HD Samsung Galaxy S8 versus Huawei P10: speed test

Samsung Galaxy S8 versus Huawei P10: speed test

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is extremely popular and considered to be one of the best Android smartphones of 2017. But is it fast enough to keep pace with the Huawei P10 and its Kirin 960 SoC?Subscribe: More Huawei P10 and Galaxy S8 videos:Huawei P10 versus LG G6 (camera): Huawei P10 camera review: Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Samsung Galaxy S8 versus HTC U11 (speedtest): Buy the Huawei P10: Buy the Samsung Galaxy S8: (buying the phone through this link helps support the channel)
Chen Peng
Samsunk needs to rebuild their software department. my S7 edge lags so bad after only 6 months. had to buy a new phone
I have had an S8+ for almost 2 months and it's an amazing phone but it already feels like it's slowing down just a bit. There's also little hiccups here and there that I didn't have at the start. Probably going to sell it and buy some something cheaper that's almost just as good.
Matthew Becker
Galaxy S8, most overrated phone of 2017.
Maximilan Williams
I just got me the P10 plus few days ago and I must admit Huawei deserves more praise than they deserve. This phone performs just as good as any other current flagship out right now. Nothing hiccups or even stutters
abdullah imran
to be fair there's no major difference between the S7 and s8 apart from the design
Mic Jam
did you set the S8 on 1080p mode?
jad hzim
s8 is a jock hahaha
Goran Petrovic
s8 might be slower, but S8 is an real flagship unlike P10 that lacks so many things compare S8 or any other real flagship. it's cheap audio and no oleophobic coating are inexcusable.
I got this news that Huawei P10 is manufactured randomly based on availability of Hardware such as using DDR3 instead of DDR4 and UFC 2.0/2.1 or eMMC storage(UFC2.1>UFC2.0>eMMC)
M Morales