HD CRUSH THE ELF-THINGS, YES-YES! Total War: Warhammer 2 - Skaven Campaign - Lord Skrolk #9

CRUSH THE ELF-THINGS, YES-YES! Total War: Warhammer 2 - Skaven Campaign - Lord Skrolk #9

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Sam Birt
Yes-yes Skaven!
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kingededed bobo
Algrubel Suntotem
Yes-Yes, kill all Elf-Things and Lizard-Things!
Most important thing when fighting Elves: Take away their range/missile Advantage by using Catapults (Skaven Catapults are amazing!), use menace from below to get their Archers or Artillery early on, that way you can attack without loosing too many troops just by approaching their army/frontline.
Zombie Manar
Yes yes
Zombie Manar
For horned rat
Matthijs Dirks
So many episodes :o, its like a dream :D
Michael Popa
yes yes?
Go-go South to kill-slay all the elf-things! Your city-settlements can hold off the lizard-thing long enough to accomplish securing the south! Do this for the Horned Rat!!!
Pull back, fortify your positions. See if you can peace out with all the Lizardmen you can. I wouldn't go for the stormvermin, they take 2 turns. Grab some clanrats and go kill them asap. And then go for the ritual
Why not start the ritual? The Chaos armies suck something fierce. I have beaten their 15 unit stacks filled with Warriors, Chosen and Knights with just basic garrisons (4 Elf Spearmen and 4 Archers for instance) on very hard multiple times… I always pop the ritual immediately because the Chaos armies are inconsequential…
Can't wait for the world campaign when they hopefully buff the weaker Warhammer 1 factions. Then the Vortex campaign will become a bit more interesting as well…
Senshi Bat
Cheese MAhster [sub cult-kidding] The Cheedar Skaven plots..Change to clanrats when you colonize let that lord take attrition .keep Lair strong yes yes… Attack soft things take take… then leave it to the Cheedar loresslibng thing to make new new nest. send to ruins..yes… paging Mr Skrolk your underway presence is needed south [chitter.mee lurd] dotn trust vermin south they grow strong rebel -smash the pirate raid..smash elf things.
Vincent B
You should consider Ancient Cunning for Lord Skrolk, you always have a chance to ambush when attacking because of your Stalk stance so you would probably get a lot of mileage out of that skill.
Vextor Gaming Benchmarks
More stuff,more heads YES!!! YES!!!
King Kenny
for blue skill i go with ancient cunning +30% ambush chance, but i use ambush a lot. i set up ambushes right outside cities the ai keeps attacking so if they come with 2 stacks one of them will always get picked off with an easy auto-resolve because the ambush draws in the garrison aswell if you're in reinforce range of your city. i also use it on offense, i have a second stack following skrolk with just skaven slaves for when the ai has a stack defending a walled city i can leave my slave army out in the open so the ai will attack it because it looks like an easy win but i have skrolk in ambush stance between the two. net turn i use skrolk and the slave army to hit the walled city and it's always an easy win.
Nathan Cowan
Great win against the elves
Declan McEwan
First first, we kill kill elf-things in south. Smash them good yes yes. Then we we must take elf-things in the west, they cannot not be allowed to spread their filth. Killing the elf-thing lord in west will weaken all elf-things yes yes. Lord Skrolk can hold north lands but be wary of sneaky little stunted-things. We take advantage of our speed to smash elf-things ranged advantage. Elf-things only use spears as main line, we need many many mighty storm vermin with swords to smash-kill these elf-filth. Scaly-ones can be beaten back but they they have many big-scaly things leading them, we must plague their economy to cripple them.
Ernest KIA
great video!