HD Days Gone Changes Everything About Zombie Games | E3 2017 GameSpot Show with Kinda Funny

Days Gone Changes Everything About Zombie Games | E3 2017 GameSpot Show with Kinda Funny

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Kinda Funny members Greg Miller and Tim Gettys talk to the creative directors of Bend Studio about their upcoming zombie game Days Gone.Subscribe to GameSpot! Visit all of our channels:Features & Reviews — Video Game Trailers — Movies, TV, & Comics — Gameplay & Guides — Mobile Gaming — Like — Follow -
Tyson Hansen
i buck futts
alfa brafo
Sorry (hi for my bad english)
«Changes everything about zombie games» damn ign that's the first good joke you've had… wait you were serious

Edit: I totally meant gamespot… totally
It changes everything about zombie games. Like what?
This game looks amazing. I wonder what will come out first, The Last of Us 2 or Days Gone?
Howya Doin
I'm hyped for this game but even I'm not that damn stupid to know that Days Gone doesn't do jack shit to change the way you fight zombies.
Steven Brinklen
would have been cool if it was somehow in the last of us universe
simon woods
Don't think there's really a definitive way to change to fight zombies, the last of us is completely different to cod zombies and deadrising to red dead undead nightmare etc etc
no it doesn't you fight them with guns and bullets
Only for PlayStation?
Iron Lion
Why do they keep asking the same damn questions in all these interviews? It's almost like they've been told what to ask.

*Questions No One Has Asked Yet:*

• What kind of side activities will we be doing?

• How populated is the open world?

• How do the freakers come into the open world when exploring?

• Are there going to be massive hordes of freakers in the open world and are they also dynamic? — Imagine exploring the wilderness and then suddenly seeing a wandering horde of freakers emerging out of nowhere through the trees towards you. That would just be incredible!

• Can animals be hunted for food/valuables?

• What kind of resources will we be scavenging and how do they impact gameplay?

• Is it difficult to find gas for the motorcycle or is it easy peasy?

• Can tagging enemies be disabled? — I mean what is this, a Ubisoft game?

• Are there any penalties when you die? — I hope there is. The developers mention that the world is «out for the player» and if there isn't any penalty to dying then it kind of defeats the purpose of those systems they've implemented into the game.

• Is there going to be a «Hardcore Survival» difficulty mode for a more immersive and challenging experience? — I noticed in this gameplay video that the player gets shot several times in the face and it didn't seem to affect him in the slightest. The talented and clearly ambitious developers over at Bend Studio have already done a fantastic job at portraying a world that looks brutal and unforgiving with Days Gone, they just need the gameplay to match it now.

C'mon, guys. Ask the big questions. You can do it. I believe in you.
The Last of… oh wait, is Days Gone…
Muffin Man
Look at the 20fps goodness.
I just hope it's not all scripted nonsense and it's mostly dynamic and random.
C Marshall
i hope thiere are cities and other environments other than forests, id love to come across a huge city and there be hundreds of zombies swarming the streets
Ciprian Pânzariu
this game looks preety dope
Billy 2 Smooth
coming in 2019
John Robinson
This game looks like it's going to have a last of us & red dead redemption vibe gotta cop this game
Can we get a Daryl skin in a later DLC? :)
i love how people compare this to state of decay. its 2 completely different games. both unique.
Harvey Nash
so is this an open world game?
James Ryan
Every time they ask them what the release date is they get a big grin and say we're not taking about that yet, gives me some hope that they will release it this year.
I really want shadow of war but if this comes out this year,
FUCK all the other games.
Dusty Dinkleman
Gregg miller...what an idiot lol
Drew Welch
npcs never have peripheral vision
Izac Vincent
Madara uchiha
Finally I get to play as Daryls (TWD) long lost brother.
Rodrigo Ribeiro de Azevedo
I was sold since last year, even if it was somewhat linear. But now that we know it's open world, I'm even more sold.
Battlefield1 Hype
This and State of decay 2 are gonna be so good
Nate M
*Zombies are shit enemies*
I'm really looking forward to this game.
Daryl Dixon: The Game
Lex Lutha111384
Accidental F bomb lol
Adam Ant
he's such a piece of shit… yet he wins at everything…
Michael Barendregt
So he's uncomfortable with violent games? He should have covered Mario+Rabbids then.
Juju The Salty Lodestar
Changes everything about Zombie games?

The only thing that is different is that you run away from them. And Dying Light did that first. Much better too.
so its the walking dead but as a video game
Rick B
fuck Greg and the other guy, fuckin snakes!
James Mclean
Greg Miller is a POS!
Justin Carlyle
Maybe Jax Teller can make a cameo
Benoit Moranville
They have been working on this game now for 4 years on last years interview. No release date last year. So this year comes and still no release date so now it's going to be at least 6 years before something comes out .....why show it ???? If they are not intended to even give a release date for years and years. And years from the first time they shown the game....look these developer need to narrow these release date when they show games… show games when they are much much much much closer to launch .,,,,,there is no reason to show the game and say you been working on it for 4 and now we r showing it and now we're still 2 years later and still nothing… come on......if they are not ready ....then don't show anything .....it's like they need a job so they extend it ...and they have to show it to satisfy the investors....horrible way to do business…