HD The iPhone X And The Religion of Apple

The iPhone X And The Religion of Apple

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Vulpine Eldrich
what happened to Iphone 9? Same thing that happened to Windows 9, perhaps?
Andrew .johnson
the iphone x looks strangely like my galaxy 8 plus
LG V20 is $550.00 and V30 is $750.00. Not too far off Apple pricing.
Mr Jay White
apple was thinking, we charge the same amount for a replacment screen as it costs for a similar spec new phone. if we put a screen on the back, it will be even more profitable.

pretty sure an idiotPhone is the modern version of the troglodyte with the tiger tooth trophy.
I swear the Apple fanboy SHEEP are the biggest idiots around, and apple knows it. They get fleeced more and more every year and will then fight for apple in the Apple/Android war, Apple just laugh all the way to the bank! These idiots are harming the industry I honestly believe because they just take it up the arse from Apple every time and now price are rocketing. The fucking Apple generation guys, complete brain dead lemmings. p.s I own a 6s but it was a gift, I would NOT buy Apple.
Brandon Wade
And everyone pretends [that] Apple is Jesus!

So basically either you're poor or you waste your money on some other hobby or useless consumer products. Why judge those who enjoy their phones?
Zer0 Tolerance
Samsung is doing the same shit as far as trying to force you to buy a new phone every year. It all starts with the integrated battery
Eric Carter
Great video Dave! I am really surprised that despite the numerous amount of obvious anti-consumer practices Apple has taken part in, the fanboys are still more than happy to defend them to their dying breath.
By the way, thanks for the mention and for including my iPhone X video in the description. I really appreciate it. :)
Don Braugh
Well, we techies, with a focus on smartphone-tech, do like our handsets but you make points we have debated for months, since the 1 K cost became imminent. All I would like to say without disagreeing, is that they do in fact, accomplish a lot. My Galaxy Note 8, which incidentally I picked-up today, can run in effect, a computer business.
Davie Buggin
But Samsungs high end phones are 8 hundred dollars or more
The Motorfucker
You think that's bad? The starting price here is €1,179. That's $1,400 for fucks sake. And what's worse is that there's actual people that will buy it. It's bad enough that Apple are getting away with not paying that €18 billion euro, but to make it €335/$400 dearer? Maybe the EU were right in trying to make Apple pay that money.
$1000 for a fucking phone? I could buy an entry level AR15, 2000 rounds of ammo and a pile of Pmags for that price… Or any number of other durable consumer commodities. Fuck crapple and their overpriced garbage. Macintrash is a brand for useless millenial hipster urbanites. Fuck em! If I want an apple, I won't be paying any more than $1 for it and it'll be a tasty, nutritious snack.
Meh I upgrade my phone about every two to three years, same goes for the wife, who is still on a Galaxy S5. We will probably upgrade this year, but we are looking for something with about as pure of an android base as we can get, really have come to despise Samsung in the last year with my s7. Sadly I would just root my device, but I can as it is an off model used by Straight Talk, that relies on Verizon's towers, I can't seem to find a reliable root kit that I don't fear will brick my device.
James Henderson
It's almost 1/2 of what my car is worth… No thanks, my car has lasted two decades, that phone will barely last two years.
I'm still using my Galaxy Note 4. When it breaks down, I'm getting another Galaxy Note 4.
bill johnson
I only hear about Apple when people bring up needlessly expensive products.
You missed the iPhone SE. So the iPhone X is really the iPhone 16.
another artist
i'm not an apple fan, and i've only shown some interest in the 7, 7 Plus, and onwards, i disagree with most of these points. the X does cost a bit more than it should, but honestly it's not just a new shiny thing, there's actually cool features implemented that can help people get things done easier and reduce annoyances when using tech.
If I upgrade, I'll have to put electric tape over the camera.
Why in hell do you buy this phone, Android phones are better.
what a perfect summary of apple this vid is.
Leandro Samuel
Here in Brazil, it will cost R$4,000
Wich is about 1.284,32 USD
You guys are golden.
I can build a pc with that price
If I could, I would still have my 3GS. I'll keep the 5S until it will no longer function.
Sooo glad I have my knock off Samsung Galaxy
Flimsy Fox
This is not just a problem with Apple: Just about every smartphone, whether it be running Android, iOS or some other operating system, looks the same nowadays. I wish I could've been old enough when Steve Jobs was alive to understand just how bold Apple was with its decisions before he died. Now, Apple makes almost no bold decisions.
Forgot 7S :)… oops should have hung in there. Never mind.
Kekistani Jihad
Honestly, I have only stuck with iPhones because I have so much invested in it, but I don't think I will be upgrading my phone, unless it is to an android
This video point out the brand hypocrisy and devotion of Apple Fans and this leads into my hypothesis seems to keep on proving itself true that most people are idiots.
Brian Chen
It still brings me joy that the apple watch failed, the apple religion really took a hit there.
Drunken Punk 800
TracFone $20. That's why I don't bother with smart phones.

If I'm gonna spend $600+, it's gonna be for a 4k hdr tv.
Anthony LiPira
Some poor bastard is going to get murdered for his iPhone X.
Stop upgrading the OS??? How are you a tech journalist? Are you aware of the security flaws you expose yourself to?
I'm not defending the iPhone X, I don't like it's design language, but that comment was just ridiculous.
The power of Greyskull
Fuck Apple. Trhe death of Steve Jobs was the best thing that jappend to the company
Praise Kek
That's why I love watching tech rax
Meanwhile on Android you can root and upgrade your OS 5-7 versions above your models suggested version
[all with or without google services]
Fuck Apple
pony plushies
I became a pony
«Businesses are, in reality, quasi-religious sects… Belief in the product, preaching the product, in the end the product becomes the focus of a transcendental experience. Through „the product“, one communes with the vast forces of life, nature, and history that are expressed in business» -Thomas Merton
Matt McAvay
I know people who got cars for less money. RUNNING CARS!!!
That's what happens when you get monopolies. They're just milking the living shit out of people.