HD Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – Gunning For Freedom

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – Gunning For Freedom

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MachineGames isn’t just known for their strong storytelling. They’re also a powerhouse in the realm of pure gameplay. And their latest game is no different. Announced at the Bethesda E3 2017 Showcase, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus delivers the goods when it comes to intense – and intensely fun – shooter action. Subscribe to get the latest content on Wolfenstein at “What really puts MachineGames on the map is that while we’re making really strong narrative games, we give enough room to have the proper gameplay experience,” says Senior Game Designer Arcade Berg. “It’s not that one is overpowering the other.” From upgraded weapons to enhanced dual-wielding to bumped-up Nazi enemies, watch our latest video – with exclusive insights from the development team – for a first look at what’s new in The New Colossus. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will release on October 27, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more information, follow these channels:Official Site — Facebook — Twitter – Instagram –
In b4 alt-right shitheads say that this is discrimination because we're killing Nazis
Is that blonde woman the bitch that got her teeth kicked in New Order?
Sweet Karma
The guy with the black hair and glasses at 0:36
Preserve the White Race
1:32 Please tell me they aren't censoring the swastikas. Please tell me this is the European version of the game. PLEASE!
N O S T A L G I A E V A 0 1
Arcade berg looks lke a bootleg final fantasy sub-boss
Patrick Harrison
«Who doesn't want to kill nazis?»
*glances at comments section*
Sorry, those guys identify as them.
Dan N
Lots of miserable wannabe neo-nazi trash in the comments.
Godzilla The Gangster
«Who doesn't want to kill Nazis?»

*sweats and glances at the comment section*
Tom Dickens
Hoo boy, these comments are just filled with Nazi trash.
Don't take the story so seriously this time. The last game was so damn good but my god, the story was so cringy at times.
«There's alot of things you can do with a hatchet and a Nazi.»

Fuck. Yes.
Should i play the previous titles before playing this one?
State farm Agent named Jake
Meanwhile cod ww2 doesn't show a swastika or even say Nazi
Callum McCartney
Lazerkraftwerk better still be in this game
«I want to kill commies» «When can we kill communist»
Why do some people wanna kill communist in a wolfenstein game, a series that's all about killing Nazis since the 1980s! That's like asking a doom game to be about killing angels! The Modern Warfare trilogy (A very anti communist series) exist.
Southeast Beast
Don't get me wrong I like killing Nazis too but in the political climate we're in right it seems people have their own definition on what a Nazi and fascism actually is and they use that to silence or ruin the names of people who have a opinion that conflicts their agenda. All in all the game looks good and I will consider purchasing it.
Sketchy Tophat

When you see you're dog chewing on something
«lol, so much for the tolerant left, making anti-nazi propaganda game were you shoot people who don't agree with you»
*meanwhile by the same crowd*
«I want a game were you kill commies»
Cameron Henderson
Who would of ever thought that people would be offended by killing nazis lol
Ungreatful Duck
LOL at the comments, both the idiots calling Nazi to modern alt-right mentality, and the idiots calling Nazis the «good guys»
So, why is everyone mad about a game that enables you to kill Nazis...?
Malcolm Reynolds
Why is everyone saying the comment section is filled with neo Nazis? I haven't seen one.
I'm sorry but I can't help thinking that these «Nazis» are just guys doing there job. You join the army to get the secret police off your back, then BJ comes along and kills you with a hatchet. Nazis are people too.
gamavids 69
the comment section is filled with retards who think their funny and originals saying «let us play as the goods guys (Nazi) lol I'm funny not suicidal at all XD»
Benjamin Beaudry
Is pewdiepie the main nazi leader?
Nazis in Wolfenstein: cyborg dual wielding death cyborgs with hilariously evil German accents. Nazis in real life: neckbeard fedora wearing weebs (or southern trash) who say cuck a lot and blame the worlds problems on Muslims or communists.
Nightshade X
I honestly thought The New Order was the last one, I guess I was wrong, I can't wait to play this one. I am going to have a blast with this, keep it up Bethesda.
There's a reason why there's more «backlash» against killing Nazis unlike a few years ago when nobody cared about the moral questions. In the political climate as of 2017, the word Nazi has been thrown around so much and people have used it as an excuse to cause actual harm to their political enemy's. Regardless of whether or not people are actually Nazis or Fascists when that label gets thrown at people with the assumption that they are by default «bad people» those same people question themselves, they know they aren't bad but if they are «nazis» maybe they aren't as bad as they thought. We saw the same sympathy for the «evil» during the 60s and 70s when people were called «commies». But the holders of cultural and political power are now reversed. What makes the problem worse is that they far-left has made identity politics of race and gender so important but have specifically excluded whites in that conversation which has had negative effects(Evergreen college is an example of this). By using race as a political tool they have resurrected white nationalism by the mere fact that all politics(or forces in general) have a counter balance by nature and will respond in kind. It's no different than black-nationalism being a response to white-nationalism during the 60s.

The Alt-Right may complain, but they aren't sending threats to developers, trying to get things banned or have the physical power that the far-left does in universities, companies, and civil service. They aren't given as many podiums of which to voice their feelings of how they feel mistreated(yes whites can be mistreated by society even if they are the majority, don't think it's impossible).

I honestly don't think that the makers of this game are using it as a political tool or anything, the game probably started production around late 2014 to early 2015 before any of the politics of the American election began to gain ground in the cultural sphere. I think the writers and designers are mostly going for a Red Dawn inspired sort-of revolution. They are mostly concerned with continuing the story of BJ and his (eternal)fight against the Nazis(If you're looking for a good commentary on violent revolutions, Far Cry 4 is a great example of this where what comes after is far worse than before. Speaking of which Far Cry 5, despite killing those «evil Trump supporters» based on interviews I've read is actually a meta criticism of Liberal Democracy and it's failures).

I see endless comments virtue signaling with only a handful of people actually complaining. Remember far-left(or left in general) you created this, you created the Alt-Right by foolishly thinking you could use race for your own political ends and not thinking it'll bite you in the ass. You were the ones throwing around the term Nazi and making people actually sympathetic to the Nazis. Own up to your mistakes, because trust me if you can't even make dialogue with your opposition, the conflicts are only gonna get worse.

Kind of a ramble without much coherent structure but that's my two cents anyway. I still plan to play it. All I hope is a scene in which the commie is confronted for his cowardice during the WW2.
Ok I love to kill Nazis and I can't wait for this game. I'm not huge on the communist team-up, but I like to see it as a world war 2 type of thing where we teamed up with the soviets.

The comment sections for this is just stupid. Complaints around the killing of Nazis, more complaints about those complaints. Many are also protecting communism in the midst of their complaints even though communism lead to the murder of 20 million.

Both communism and nazism were extreme and did bad/evil things to others. Nazis were evil with many being deluded into that idea because of WW1. They killed innocent people so we kill back. That's why wolfenstein exists to kill the guys who killed many others.

Nazis also doesn't have anything to do with Trump and his supporters, or people who are anti-illegal immigration and conservatively driven. He hasn't oppressed others and we still have our freedoms. Stop switching up the definition to fit your agenda.
Penguin DT
«There's a lot of things you can do with a hatchet and a Nazi»
That's a T-shirt worthy quote right there. Just saying, Bethesda.
People talking about nazis flooding the comments when all I see is people talking about nazis flooding the comments that are flooding the comments.
The nameless dissapointment
Jesus Christ how retarded do people have to be. A game set in an alternate reality where you kill nazis is the subject of controversy. Can people not enjoy it for what it is? Stop being a fucking nazi sympathiser. Stop trying to pull the victim card just because «muh political agenda.» And before any «nazis» start attacking me I am right leaning. Stop being the victim of a fucking videogame that's been around since the 90's
Crusader Plays
I think nazis are pretty cool, like their outfits and guns in both ww2 and Wolfenstein look awesome, What they did on the other hand… That no beuno.
MachineGames deserve a round of applause for pulling off the almost impossible task of turning BJ Blazkowicz — a pixel faced portrait from one of the earliest games — into a relatable rounded character without compromising his character in the original Wolfenstein games. Incredible work!
johny cordero
What's that kill as many Nazis as i can?
Ah, of course, this comment section has a lot of the whole: «Leftists are labelling anyone that they do not agree with as a Nazi». Which is obviously not true. Nazis are being called Nazis. Pieces of shit that hold extremely racist opinions, often mixed with eugenics or call for violence.

You don't have to consider yourself one to be defined that way. You only need the same characteristics.
pik man
Death to Nazis and their sympathizers.
«We can all agree that they're bad guys» SJW: Omg thats hate speech how dare you say that about nazi's omg you manpig leave them alone they just expressing themselves
Duco Ducocinq
this year the level of the games is very high <3 ;-)