HD Why Floyd Mayweather Is ALREADY Losing The Fight Against Conor McGregor

Why Floyd Mayweather Is ALREADY Losing The Fight Against Conor McGregor

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Bobbie Clopton
just admit you are jealous of mayweather fag.
Killbo Fraggins
*Boxing match Mayweather has a chance. MMA style match Mayweather would get put in a coma.*
The Space Born
Mayweather takes steroids! You heard it here!
The Space Born
Maynigger can't win a fight without cheating. He either has to take steroids or has to pay the judges. That's what happened with his fight with Pacquiao. Pacquiao clearly WON that fight, but Maynigger paid the judges to have him win that fight.
Mayweathers definitely gonna win though and I'm not a boxing fan I like mma but let's be real.
3rd wave memenism
no fukin way. i feel u that this is the time of kek & pepe, but looking at both of these fighters mcgreggor cant win in the ring! i dont think mayweather would win in the octagon either. just goin with my brain and what i see.
Gerald Farr
You're way off here. Floyd's been flaunting his wealth for the last 15 years. He hasn't changed at all. His nickname is «MONEY» after all. I'll be rooting for Conor but make no mistake about, it's a longshot to say the least.
ChasingTruth TakingFlak
Sorry, but this isn't about the election.

Conor is going to lose, but that's because boxing isn't a combat sport, it's a points sport. Boxing fans will simultaneously refer to matches as «fights», but then defend the scoring system because «it's boxing, not fighting». It's pathetic really.

Conor is a fighter, Mayweather is a sportsman, and boxing isn't fighting.
Ashleigh Daniels
Connor has nasty hands he isn't a ground fighter anyways so I think it's going to be an amazing fight
ike Crump
this dude smokes meth but its entertainment
Professor Layabout
Really? Mccregor will not be able to hit money at all. He's not a boxer, people.
I think Floyd gets his ass knocked out the ring like Bernard Hopkins.
Unadulterated Truth
Conor got under Nate Diaz skin in their first fight too. Unfortunately, during the fight, Nate got under his neck and choked him before Conor started tapping like Bojangles.
O'Ryan Dark
Lots of great white champions, the Russians are ruthless right now.
Pushing 4Better
mayweather is just a typical nig but so is conor
but ever notice how most white people wanna be black. the music they listen to the clothes, the way whites talk now!
Its amazing how ignorant u are of boxing u couldnt even expose Mayweather and address that WHITE BOXERS are dominating boxing right now. The number one ranked p4p boxer in the world right now is a white man Vasyl Lomachenko. The top 5 pound for pound boxing list right now is 3 WHITE boxers and only 2 black fighter which one is actually only half black half white
melissa deluna
I hate that he flaunts his money more than his skill but fact is, he has remained the champ for 18 years…
Dude it's a fucking boxing match, not a race for President. Apples and oranges.
No white fighter in boxing? They had to go into MMA to create their own thing? Obviously he hasn't been keeping up with these Russian fighters kicking ass in boxing.
1. Vasyl Lomachenko(WHITE MALE)
2. Andre Ward(Half White Half Black was raised by his single WHITE Father)
3. Gennady Golovkin (WHITE MALE)
4. Sergey Kovalev (WHITE MALE)
5. Terrence Crawford (Black Male)

u need to watch boxing more sad u dont even know whites are actually dominating boxing right now and have been on a tear for years now. u come off just as dumb as the mma haters when u attempt to talk boxing plz just stick to talking about politics
David Pierce
When conner mcgregor loses, please apologize for your naive opinions, and this retarded video. I thought you were smart… 65% chance? Stop it… Lol
Floyd Has Never Lost a Fight! You couldn't speak against him if you tried! What's his weakness? Oh, you don't have one because he's never lost! He may be ignorant by showing off of his money, but he's a great boxer.
Oskar Bravo
Obviously this is gonna be the hardest fight of Conor's career. An almost impossible task. BUT Floyd is 40 years old (I'm too lazy to double check that) and age gets EVERYBODY eventually.
d obianuli
The racist part of YouTube…
This guy says «I'm richer than you» talk is pathetic. But Conor does it all the time. Biased fanboy lol
Filip Marich
Mayweather is a total fag, but I'd be surprised if McGregor could get past 1 round against him.
Big Head
One of if not the greatest boxer of all time is BOXING (key word) a guy with zero boxing matches. Comparing this to the election is plain stupidity. I would consider CM Punk's UFC debut to be a more appropriate comparison. Most of the people giving Conor a chance have never competed in any combat sport and therefore have no idea the amount of time it takes to reach the level Floyd is at. The Brady comparison is just as stupid. Brady came back from a crazy deficit, but Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time in a game he's been playing since he could walk, so the fact that he led his team back isn't as shocking as it would be if he beat Steph Curry one on one, which would be the equivalent of this fight. Boxing and mma are DIFFERENT sports.
dan theman
Why are you supporting Conor, he hates racist, right wing cry babies like you guys, so you have no reason at all to support an Irishman wigger over one of the most successful American athletes of all time.....Oh I forgot, Conor is white and Mayweather is black…
this guy is obviously a McGregor fan and he also knows little about boxing, so your 65% chance of Conor winning is kind of pointless. You dont make any good cases for why Conor will win, instead you bring up Trumps election which has 0 relevance to this. Sorry but boxing isnt a democracy. Also if you knew anything about Mayweaher you'd know hes been flaunting his wealth for the past 15 years. His nickname is money after all. Its not something he started doing yesterday because of the fight announcement.
God Emperor
You're a pathetic neckbeard begging on youtube for money lol
Dave Lee
hey, hit me up, I'll take a bet with you, I'll give you 2 to 1
Red Pill Philosophy
A lot of butthurt boxing fans trolling in the comments. Just because you guys are angry that your racist idol Floyd---who said MMA is for inferior white people----doesn't mean you have to pretend MMA doesn't exist. It's almost like boxing has become your little safe space to pretend black men like Floyd rule the world. So racist. Please remove the deep racism from your hearts.
Jayz Gucci
Leave Mayweather alone! he's a Good Friend of President Trump
The Best MMA Fighters Overviews
Conor Mcgregor was like Ring Worm to Jose Aldo
Bumps in the night
Mayweather will be tapping on connors shoulder from behind him.
Michael J
Man mentally, Conor is on another level. He verbally destroys anyone and everyone.
Darrel Hicks
it's stupid because Floyd going to won period.
8720 Media
its a play on the #bowwowchallenge dummy lol
Cosmo Vedder
Nothing to do with Mcgregor. He's making a spin off of the Bow Wow Challenge
Collin Pearson
love your video and fuck floyd mayweather
Gwdmr1234 _
This guy is crazy if he thinks trump is going to be re-elected