HD Spectacular UFO Crash! Burning UFO or Meteorite lands in Fields, Feb 2017

Spectacular UFO Crash! Burning UFO or Meteorite lands in Fields, Feb 2017

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✦ Subscribe for more exclusive UFO videos ✦http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wtfflow⇩⇩ Please Read The Description ⇩⇩-----------------------------------------------------02/01/17 — I went to the countryside at night to film a beautiful moonset over the fields and test a new lens I bought for my Sony a7s camera. After a few videos and photos, I started recording the moonset, when an amazing glowing light fell to the ground. It looked really big but not that far from my location. The object was glowing like a meteor, or a burning object. It probably crashed in the huge lands in front of me. The object literally came out of nowhere, (basically the sky) just like a meteor / meteorite would do. It was also totally silent. One thing about this object is really intriguing: it actually reached the ground (at least, the horizon). Weird for a meteor no? Usually, meteors burn so fast that they can't reach the Earth's surface before getting full consumed. This one looked really close to me, so probably small-sized. How could it still burn even right before impact?I spent more than 30 minutes searching the object in the huge lands around me, exploring the area with my car. I didn't see anything. If the object was even smaller than a car, it could have easily been hidden between wheat plants or big leaves… I know I should have done more research, and hope someone will find something interesting shortly…I 'm still not sure about it's origin. I couldn't help thinking about Crop Circles, as the object probably crashed in a field… Was it some kind of firework, burning aircraft or drone? To me, this is definitely a UFO for now.Do you have any idea of what this could be? Please give me your opinion in the comments.NOTE: The object got hidden by the branches in front of me, and probably landed on a lower part of the ground, that's why we can't see any impact!► SOME EXTRA INFO:You may have watched previous night UFO videos on my channel.Filming nighttime celestial objects from earth with pocked-sized equipment has always been my dream. It's now realized since almost three years now.The camera I'm mainly using for UFO hunting, the Sony a7s, is a small Full-Frame camera that literally beats usual night-vision equipment: P8079HP tube, NV monoculars… but also 99,9% of todays cameras! Its ISO capability is the most amazing any camera has ever had. You can record up to ISO 409,600. To me, and for my use of it, ISO 64,000 is clean and usable, with low noise. Compared to my Canon 6D (DSLR), it's a 10 TIMES better performance in terms of noise! Everyone here might not be used to such high sensitivity cameras filming UFOs, so I better tell you why my nighttime videos look so clean and bright! I really hope more and more sightings will be made with such cameras. We really need to launch the next generation of night UFO skywatch. In color, in HD. We have the technology to do that now!I plan to post more nighttime UFO hunting videos if I catch interesting stuff.→ If you have any questions about my equipment, feel free to comment below, I'll reply! :)► Camera settings:ISO: 40,000Shutter speed: 1/25Aperture: F/1.2WB: AutoFilmed with: Sony a7s + Voigtlander 35mm 1.2 (lens)Type ➫ LightScale ➫ UnkwnownDuration ➫ ~ 4 secondsColor(s) ➫ White/orangeLight(s) ➫ YesSpeed ➫ UnknownFilmed by me in the countryside, Normandy, France, February 2017.✦ Please Subscribe to my hard investigations! ✦✦ Visit my channel ✦** Warning **All non-allowed re-uploads of my video will be reported! Thanks!© WTFflow, all rights reserved.=============PEACE & LIGHT =============
Cat Chick
Dude, it's just a meteor. No, it doesn't necessarily have to burn up before it hits the ground. You have some really great videos… *THIS* isn't one of them.
slapping mfs since day1
It's just gouku
If it where close, you would've felt the ground shake for a brief moment. There was no «boom» or any noise what so ever recorded, which means it would've been further away.
game hug20
you think it's a real ufo or no?
Eridu Sirius
Good catch
Mobama Mbushladen
the weird thing is that u didnt go to check wtf is that sht
dazzler B81
nevermind the thing that crashed check that sky out wow how many stars… wish I lived there I'd be constantly looking up lol
Rich D
space poop
Marina Radusin
That was not definitely a meteor! Maybe space junk as it just look like it was free calling.
Karin B
Hi friend! I realized I didn't have notifications turned on for your vids. I do now.
michael mayer
It's called a comment
Avengaline Jones
UFO doesn't automatically mean alien ship from outer space… I think people get confused. it just means unidentified
Out Of Place Ninja
Just a space rock crashing to Earth. Nothing special, unless you find it and it's one of the rare meteorites.
a trypod being shot from a mother ship out in space to the earth
Michael Lucius
How could it be in front of the clouds?
Go check it out
Is it bad/wrong I wouldn't call no Cops, or Military if I came upon a crashed Space Craft? Unless, of course, I saw them starting to eat some one LOL
Thats not a ufo, that is just a falling star man
phillip harden
I think I would have looked for it! But it would be difficult to find without knowing the direction at impact. The height of the plants in the fields and the high banks along the road hinder your search. You have a better chance than anyone else in locating whatever came down. You are our only hope ;)
Darren Wharton
Great footage, seems way too slow to be a meteorite.
ganthony 1991
Could be a transformers, they disappear when they land on earth
Konstantin Kandelaki
if it would be meteor, it would have very loud noise as it was in Chelyabinsk. half of the place was destroyed when it fell. Amazing footage. well done!!! you have to be that lucky to see them.
Vast Right Wing Extremist
Wow! you have tons of «UFO» sightings! I've been looking to the sky for close to 40 years, never seen anything. Either you're lucky, in a location FULL of UFO activity CONSTANTLY and you conveniently always have your camcorder on, pointed to the exact location in the sky and at precisely the exact moment OR you are creating these videos because you get off on it. Which is it?
Last and Curious
what a nice evening view
TruthSeekerUK/ PAFC
doesn't look like a meteorite to me. This is in Normandy, France. it's in the description.
Jane taylor Taylor
You need a new truck!
Robert Saberniak
tony montana
tнats not a мeteor.
Brian Bell
No worries, it's a bolide, known as a bright burning, large, meteor. I've seen two, one at night and one in daylight. They always look close but they aren't. They are actually passing through the layers of atmosphere and our observation point deceives us into thinking they are much closer. The burn is bright enough to shine through the clouds giving the false impression it's actually in front of the clouds. That's why there's no impact point. It's beyond the horizon and most likely burned up entirely. These are rare to film, but not uncommon and well known in the field of astronomy. Cool video!
Roger H Werner
There isn't easy determining distance of car/camera from object. I've seen thousands of meteors and this object doesn't have the shape, speed, of overall look of a typical meteor. If the camera was within a mile or two from the impact site, there would have been an impact noise, ground shaking by impact, and anything hitting Earth with such force should have caused some form of impact flash or explosion. Perhaps the camera was many miles from the impact site? Nevertheless something as large as the object depicted would have left clearly visible surface damage, grass fires, and such. I have no idea what it might have been but my sense is that it was not a meteor.
Michael mike
great shot. that camera is a beast. do you use any night vision scope also?
Darren J.S
Wow I wish my video camera would pick up sky is like that? Can I ask you what camera are you using please? Breathtaking footage!
Kill all white people Ther the devil
Meteorite ha no such thing there falling angels
Randy Johnson
it was on your side of the clouds
Randy Johnson
watch reruns of the meteor man episodes...big one hit the ground and are worth a lot of money............some lights around where you were driving looks like airport/runway lights.if this is a legit video that would have shown up on radar...you can even look up past weather and commercial radar on the internet....sometimes that would have made a sonic boom.if big enough
TheLegend 27
That's cash money buddy go find this thing really it's there some place ❤️
Xavier Prime
fake....clouds would have lit up....
Eric Flavio 13
meteorite for sure.
Maciej Brandys
It's a fake, like all videos in this channel.
TMAC Jones
its amazing how mf can comment like they really no what that is fallen out the sky.