HD Tekking Plays: OUTLAST II (Episode 3)

Tekking Plays: OUTLAST II (Episode 3)

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School shooter tekking
hey tekking you are an indiana pacers fan?
DraxxZ // DZ
Hey tekking, no Luffy review today? Its Luffys Bday today :/
No one piece video today? But it's Luffy's birthday
ankur jain
Hey Tekking, can you please make a video about that «MISSED PONEGLYPH» in ALABASTA, the one that luffy, zoro, and chopper found in the desert…
Nobody Important
Someone better keep track of all my dead because you know i'm not
-Tekking101 2017 episode 1

7th Death — Time (4:58) tekking tried to break into someone's house and was kill by the owner

8th Death — Time (8:30) tekking tried to borrow some sugar the owner didn't want to share

9th Death — Time (14:30) tekking kill on a balcony by the same guy

10th Death — Time (26:10) tekking is killed by dickase ladyfor the fourth time who seem to have spare his dick this time

11th Death — Time (36:25) tekking his killed two minute later after failling to run away from machete guy

12th Death — Time (38:20) tekking his killed by trying to crawl away from machete guy

13th Death — Time (43:12) tekking killed by machete guy and his friend

14th Death — Time (45:35) tekking his killed by machete guys who brokes down a door

Time (50:07) you are wrong tekking you only got him killed 14 time so far

15th Death — Time (51:20) tekking his killed after a minute chase

16th Death — Time (1:07:00) tekking his killed by dickaxe lady who doesn't spare his dick this time (5)

17th Death — Time (1:08:00) killed by dickaxe lady again (6)

18th death — Time (1:08:50) killed by dickaxe lady again (7)

Time (1:10:00) tekking confess his love to dickaxe lady

19th death — Time (1:10:50) killed by dickaxe lady again (8)
Yannick Van Randen
They're here!!
Tanner Krueger
so… my sister said she would sleep with tekking if he gets to 200k....helpget tekking laid
Mako Materia
I saw you talking about vaping in a stream, you asked what it was and the answers people gave you are insanely inaccurate. one person said «vaping is taking tobacco, and liquid flavoring, heating in a container, filtering the smoke through that, and thats what vaping is». so… no. 'vape' is short for vapor, its basically water vapor with nicotine and flavoring, its 100% harmless minus the nicotine addiction which can cause heart disease, and possible exploding batteries(there is no smoke whatsoever, nothing burns).

other than that, its harmless and helps a lot of people. thats all, I know when you her something it sticks (smart ass dude), so hopefully this will stick with you. I don't vape myself, but it should be supported as a way to quit smoking. thanks! also, they make TONS of it nicotine free.
sad I missed this cause I was in the car
Махамбет Мамыров
u know, u can just push it little bit several times.
Jamar Edwards
Hi trekking 101 its Jamar