HD Here We Go! - Far Cry 5 Controversy? - Christian Rage? Forced Conversion! Cult Leaders & Islam

Here We Go! - Far Cry 5 Controversy? - Christian Rage? Forced Conversion! Cult Leaders & Islam

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**Please leave comments but keep them civil...thank you!!!Alright so the title of the video pretty much says it all!This is MY OPINION and just that.Thanks for watching!!!Subscribe for more great content — Video used in this — -Is Far Cry 5 racist? Is it promoting anti white and anti christian propaganda? Is it promoting...?
lol Bob Jones is actually a Baptist evangelist who founded a college in South Carolina I think
So as a Pentecostal Christian myself my biggest concern to this is that it is pushing a false narrative. Obviously this is not Christianity and you wont come to this type of cult if you follow the Bible's teachings. Obviously if you follow the teachings of Mohammad you can. However, you said it in your video people dont actually know what islam is about. To an atheist all religion is the same… a lie. THey believe it was set up in the past so man can explain away ignorance and to keep the populations under control through fear. This kinda pushes the idea that religion is harmful. Now Am I freaking out about this game? No. I dont have to play it and if others do, fine. People are totally overacting. anyway God Bless :)
Mr Meerkat
Why do people always just assume if something like this is against a religious leader in America, it's always trying to attack modern Christianity? It's a game that's just telling a story. There were and are cults like this all over America and even if it is Christian they usually make their own book or just go off one guys thoughts with no book. I think people tried to put the same label on Outlast 2…
Andrew Watterson
Great video man. I actually think this was genius move by Ubisoft taking the FarCry series in this direction. But everyone knows Ubisoft promises the world with their games and rarely delivers lol. I wont be getting this game though because i promised myself after i played Primal that i will never waste my money on another Farcry game lol.
Buck Caballero
I'm a Born Again Christian, and for the most part, I don't pay any attention to anything that is anti-Christian. We do live in a fallen world after all, so therefore, it should come as no big shock that we are going to be faced with a plethora of anti-Christian views.

1 Corinthians 16:13-14 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
13 Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 14 Let all that you do be done in love.
J man you should see how easy it is for a cult to be created in Islam, coming from a man who lives in the middle east, although i have a lot of christian friends here but i think that the issue of creating a cult withing Christianity is maybe more common in the west, that's just my opinion, and yes i think that there is a war on Christianity definitely, when you find out that less than 3% of Syrian Christians where the majority of Christians resided in the middle east are given asylum for example in the U.S and Europe, see that's the thing, you guys can talk about it back and forth in a civil way, the majority here will burn Ubisoft if they were in the middle east and talked about islam, gonna stop talking now or else i might be picked up and interrogated by intelligence, waiting for the last of us next upload.
Coded Khaos
The bottomline is this could not be done if the cult was based on any other faith because it would be considered Racist.

Thats the problem SJWs pick the minoriy groups they defend and the ones they attack.
Jeff Kelly
i get it, but the game looks really good....and its just a game. but honestly, they are running out of ideas so they are pushing anything for sales. I dont know if I think they went this route for much else than attention and sales. =)
Mark Holaday
Be saved or die!!! Sounds like fhe church during the dark ages.
Richard Greeter
Nowadays everything is race and gender what else is new in the zoo people cried about horizon zero dawn and star wars battlefront 2 Aloy and Iden Versio being female lead protagonists and now it's far cry 5 having a religious cult these anti SJW's are just as bad as the SJW's this is why we can't have nice things