HD iPhone X crazy performance, Galaxy Note 8 launch & more - Pocketnow Daily

iPhone X crazy performance, Galaxy Note 8 launch & more - Pocketnow Daily

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Watch today's Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Apple's iPhone X and the crazy performance of the A11 Bionic chip. Then we talk about Face ID on the iPhone X and a couple of new tricks that Apple has shared. Andy Rubin and his Essential Phone follow as we hear more of the plan going forward for other markets and carriers. The pre-orders of the iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K are next. We end today's show talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and its global launch.All this and more after the break. Stories:- Apple A11 Bionic performance compares well to 13-inch MacBook Pro - More Face ID details revealed: how to quickly disable it, ‘most’ sunglasses supported, no sharing - Andy Rubin answers burning Essential Phone questions: updates, jacks, expansions and more - A few hours in, iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K delivery times have started expanding - Samsung is officially launching the Galaxy Note 8 in 42 global markets today Read more: Lee más en Español: Subscribe:About us:Pocketnow has been a key source of mobile technology news and reviews since its establishment in 2000. With offices on three continents, Pocketnow offers round-the-clock coverage of the mobile technology landscape, from smartphones to tablets to wearables. We aim to be your number-one source for mobile tech news, reviews, comparisons, and commentary. If you love mobile as much as we do, be sure to subscribe!Follow us:
Abdurrahman Alchoughri
i can't wait for samsung to just dump qualcom processors and start using Exynos in the US
then samsung doesn't have to worry about the US variant
so samsung can go bolder with their processors and unlock their capabilities
like the Exynos 8895 can support 4k 120 fps so Samsung would've put 4k 60 fps on the s8 if it weren't for Qualcom
I love what apple has brought to the table this year. Very tempting to preorder that X and try iOS…
Robert IM
In Australia is 1,579 for the iPhone x
Harry Green
One thing I can say about iPhones they don’t slow down like Samsung does after a year that’s for sure
Rob The Bob
That tee shirt is fire. Where u get it bro
Aljhun Manlangit
How about make up? Some people use heavy make up, as in waaaaay heavy. Will it work?
Timothy Lim
Android Phone and iPad, the best combination currently.
Josh Lalumendre
my iPhone 6 is fast enough for what I do, which is watch videos and use social media, so I don't really care too much about it.
Angel Castillo
Not saying I defend the removal of TouchID for FaceID, but the mugging argument bugs me. I believe that if someone is mugging you and takes your phone from you and forces you to look at the phone in the fashion that FaceID requires, they probably have the power to also make you touch the home button to unlock the TouchID. Even better (or worse?), force you to type in your pin which would give them access to the phone and then delete your fingerprints (as that requires your pin) and maybe even face scans (removal will probably require a pin too).
Tropic Lucas
I'll stay with Samsung thanks
CPU power is what you need for 4k 60fps and 1080p 240fps! Unfortunately android phones are behind on this!!!
Satyam Soni
I am switching to iPhone x if i could after 7 years of android usage
Who needs all this power to check their Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or emails? Even games don't use all the available power. Bench mark tests nowadays are meaningless.
Imran Ahmed
Do I need a tank to kill mosquito?? I don't think so
Brenden Pragasam
put 8GB of RAM and you could possibly get me to switch…
Conner Webb
It's really funny how Apple's smartphones have much better performance value per dollar than their high end computer.
Emad Ahmed
The extra power of the iPhone X over other phones is frankly unnecessary. All high end smartphones are powerful enough for anything.
rockstar time to release gta 4 on ios
Patrick Jones
I'm watching this on my note 8
Jedeons Video Randomness
*Try using the «fast charging» feature on the IPhone X and watch how fast Apple says «it's 84.00 dollars to unlock the fast charging feature sir/ma'am..» That's what they want just to let you use it!!! It's free on Samsung!!! Lmao @ Apple charging to use fast charging!!! That's sad!!*
Lots of powerful phones out there. Not a buying criteria. It's all about camera, screen, battery
Hey where did you get your power ranger shirt from the one you wearing in this video?
Flex Pino
I hate when he say his name.he uses to much emphasis
Carlos Franklin
$1000 for 64gb and no expansion slot, you have got to be kidding me. Wow Apple really likes to screw its fans, isheeps will be force to buy the 256 variant, add the cost of a fast charger (not included), you'll end up in the 1200 range… Ridiculous!!!
Lightning Black
That high of performance means the battery will die faster
Hector Galvez-Jimenez
For me the note 8 has always been my choice. I think the I-phone is for old or unsavy people. I like to customise my phone as I see fit, and I don't like a company dictating too me what apps I am able to install on my device. I tried the I- phone once, when the 6 came out, had it for one night and returned it the next day. Was not for me, and wont ever be for me no matter what they put on their phones.
Alex Ortiz Da Beast
Who said Samsung was the first with OLED?? And Nokia???? Their phones suck compared to Samsung,the Nokia 9 is the only phone that can even compare to Samsung phones,lmao
Brodo Faggins
I do find that performance enticing, mostly because it will last a few years before slowing down, running iOS, and still getting regular updates. Also, can't wait for the Note 8 review tommorow! Jaime, your work definitely does not go unappreciated!
Ameer Kallas
This week is brought to you by Apple
Tsering Palkey
I'm no team androids or apple but iPhone X really?....For 1k $ plus (separate EarPods and membership)
Thumbs up for the bionic A11 but is that worth $1k+?..
A Gomez
I'm all for personal presence but at the end of the day Apple came thru. The X is hot. Suck it up boys and put on your big boy pants. It pays to play!
no views
Apple​ ​suck and will never buy one.
David Pálka
Still raising power of Apple chips is a bit meaningless for games and aps, because Apple will newer allow, thjat some game or app will not run smoothly on 1 or 2 gen older device. So so much fuss for nothing as always in mobile market with rocket jump mobile performance. Another point is raising RAM size and number of cores. Where is the argument of Apple users, that only crap Android devices must have more than 2 cores and 4 gigs of ram? And no, highest CPU performance is not main point for buy new phone. I prefer more sophisticated fast menu and options in Android, more usable android pay and NFC pay in European countries, always on display, fact that i can use wireless charging on my 2 last phones for 4 years, same like another similar specs, always on display again every day useful on work meetings and in office, shen i have my phone under the monitor, great Google ecosystem, etc. But yes i muset say, Iphone is not problem for me to have, but still… i will saty with Android device.
Any phone without a headphone is an instant no buy for me. That's one thing I'm never budging on
Once again, LG is taking their own sweet time to launch their phone. I am really in need of a new smartphone but the v30 is just taking like forever.
Apple has some goodies. I gotta give it to Apple, they know how to build a solid device. For an iPhone enthusiast, I happen to think this is a great phone.
For me, Apple is not my religion. I like the customization and all the other little tweaky stuff you can do to personalize an Android device.
And I don't like pastels.
My Reviews
Not for me this year. I'm sticking to my 7+. And that x phone had nothing to entice me to buy it.
Phones will eventually get faster and Apple's iPhone is beating everyone to the punch.
Munir Rahool
Let the real users really use the handset and then we will truly know how powerful the chip is compare to their claim.
Wait....Geekbench? Hahahahaha geekbench? He haha haha haha haha. No. I'm not that naive. Sure the A11 chip is powerful, sure its fast but geekbench isn't indicative of anything. I'm not even gonna say its rigged but truth be told, the arm processors have yet to rival even x86 at all!!! Even if we account for different instruction set. It is also shown in the past that A chips are designed specifically for the instructions that iOS uses, running custom code shows it not do so hot in pure number crunching dp/fp calculation even integer.

The a11 will no doubt be fast for what it does, but it won't be that good, even exynos and kirin soc boards have great dp/fp performance over a chips, and they dont match x86 chips…

Also in regards to will the a11 bench get me to switch question Jaime? It will not, I prefer androids openness and its underlying Linux kernal which guess what? Allows me to run Linux packages natively and actually run real software and not just mobile apps!
RoCCo CarmeLL
Ill never buy Iphone,even it the display has less bazells than others,I'll wait for samsung to have no bazells,since they are the ones who sell apple displays...but processor performance i dont care...no gaming or vr needed in my case. Just beautifull slim design,fast response(6 or 8 gb ram) and crazy ass good camera with zoom and wide angle oh and fingerprint embeded