HD ◔ ASMR DuoPop Microphone Testing ◕

◔ ASMR DuoPop Microphone Testing ◕

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Hello everyone!This is a test video for the new microphone I purchased. The video quality is not desirable, as I focused on the audio more, hence the pixels (less bright, more pixels :P ). I eagerly wait for your opinions, reviews, feedback and approval of this microphone. My opinion: I think the audio quality of this microphone is great. I am very pleased with it and I can’t wait to use it in future videos. The microphone can be found here: FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING My 'new' Patreon: I hope you enjoy + sleep!Love,Marianne x* What is ASMR? * In case you are wondering, ASMR is a physical sensation characterised by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp. It is commonly triggered by soft or accented voices, personal attention, ambient sounds or watching people work silently.-- My goal, with these videos, is to relax you, make you sleepy and to bring you these tingles!If you want to support my work through a Paypal Donation: ◓ My 'new' Patreon: ◓ My BLOG: ◓ INSTAGRAM: cutebunny992This video is dedicated to Colin, who supports me on Patreon!
Antoinette B.
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Just Morton
Sorry to hear you were unwell, glad to hear you're better now and can upload more ASMR!
Cutebunny992 ASMR
I want to confess something: I do not feel that I am progressing as an ASMRtist. I stand still or in other words…I continue with the old style. I don’t have the production, the props, the effects, the HD camera, the amazing setup, the perfect light that others have. The only thing unique about my channel is my VOICE. And that is the only thing I can offer you with my 100%. If you like the way I try to trigger your ASMR, my approach, techniques and skills…please stay here with me! Thank you, Marianne x
Max Moreno
Glad to see you again!!! Thanks for the Video!!!
I really, really love your videos Marianne!!! I have been a subscriber for years and do not plan to go anywhere
Chantal Hundt-Nicksch
OmG OMG I havent even watched the video yet but I am ssoooo super excited!!! Literally so glad you are back!!! <3
Lna S1
Keep your spirits high you're a fantastic ASMR channel, I go back to your videos again and again, don't worry about fancy lights and cameras the sounds and your voice are perfect and that's why I'm here! Sending love! Xx
Sandman -_-
Hello Mrs. Bunny, Let me tell you something, the " Paradise Island Massage" video you created months ago was a masterpiece. That was my go to video for months. You don't need any special props.....it's all about the voice....your tone. Hope you feel better. ✌❤
Lucky Rabbit ASMR
YAY, you do an amazing job with none of the fancy things the other ASMRtists may have. In fact I don't have any fancy things either but you gave inspiration for me starting my channel. Keep up your amazing work!
John S
Your voice and style of video have always been the things I love most, about your content and, when it comes to ASMR, the journey is in the experience, itself. Not having the best HD camera.
So, don't be scared if you think you aren't moving forward, as an artist.
The people you reach and the impact you have on them is ample progress and a far greater and nobler deed than many can accomplish, in a lifetime.

☮ & ♥
Icewhisper ASMR
Your voice is pure hypnosis and pleasure. The sound is excellent. I listened to the headphones and I liked it. You are my favorite Asmrtist. Love you
The Tragic Master
I kind of like the way this video looks. It's like a foggy grain. Cool. It's like being back in the 80's.
Greg Caballero
you are my favorite asmr person due to your authenticity and voice. I will gladly support you for a new camera however.
Sabrina Tmm
i like you i ask you a video with movement hands kiss from algeria
Okay, so I have several things I want to say. The mic sounds great and I can't wait to see what you do with it! Also, I read your comment and it breaks my heart. Every ASMR channel has their own thing. Nobody else can do what you do. Your voice is so naturally perfect for ASMR. And you put so much effort and care in to every video that you do. Some ASMR videos do too much. Perhaps because they can. The fact that you do this as a hobby makes your videos so much more relaxing and you genuinely seem to have a good time and interest doing it. Your videos are my favorite and I am so happy you returned.
I just woke up in 3:20am after a really fucked up nightmare.Thank you so much for uploading these videos,you was the first ever asmr channel I found.
Don't you worry about a lack of bells and whistles, it really is, for some people not just the visuals but the sounds, your voice, your accent, your delivery....I am staying with you and I know many of us will..❤️
Graham Griff
Your one of the best and much loved ASMRtists out there.
Mark G
Its bad when even an ASMR video cant help me sleep because it is a million degrees in my room…
Isabel Rivas
Marianne I've never felt that way about your videos. In fact, you are my favorite ASMRtist. There's a reason why you are praised, because you create amazing content. I even loved your recent life update video, especially the end when you included all of my favorite triggers by you (Whispering, plucking, follow the light, etc.). Please continue what you're doing, I feel that you make your content so original even if the idea was done before!
Guido Romani
Please, could you gently tap some books while you whispers? Thanks!
Arianna B
Totally beside the point but what lipstick are you wearing ????
Luz Angelica
Don't worry you're doing great maybe you just need to «believe in your self»
I'm actually subscribed to you because of where you usually place your camera (not like this, but how you usually do the closeups). I personally find the visual aspects of your videos to be tingle inducing: the eye contact, the way your form words with your lips etc. So don't feel that your channel isn't unique. You are one of the few asmrists that have (in my opinion) mastered the visual aspect of asmr.
fairy godmother
your phone does a damn good job! it's v high quality.
GrimSleeper ASMR
I've been looking for alternatives to the 3dio so this was very informative thanks!
Realistic Game
ASMR haircut video with binaural sound
Jill Helding
We're with you! Personally, I've found a lot of the newer stuff in the ASMR community to be over produced, and I love that you have a simple, classic style. It's soothing and it keeps us all rooted in where we came from. I really enjoy your voice, the obvious care that goes into your ASMR videos, and your kind heart. You've got great skills and a wonderful inner light that shows even through the internet! That will always keep me coming back — no fancy props or equipment needed!
Giannis Engineer
bravo pou milas kai ellhnika sta video sou!!! sunexise thn kalh douleia :)
Δεσποινα Κουμουσιδου
356like is mine snd now in greece is 5:49a.m
I like the how the video looks!!! I like the fuzzyness. I look mystical.
Had tingle immunity for weeks until watching this. Hope you understand your impact.
Porridge Porridge
WOAH YOU'RE BACK! For 3 weeks? How did I not notice?
Panda Princess
I still think the 3Dio ear microphone is the best for ASMR videos.
Scary ASMR
I prefer the more rustic ASMR. Sudden sound changes and unexpected quality is much more of a trigger
Margie Handler
love your voice....that is why I listen to you....hope you feel better soon
Hope you feel better soon!!!
And mic sounds good to me!
I really hope you're doing better health wise :) PS the ear touching was heavenly
Kim Thompson
Glad you are back, no worries you still have it! Hope you feel better soon!