the sport

Mayweather is credited as the man who ruined boxing. Mcmouth is the floyd mayweather of the ufc… that isnt a compliment… just as floyd ruined boxing so has conor ruined ufc.

You braindead cum guzzling conor fags make me sick.
Texas Trill
Fuk yes I’m gonna go train now thiese videos get me so pumped