HD Joe Rogan breaks down Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

Joe Rogan breaks down Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

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Joe Rogan high as hell
Mike Dez
This channels going places
Conor will get Floyd. Scenario? Floyd is taking it to Conor, and Conor raises his leg to make Floyd flinch. An opening for the left hook. I'm putting down 2k on CM. If I lose I will never bet on shit again. Not even buy lotto scratchers. Go big or go home.
Dee E
Joe wears the same clothes everyday i swear
Rampage Duke
Floyd was Vicious at lightweight and Featherweight
Joe Rogan is high, Conor was not a good amateur fighter in Ireland.
IF he was good he'd be international/national level, but he wasn't
Floyd was 3x national champ, and competed internationally.
sasquatch bigfoot
Joe meant to say he'll have his JOINT ready to go along side his popcorn lol
Ace Carter
what always makes me laugh about everyone's comments and predictions on Conor McGregor's fights is this: they have always been wrong on their predictions and they have always been so way off from the outcome! Don't believe me? Google it! Just remember this, whatever these so-called analysts predict will happen with McGregor's future fights have always been wayyyyyyyyyyy off! Don't believe me? Youtube it!
Ryan Hoeven
Conor doesn't give a fuck if he loses. He's making 100m. That is and was his sole reason for fight floyd. Point blank period. Everything else is an after fact
3lbs of pressure on the chin is enough to trigger the KO response. Anyone who thinks Conor isn't capable of applying 3lbs of pressure…
StocktonNative 209
Conor thought his ground game was pretty great until Nate Diaz choked his azz out.
Nicolas Clatro
Steve O
shane hamilton
won't work out well the mans getting 100 million I'll jump in there for 1 Milli haha
Art Vandelay
Since Sharmba (2005), Floyd has been fighting high level/killers and not a single can. The experience alone will negate the age of Floyd and power of Conor.
Me and StevO are fighting for 20 bux!
Don't like to fucking MMA people on built up to this fight they dont have a fucking clue about boxing.
«Conor is only in it for the money!»

No, you're wrong. Conor DOES truthfully believe he can beat Floyd. This is the persona that Conor goes by. He speaks of what he believes, and he believes that he speaks true. Hence, why he's «notoriously» called Mystic Mac. Granted, you could call him one arrogant son of a bitch, but other than his first bout with Nate, he's always backed his shit up. Conor loves money, but he also loves fighting. It's a two-way passion. The same could be said about Floyd. If you still think otherwise, then you simply don't know shit about either of them as people, nor competitors.