HD INTERACTIVE STREAM! COME SCARE BOLEN - Outlast 2 (PC) Gameplay & Live Stream

INTERACTIVE STREAM! COME SCARE BOLEN - Outlast 2 (PC) Gameplay & Live Stream

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Bolen is playing Outlast 2. Craig has created different noises to scare him with. Your direct donations will set those loud noises off.$25 Donation — LOUD SCREAM$35 Donation — Little girl (best if only used once)$50 Donation — LOUD STATIC$75 Donation — WILD BEAST SCREAM$100 Donation — Howard Dean Scream▶ DONATE — Simply go to this link (https://youtube.streamlabs.com/UCWDIL65Y3kHmLjfp_0ZrpfQ#/) and contribute as much or as little as you feel. That's where you can donate and help us grow! We appreciate your support no matter how big or how small!▶ SUPER CHAT — There is a dollar sign next to the smiley face in the chat when watching on YouTube Gaming (https://gaming.youtube.com/user/GameAttack/live) That's where you can contribute and help us grow!▶ BECOME A YOUTUBE SPONSOR of Game Attack — Click the green button button. You get access to the elite GA icon next to your name and sponsor and Super Chat exclusive streams. Click here to Sponsor: ▶ Come be a part of Game Attack and the best community online. SUBSCRIBE: ▶ Becoming a FIRST Member (and try it for FREE for 30 days) by clicking here: ▶ Buy Some Merchandise and look fly when wearing it: ▶ Like a game we're playing? Buy it on Amazon (we get commission!) To get notifications when we're live, download the YouTube Gaming app. Sign in and allow notifications. If you have followed us, you will get a notification when we go live! Make sure to click that bell next to the subscribe button!FREE Game Attack Ringtone Packs:mp3s — iPhone — Follow the GA Team on Twitter: Look fly as hell in Game Attack shirts & hats: Game Attack on Reddit: We get some requests to send us games and fan art — thanks! Feel free to send them here:Game Attack6101 Long Prairie Road, Ste 744-270Flower Mound, TX 75028Game Attack on Reddit: Game Attack, Game Attack, Game Attack live stream, video game live stream, video games, fun, PUBG, Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds Zombies, Battlegrounds New Map, Battlegrounds PS4
Vince Lipuma
Bolen's utter joy after checking for the MoundaGeejus.
Jose Caris Toledo
I love this channel. Keep up the good work!
Jay Ruud
Missed opportunity to call it «interactive scream»
Farnomus Studios
Bolen you're green!