HD Bitcoin Basics (Part 4) - "Coinbase Tutorial"

Bitcoin Basics (Part 4) - "Coinbase Tutorial"

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Beckys Young
It won't let me click on the video at the end called «How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin»!!! The annotations don't work. Can you please link it in the description?
Jeru Sanders
I buy my Bitcoins from Coinbase, still waiting on the 30 verification, I recommend instant buy for another reason. There's been people who have had a lot of money go missing as the 4 day transfer completes. I'm pretty sure all of them got their money back after dealing with support but instant buy will give you your coins immediately so you can move them to another wallet or exchange.
It's looking like going to hit 750's again
Thanks very helpful, your making even easier to buy Bitcoin
Israel Trevino
Thanks for your videos Chris. I recently purchased bitcoin using coin base but after watching your videos, I'd love to start learning how to trade bitcoins. Can I use my coin base wallet and start using the exchanges like bitfinex?
why is bitfinex good for shorting, is it not as good as the others for buying?
Do you have to have a bank account?  and also, are there any other bitcoin buy/sell servers?
Jc de Guzman
Hi Dunn,

Can I ask what is the required trading starter for the ones in the Philippines?

Rahul Meena
Hey how t oget free coinss
Mark Evans
In this Video he says he wishes it was and easy quick process that you could just sign up and buy bitcoins, but it's not. He ADMITS it is a Royal Pain in the Ass any way you cut the pie. :)
Tony Olivette
whats your view on blockchain? I'm a college student and I just started
Cory Wheeler
What are the fees for websites like these?
You skim over anonymity of bitcoin in one of the previous videos (I think party 2). Can you do a more detail video solely on that topic?
Tarek Aboushakka
Hi Chris,  I am from Canada, what is the best way to start trading from Canada?
Chris Ihetu
coinbase says buying and selling of bitcoins isn't available in my country (nigeria). does that shut me totally off cryptocurrency?
Paradox 1
lol hows that link money coming along?
please do a video of buying bitcoins off local bit coin and explain the safety and anonymity of the different methods / method you use in the vid as well, seeing it with our eyes will really help make it easy to learn how to quickly get ahold of bit coins! thanks chris
Kornel Karsai
Thank you Chris its very usefull
Willi Real Estate
Good day Chris
can you recommend any Exchanges for South Africa
Ty ty
So if I sign up for coin base and put 100 bucks towards bitcoins, we will both receive 5 coins or have things changed?
Eric Mu _ SinoHash
Interested in doing one for HaoBTC?
Bryce McNiff
hi chris, so would you be able to recommend any bitcoin exchanges for in Australia?
Hi chris… i work with sale and trading what should i jion? how about bitfinex…
Lantzmania !
Hey Chris i really appreciate these videos, for a new bitcoin trader would you still recommend Coinbase as of 9-6-16?
Lakdinum Rasanka
Hey Chris thank you for giving knowledge for us :) I live in Japan,so can I trade with Bitfinex or Bitstamp? Currently I trade with BTC BOX and Coincheck in Japan.
ochuko AGBIGBE
hey chris, am in nigeria which would you recommend for trading
brandon longley
how long does the password needs 2B?
Luke Terry
Hi Chris what would you recommend any bitcoin exchanges in the UK
I created a wallet at blockchain, and just created an account at coinbase. So, do I have an automatic wallet from coinbase from creating an account with them? The website was not helpful in explaining this or even how to create a wallet.
Leroy Ross
i like coinbase its easy to use for beginners
how do you put 40.00 in your wallet each time i try it tells me i dont have enough i know i have that much in there
Sarthak Varshney
Which exchange will be suitable to trade from India?
The Voelkening
Hey Chris I love the videos. I'm a subscriber. I'm trying to understand level one. If I buy an initial amount of Bitcoin on enrollment (say 2k worth) and wait the few days for it to appear in my account, can I use it to purchase other crypto currencies on another platform immediately? I guess I'm confuse about the 30 day waiting process of level 2. Thanks man. I appreciate your time.
Firoz Khan
Hi Chris,

What should I use if I'm based in the UK?
Should you set up a hardware wallet FIRST before going to an exchange to purchase Bitcoin?
Im 3 years behind but account is restricted even though i added everything needed. Contacted support nothing. You know anything aobut this?
Caden Velasquez
would coinbase work with a vpn in a different country?
julie armstrong
Hi Chris — Nice to have your videos available, but I am a TOTAL newbie on any currency exchange, never mind bitcoin. Also I live in the UK so need to keep the buying here, relative to the UK Sterling. Any suggestions please?

I know you say this is for beginners, but you do not explain how a bitcoin with a (say) value of USD30,000 can be used for a purchase of something worth (say) US$800? Do you get your change back? AND how can I possibly buy a bitcoin for USD$800 when all of the exchanges say one of them costs USD$30,000? These are all hypothetical figures, but for your videos to mean anything to me, I need a ton MORE information at the very basic level. Maybe a video for TOTAL VIRGINS to Bitcoin and dont mention ANYTHING about trade/investment. Just how to buy something with them. I am on video number 4 and I still dont understand how to actually BUY something where the vendor states «Bitcoin only».

Thanks for all the effort in all your videos but they just do not make sense to me. Anne in UK.
julie armstrong
Christ, Just reading through your comments below from viewers — you have 4 people asking which exchange would be good for those of us living in the UK. Can you help please? Thanks a million. Anne in UK.
Vasu Bansal
Hey Chris,
Can you suggest a good wallet or exchange for INDIA??
noe zamora
I went to coinbase but I think it only works or they say it must be an android device. I want to use my desktop with windoes 10.HELP.