HD Vitalik Buterin reveals Ethereum at Bitcoin Miami 2014

Vitalik Buterin reveals Ethereum at Bitcoin Miami 2014

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Vitalik Buterin, Founder and Inventor, introduces Ethereum at the Bitcoin Miami conference 2014. Vitalik received a standing ovation for the project which stands to change how the world relates to currency and financial instruments.
Gary Lachance
The Future Will Not Be Centralized!
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Sean Andrews
Thanks Stephen!
Finally, better video and audio.
Richard Wild
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i like some of the ideas you have for ethereum. Its great to see people do development for the blockchain beyond using it as a currency.
holy crap. awesome stuff.
+1. reminds me of sheldon cooper 
Steve Cobb
Great talk, except that true public goods do not exist. ;)
When is this thing finally launching? i cant find much information about a launch date online, thanks a bunch for any information in advance :)
I see any form of electronic money as a governments dream. What better way to further control humanity than to put their money in a storage unit that they can totally control. Even possibly control how you spend your money or take what they want for taxation etc… Very Skeptical…
i think i'll have to listen to it a few times… to grasp  it all.. 
I'm sorry, but I have to do this: At 3:333:35 you said: «People pay me, and then I send the product». That was beautiful. After that you intermittently lose me. You simplify some things, and lose me on others. Please omit «DNS Servers» and the like, as well as the overwhelming majority of programmer-speak that is peppered into your speech. I get that the block chain has other applications, but this NEEDS to be dumbed-down. You have a revolutionary product that you aren't properly articulating for the masses. Always opt for little bitty spoonfuls of information, and alot less big words.  
Tomek Samcik
A higher-level scripting API to easily and dynamically extend blockchain. This is going to be Big.
Tomek Samcik
«0.4X ether will be mined per year» however
Slam Blambacid
Please somebody go and tell the goverments they are out of bussiness. Anyway, to achieve this we must demand symetic internet connections first.
i am not sure of the product here, this relies on a 3rd party, ie a legal system, so it is no different than buying something off amazon with a card.

so i receive the product and I decide not to pay you, also i say «I have not received the product»… now according to you «i work with the 3rd party to get my money back» okay so given bitcoin is non-reversible, a credit card is better for this as I already have legal reversibility in place.

no matter which way you put it, the «3rd party» is someone with the resources to recover my money. Which is the legal system btw.

i was linked here from «may kill bitcoin», even when you get to an idea of decentralised contracts, you still require legal support and enforcement of these contracts, the conditions to be met have to be confirmed by some human being.

an example of a similar issue is the reliance on 3rd parties to run the exchanges
Kevin Beal
Javascript actually was around in the early 90's, but it wasn't until it could do XHR that it became as powerful as it is today. That it could do large scale applications without a page reload.

If you pay close attention, this page you are viewing right now is actually not doing a full page load when you go to another video. By using javascript to handle the content of the page, the youtube developers have a lot more control over the user experience of watching videos.

If I understand it correctly, Ethereum is not just the language but the «XHR» already established from the beginning. It may well be the case that Ethereum is a lot more successful than javascript for that reason, or faster growing anyway.
Dave Bills
This is extraordinary.  I can't even begin to list the implications of this...economic, scientific, social, political…  Wow.   o_0
Andrew Asimakopoulos
the dj vitalik :P
Kosta Zertsekel
Mind blowing to say the least!..
Julian Della Bosca
This guy is the anti-death-star of human intellect. 
Julian Della Bosca
Would it maybe be possible to build a application that you can build your own custom money with? Do it by blending different coins together? Maybe use bitcoin as your permanent store of value while using more dynamic coins blended together like green coin science coin empathy coin for buying the products you actually use. If a business does not take your type of blended coin they are not congruent with your moral philosophy any way? Would it be possible to automate the conversion of bitcoin into your chosen form of moral coin? 
Mike M
Is there a noob explanation?
Craig Peter DG
Could the platform be used to transfer time credit remaining on a parking meter ticket. I have wanted to create some sort of app so when say you purchase a parking ticket to display on your vehicle for say 2 hours, but you end up not needing that space for 2 hours, you end up only needing it for an hour, well you have a whole hour credit left, and the council or state govt gets a free hour of parking revenue from you. Would it not be better and in community spirit to be able to transfer that one hour credit to another parking vehicle on the spot. Food for thought, can we use ethereum to do that?
asweinkw2 asweinkw2
Improve people's lives, enhance our happiness index, family members are very happy, the future is full of longing and hope more
With the color coins, can you track individual satoshi? Like would someone have to hold a whole colored/tagged bitcoin or could you track fractional spending on it? The reason I ask about the satoshi is because it would minimize the cost of the token, otherwise you're having to pay $450 for your color coin on top of the commodity it represents.
Максим Панявин
Пишите на стараницу в вк, кто хочет начать зарабатывать Ethereum валюту, обучу быстро, всё расскажу и покажу
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Max Canew
Nice talk, looking forward to the conferences in 2016.
Is this guy autistic?
Eill Blackshire
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Make Ethereum immutable again. Ethereum classic maximalist
Brenda Flores
Send me some BTC. I will pray for you (for real).
Jesse Rockwell
1000 ETH per bitcoin during the fundraising phase. Golly
Matias Mingo
Vitalyk's gonna take all the pussy
ConspiraOrg EastGhostCom
This is probably like listening to Stephen Hawking before he got all crumpled up.
24:48 Instead of dropping the mic, Vitalik dropped himself. Genius!
oliver blair
Vitalik for president.