HD ASMR Intense head massage

ASMR Intense head massage

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The barber here is very good at his job. The only problem with him is that he is a bit distracted all the time. Today I explained everything about why I do these videos to him and he can be one of my best barber but why he is not. I'm not sure if this gonna change anything but I don't wanna give up on anyone so easily. I'll try one more time to see if this changes anything.Anyways… today we have got $29.04 for #savemastercracker. Every day we are getting some support which is great. I hope we will get what we need in 30 days.Say Hello to me on…Twitter — Facebook — Instagram — -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I humbly accept your support on…Patreon — Paypal — -------------------------------------------------------------------An Indian traditional barber can tingle you in the best possible way of ASMR. Before and after shave massage is part of barber service in India and can be experienced anywhere in India.----------------------------------------------------Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) signifies the subjective experience of 'low-grade euphoria' characterized by 'a combination of positive feelings, relaxation, and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin'. It typically begins 'on the scalp' before moving 'down the spine' to the base of the neck, sometimes spreading 'to the back, arms and legs as intensity increases', most commonly triggered by specific acoustic, visual and digital media stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attentional control.-----------------------------------------------------------Please feel free to suggest any video you would like to see. I will do my best to make it for you.Thank for watching.asdrebvgcdxzsa123ew43bb4321
Save the crack master!!!
Zakariya Mohammed
Have you ever told him his mustache needs a trim
Who is the guy who wear a pink t-shirt? I see him every time in the same position ahah xD
Punk Addicted
what happened to master cracker bro?
Mael Eloi
It´s my favourite barber thanks Santosh!!!
Diogo Gorjao
IntenSe with S
El Robo
This guy is a part time barber. His other job is pimping, he looking outside to make sure his hoes clocking tricks. I know a pimp when I see one.
Enrico Podestà
Why he looks constantly outside...?
Lord Winkler88
8:21 Neck crack
Nat Turalist
I donated $10 for master cracker, we can make it happen!
jp np
Santosh could you please tell me what are those random letters at the end of your videos?.?
Alessandro Adamo
That arm massage is a kind of torture,my friend! Ahah
Ms. Hawk
I don't care for this barber. He is too rough and distracted. I liked the older barber with the mustache and grey hair that used to work here much better.
Donald Lafever
i just clicked the sub button and the number staid the same
The 239 Life
why do most barbers always look outside? like what are you looking at .-.
I think a foot massage would be a fun, new video for us (and you). Cheers Santosh!
Tan lindo!❤
fukui 123
Does anyone want to see Baba and master cracker massage each other? I think ppl would pay to see that! Maybe have some way to pin or tag the fundraising? I feel as each day goes on, people watching the new videos won't know what is going on
TheRealFake Fergore
Hi Santosh, ur videos always help me to fall sleep, keep doing this good job, greetings from México and #SaveMasterCracker
Jay Valentine
A bit distracted? Lol. Your too kind
Karina Cabrera
why is it only men who get massages in these videos do women not enjoy this there? or is it wierd?
Nocturnal MeatPie
Come on man, I think he is just camera-shy, that's why he looked to other side when massaging your back. And since many of his techniques is off-frame I suggest you try recording from angle 45 degree from front, I don't know the technical word for that shot
Maybe he look outside because he massages and cuts hair all day and gets tired of looking at the back of peoples cocunut head.
DJ Bull
Love the vids santosh. Keep up the good work my friend.