HD Call of Duty WWII - DIVISIONS EXPLAINED! Ultimate Create-A-Class Guide (COD WW2)

Call of Duty WWII - DIVISIONS EXPLAINED! Ultimate Create-A-Class Guide (COD WW2)

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Divisions are replacing Create-a-Class in COD WWII. This video explains how they work and what they do!• Sledgehammer Discusses Censorship in COD WWII: • COD WWII Multiplayer GAMEPLAY! New War Mode: • NoahJ456 LinksChannel: WWII Gameplay Video: • Stay Connected:Click to Subscribe! (It's Free) My Let's Play channel: Twitter: Facebook: Intro/Outro: April Showers by ProleteR
Sean C
Will buy for the campaign, but probably won't play the multiplayer for two reasons: 1) Supply Drop/Micro DLC/Pay2Win/Use Weapons 2) Loss of immersion: Black female German soldiers. I have no issue with females or black soldiers, however put them in the proper factions. Prediction: Multiplayer will not last/be as popular because of the historical inaccuracy's and Ali-A's prediction that ppl will go back to Battlefield 1.
Apprentley «basic training» abilities can be used on any division. They're not tied to your division. So basic training to me sounds like perks.
If you had anything to do with the spawn changes on MWR then you ruined it, lol. I gave up on the game now, as a solid solo TDM player I constantly get spawn trapped by shitty teammates. I know you wanted it more like cod 4 but lets be real cod4 didn't have bos14 and supply drop bull shit. It blatantly made the game far harder for decent solo players. anyway As for cod wwII I think the game looks sick, but I'm far from hyped, basically because SHG don't know how to balance call of dutys. I guarantee that there be OP variants behind supply drops, sweaty as SBMM. prob no leaderboards to hide the fact there is SBMM, weak ass score streaks. I want the game to be sick ive been wanting this when AW came out. But I seriously have no faith in SHG.
I just hope they have something like awarness for us visually impaired players
CripTik Gaming Clan
I can't wait to play this game
JJ Wilson
why are people disliking this
Just watched the same content from XclusiveAce.
Corey Hicks Music
I just have faith in SHG. They'll do it right.
Gabriel Maldonado
No deployable mg42 :(
Jack Fair
Not liking the iron sights on the mp40
Kevin Hernandez
if they put females at least put them in the right faction not on the Nazi cuz its weird having a black female Nazi it makes no sense
Cameron Leach
Fun fact: the Bouncing Betty was a German anti-infantry land mine with two charges. The first charge propelled the mine upward to groin height, the second shot shrapnel intended to tear apart the genitals. Also I'm pretty sure that M1928 Thompson is actually a M1A1 Thompson which were mass produced for World War II.
Justin Tiamson
Why does 1940's America and Nazi Germany look more liberal and progressive than we are today? Wasn't their racism and segregation against black soldier that prevented them from fighting on the front. Up to now, women can't fight in front lines. SHG has just thrown history out of the window.
The good ghost?.. Yeah, no. I shouldn't have to continue to run around like a chicken with its head cut off because half my team is 3-18 or worse. Look, I hate campers as much as the next guy, but for a game that's already spawn, run, die; it doesn't help when you force people to run around even more. And, again, I hate that I have to Sprint around even more just because my teammates are fuckin' garbage.
Adam Mendoza
i wont be buying this. Supply drops, censored swastika, women soldiers, etc. No historical accuracy at all, Im gonna get Battlefront II instead
Jonathan Soles
So its like create-a-class mixed with specialists, but without bullshit instakill weapons? I like it
KinG x STuDx
*Anyone know if there is weapon camos in CoD WWII?*
Divisions is the innovation we were asking for. I'll be the first to say this looks really fucking good, and if done right I think it'll make the game even more balanced. Bye bye to create a class. Division I welcome you with open arms.
Be sure to drop a like if you enjoyed! What do you think of the new «Create-a-Class»?
2:42 Jetpacks confirmed (This is a joke)
Christ. Can we please stop using historical accuracy to attack this game's multiplayer. It's PVP why would there be historical accuracy. Did anyone complain about the Militia in MW2 using American or Isreali weapons????? No. Did anyone complain about the SAS in COD4 using a MP44? No. I can understand campaign, but mp??? wtf people. We got boots on ground, we got the ww2 setting everyone bitched for. Shut the fuck up.
This game is over hyped. Who else agrees?
Tristan Lake
Things they need to fix/take out/add for me to buy:
More grit
Add swastikas
Less UI color and less things on the screen
No colorful customization bs
No women soldiers in mp
Redo the entire divisions system(it's overdone and cheesy as fuck)
No magic BS in zombies (because let's face it, it'll be there

Well, these are my hopes, but I know they don't give a shit. Not buying it. Won't even pretend or try to enjoy it like I have every other year. I'm drained of the bullshit and lies.
*UPDATE:* It has been revealed that Basic Training is *NOT* bound to specific Divisions! Therefore, you can use whichever Basic Training you like, on whatever Division you like. Division Training and Division Skills are still limited to each Division.
Carlos Santos
People, People, People. Why in the world do yall care if there are black female soldiers in cod?? How does this impact your MP experience?? pls I want answer you moaning saddos
Ciaran Moriarty
Are you able to change your basic training division training and division skill
Conor Mugan
Does Nero have a mosin nagant? Not sure if he's mentioned it
Marcos Morales
& where is the L96A1,This COD is so poor & bouring, Black ops 1 is Better 1000%.
I think they said all the divisions are available from the beginning.
[AQUA] Lolitsurmum
do you know if there will be challanges?
Unnamed User
My only concern was that itd be preset classes essentially, the fact that its not has me very little worry about this game
The M712 is a fully automatic version of the C96 Mauser pistol
andrew martin
Duelist would be good if akimbo was an option.
The ReckfuL
just want the sniping to be good
buff the mp40, the m1911 kills faster
Den Boi
I might actually get back into COD for WW2 :)
Reverend Washy Washy
Battlefield WW2 Confirmed?
Toby Conoley
guys it's boots on the ground get it in your fucking dumb heads
Vincent VanSulis
Thank you for clarifying the classes and breaking each division down! +neroscinema
A M712 is a modified Mauser C96 with a detachable mag.
Lenny Ynnel
Toggle-Action quadfeed here I come