HD Interview with Kaveh Lahabi (Science@Leuven Fund)

Interview with Kaveh Lahabi (Science@Leuven Fund)

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Kaveh Lahabi was awarded the Science@Leuven Scholarship in 2011-2012.He graduated magna cum laude in July 2013 as Master in Physics.
Amir Sh
Well I was student in Leuven in exactly the same year, and I wish I could
have the opportunity to be in this video to talk about my experiences too.
Maybe things were different in physics department but definitely it was
another world in the Biology department and some others too.
I was student of biology here and god knows how difficult it was for me to
even live in that university village!, the so called professors were all
concerned about nothing but themselves and very unfriendly.
I remember once one of them told me that all the people coming from the
south (I am Iranian) are lawbreakers and another one told me that we
brought you here, to encourage our own Flemish students to compete with
you. (Indeed we were only 5 foreign students in a class of 40 Flemish
Regarding integration, I would say that it was completely impossible to
merge with Flemish students, they were just avoiding us!
And this scholarship goes to very few students, so don't even bother
thinking about it.
If you like to have a good study experience abroad, definitely do not
choose this one.