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2004 Documentary — Naked Science Season 1 — Angry EarthNaked Science is an American documentary television series that premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel. The programme features various subjects related to science and technology.What can science tell us about the fury of our Angry Earth? Can science do anything to protect us? Might we one day be able to predict the quakes? Or are we at the mercy of the awesome power of nature?Around the world, millions live under the threat of an earthquake disaster. In the last century, more than 1 million people died in earthquakes. Over the next century, it is feared that number could increase ten-fold. Why? Because Earthquakes don't kill people. Buildings do. And urban populations are increasing so fast that we now have 'mega-cities'. We discover the seismic vulnerability of some of the world's mega cities and the threat posed to millions of people all over the world.
Nma Nahro
I'm definitely not gonna watch this.
Dave k
the quake that bay area in 89 was not the san fran. quake it was the
loma preata quake which is 60 miles south in santa cruz mtns.
santa cruz and capitola had complete neighbor hoods destroyed and
sadly their was not much media covarage
Shane Bowman
Let's flash as many shots at the viewer as possible and hopefully they'll
think we are dramatic and interesting.
Chris Miller
Narrator: «To understand how such pressures are caused, just look deep into
the earth.» Me: «Okay, just let me get my x-ray vision goggles out first.»
roberto alvarez
I saw how the easrth surface move as a wave on the water, all the soil move
about 2 meters on our comunity we was on the street ans see how the houses
and wires move, nothing was damages, no one can explain how the siol move
as the water surface and nothing brake, was an earth movement, not a quake
Justin Lee
Should have listened to the comments below. This video is unwatchable to
anyone who minds having a headache for the rest of the day. The production
team should be taken out and shot. Publicly. For destroying what could have
been a very interesting documentary.
eros sutrisno
fucking documentary, unwatchable...!!! idiot camera movements...
Earthquakes and Tornado's is just Earth cleansing itself.
When a big one hits Delta BC the ground will turn into quicksand and
everything is gone! Delta is built on a huge sandbar!
Joe Newbie
The schizophrenic people don't know they are watching it any way, might as
well be a blank screen for the nut jobs.
Troll Destroyer
Your tectonic plate movement theory is wrong anyway. We occasionally have
eartquakes centered in Scotland and going by your own map there is no plate
boundaries anywhere near Scotland.
Joelle Murray
I was watching this yesterday and early this morning at 1am there was an
earthquake where I live lol What are the chances
Tim Spriggs
The Steve Lav channel. What's In Your Bowl? (0)
Autumn Mouzon
Who else did the snap thing?
Robert Schuster
Ben Davidson has been doing pretty good at predicting earthquakes