HD Five simple questions science CAN'T ANSWER - This is REAL Genius

Five simple questions science CAN'T ANSWER - This is REAL Genius

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Humans are pretty smart. Apart from our special skill of wiping out large parts of our own population and several other species, we've achieved some pretty remarkable things.But there's a lot. Like, a LOT of stuff that we still don't know. Some of it is surprisingly simple — the answer must be staring us in the face — and yet we just haven't worked it out yet. So here's our top five list of stuff we should know, but don't.Connect with This is Genius! — Facebook — Twitter — Google+This is Genius is a channel dedicated to experiencing the unusual side of life. Comedy, sketches and tongue-in cheek location reports from around the world.We use a lot of music by a chap called StoneOcean, a little label for him appears in our videos when we do. Like his stuff? Check out his channel.StoneOcean's music: StoneOcean's channel: Check out some of our other videos: — We get our skate on with Nitro Circus — Flying a helicopter with your brain. And no hands. — How many pegs can I fit on my face? — What's it like to be 80 for the day? — We went to actual Tokyo to be actual Samurai's with the actual green power ranger.Looking for the old This is Genius? Ok, here you are: — That was Genius 2012 — That was Genius late 2011 — That was Genius early 2011 — That was Genius late 2010 — That was Genius early 2010
As a physicist I am happy for there to be more than one mechanism for the
function of bicycles. At higher speed the gyro effect is strong. At slower
speed different mechanisms like the caster effect may predominate. Just
because one mechanism does not describe behaviour over the full range of
velocities does not mean it is not the solution in certain velocity
regimes. If you ride a motor cycle you learn that there are at least three
different ways to steer a motor cycle; this is because at different speed
different balance mechanisms predominate.
Also, sleep is probably caused by the need to desaturate the quantum states
supported in the electric fields of te brain. Just saying.
6:00 Pluto will always be a planet in my heart ;_;
I love how everyone has the answer to the bike… lol
«whats at the bottom of the ocean?» the bottom of the ocean? i mean by
definition the bottom of the ocean is the bottom of the ocean
why we laugh? probably just to show emotion and communicate right?
Arnold Robert Lee
Got bored with that voice after a while.
Go to these channels: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, PBS Space Time and
DNews Plus (DNews has an explicit video about why we sleep) and if this
isn't enough there are written articles on the web so use google.
Emil Sørensen
Doesn't it seem more plausible than sleep is required for biochemical
reasons, rather than psychological ones?
Maybe consciousness is a taxing process that simply can't be turned on
scott cripps
You should do a video on why so many people feel the need to argue about
minor issues at length on the internet.
Radheksa Bintang Akbar
how the hell we've had only explored 5%of our ocean while we have observed
nearly the entire universe?
Joe Johnson
The sleep thing is actually well researched and well understood. I've seen
a lot on youtube however about this rumour that we don't understand. It's
all about the the concurrent build up of Adenosine throughout the day
(metobolic drive) and circadian drive to fall asleep (based on our
evolution of entrainment to earth's daylight schedule — a way to best
distribute our energy usage throughout the 24h day/night cycle) to
synthesize some more ATP (put that built up adenosine to use back by
recycling A+ADP->ATP->A+ADP). So in the weirdest way possible, the analogy
is actually extremely accurate --> To recharge our batteries!
smart enough to kill off the dinosuars. smart enough to lie to the public
and deceive and by repeating the same story over and over many times they
can induce a lie to make you believe the lie as as true as the very story
they conditioned you to believe. yes humans are smart smart enough the
convince you any theory to be true given enough careful attention and
logical constrain to make it plausible. and why is it that being british
antomatically make you a genius or is it just that you are damn arrogant
and self obsessed, that you can't see any logic better than your own making
for never realising your own pifall of intelectual doom.
Benoit Avril
Well actually we now know why we sleep, we evacuate wastes during sleeping,
it has been proven 1or 2 years ago. Please update your lame video.
Chimp Poopflinga
Weird arms
Vin D
We're not that smart...yet.