HD Tories make big gains from Labour and UKIP - BBC News

Tories make big gains from Labour and UKIP - BBC News

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The Conservatives have made big gains in the local elections, winning seats all across the country from every other party — it's their best result in nearly a decade. As well as taking control of five councils in England and Wales they've made significant gains in Scotland. Labour has taken a beating, losing control of its former stronghold of Glasgow, amongst others. UKIP's vote has collapsed, and the Liberal Democrats had varied fortunes. With all councils now declared.Please subscribe HERE World In Pictures Big Hitters Just Good News
Daniel B
#PrayForUKIP they seriously got violated
Josh Crellin
When was vote
Riae Ripley
Whats that coming over the hills? It's the Tories, It's the Tories!

Labour are in trouble come June the 8th, Conservatives will wipe the floor with all the other parties
Ron Putin
The Gambling Commission have opened an investigation since its become blatantly
obvious Diane Abbott is deliberately
sabotaging Labours chances of winning the next General election!
It's Always Then Other Guy
Kick Backs $$
Straight Edge Gaming
Guess the country loves to be done up the butthole by the ol' Tories. When they are voted in June they will continue the austerity and cut back on the NHS even further and the weakest members of Britain's society will suffer the most from all of this. It concerns me that people in the Uk are lacking compassion for people with disabilities and people who are unable to find work… I really wish the sheeple of the Uk would understand the Tories have, and always will be looking out for the super rich and themselves.
Laurence Long
So that's what May was filming in that factory that she didn't let anybody into and people were booing her outside? Right ok
Mark Felts
Anyone voting tory obviously has no problems with the NHS,housing,disability,schooling,zero hours contracts ect plus a remainer who's leading the Brexit talks (She hid in the electric cupboard when referendum vote was going on)
loren 1
Teressa will clearly win in June, she needs to for the best deal and not sell UK down the drain what corbyn would do, could you imagine him with merkle making deals, it would be just another Cameron yes merkle no merkle three bags full merkle
loren 1
UKIP will be needed after brexit to maintain, let's not forget what UKIP did for UK,
Laura Trigg
I can understand 'metro mayors' leading boroughs but it irks me no end that they'll be overseeing shires too. Does no-one in Westminster care about getting their _nomenclature_ right anymore?
Hussain Jafari
This regime proved that they are dog of Israel killing people in their own countries discriminate us and our children in Ipswich Suffolk that's why most people vote for them.
Trevor Phillips
*I'm still voting Labour.*
i love meow meow
Just like the US, Britains politicians work together to screw the poor. Beating the tories is a no brainer, but Corbyn needs to attack, have the balls to tell people that the programs you have are worth fighting for. Corbyn isn't Hillary for shits sake. If bernie didn't quit he would've won in a land slide but the CIA said quit or we'll JFK you. May Sucks. As soon as she wins she'll fly right over to 69 with Trump.
Zachary Clark
European Identitarian
Hang Corbyn!
European Identitarian
We're sick of immigrants! Shut down the borders!
Stuart Ashbourne-Martin
I'm disabled I've always voted labour I always will anyone who voted for the Conservative Party is virtually voting for a Hitler regime and a one party country I don't know what to say anymore I give up perhaps the Conservative Party and then whatever only conservative just wants to get rid of disabled people my grandparents generation fought in the Second World War to stop somebody else doing the same thing after all we're in This Together when election happens it will be a conservative Landslide I pity this country I'm glad I'm ill I may not be able to see the next election after this I hope so can I go out hopefully I'll be dead
Michael Mariner
How has Politics survived so long when it's the same corrupt game it always ever was..Why can't people collectively wake up and throw off the Chains of the unscrupulous treasonous Powers that hold us all down..These Demons are your'e slave owners
Adam Smith
mani sutha
Prime Minister, you will be a great person in british history. job well ✔
Im lifelong labour supporter, but voted tory, Im ashamed to even call myself labour, my father even in his teens went to free trade hall to sing the red flag
Blank & Dinner
Theresa May has been very smart with calling the general election at this time. As an unelected prime minister she has the danger of falling into unpopularity with the voting public as did Gordon Brown. By holding a general election now, when Labour are lacking in substance and popularity with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, she is hedging her bets that she will win and in doing so has been handed a mandate by 'the people' to continue down the road of a hard Brexit. It could go wrong but I think she believes the risk is not very high. So, we wait to see. I recently did a poll with my twitter followers, and 82% of respondents voted that they didn't trust her, only 8% said they did whilst the remainder were undecided.
That said, as we have seen, Jeremy Corbyn isn't hitting the right notes with people, his 50K new members not withstanding, it all comes down to how people vote in the general election.
Oliver Oconnor
Look at the bitter labour voters haha, one man has done this, Corybn.
Phil Dobson
*Mrs May's Conservatives know how to run a business & when to walk away from a bad deal.* That's a skill! Conservatives introduced living wage, this is how to get maximum money from business in UK circulation & reducing capital gains tax will get more business into UK. *Labour, by contrast, put women's pension age up 8 years & stole 3 years pension from men!*
James Grey
The illusion of democracy
Ross Gower
Ukips job is finished
Laura, the people will never forgive you for the lies, hate and division you have helped spread during this horrific attack on the poor and vulnerable.
Darth Sidious
Great stuff. Fuck the poor.
Hussain Jafari
The world must see how barbaric regime and nation they are
Mark Paul
wasn't may a remainer?
Floppy Dodo
Isnt this funny, UKIP isnt going anywhere :) all the vids about it already shows how much the establishment still fear UKIP. UKIP isnt going anywhere. And a bonus is Nigel will be back and give em all a slap again hahaha what a time.
What the fuck are tories?
Gar Sm
Labour should make Andy Burnham the leader… Corbyn must resign as soon as possible.
There is no way out of EU that makes UK better off!!!
The people of UK will suffer, not the rich!!!
Vote Corbyn, the greatest man alive in UK!