HD Zelda: Breath of the Wild Accused of PAID REVIEWS and Brigaded - The Know Game News

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Accused of PAID REVIEWS and Brigaded - The Know Game News
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has received unprecedented acclaim from video game critics, with an aggregate score that puts it as one of the best games ever made. Gamers who disagree are now brigading review sites like Metacritic with accusations that the reviews are paid for by Nintendo.Linkdump: Written By: Eddy RivasEdited By: Kdin JenzenHosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Gus SorolaGet More News ALL THE TIME: Follow The Know on Twitter: Follow The Know on Facebook: Rooster Teeth Store: Rooster Teeth: Business Inquiries: Subscribe to the RT Channel: Subscribe to the AH Channel: Subscribe to the Let's Play Channel: Subscribe to The Know Channel: Subscribe to the Red vs. Blue Channel: Subscribe to the Funhaus Channel: Subscribe to the Slow Mo Guys Channel:
Marcelino Dreams
Sounds like BS can't stand people who are hurt cause Nintendo has a good game.
Jonathan Perry
the game is endless and there is so much to do. They are just mad because it brings Zelda back to its original form.
yes it's hard as hell sometimes but it's really fun.
I feel like if you die it's your own fault because you don't have the right weapons or you don't have enough hearts.
Juan v
Maybe they're salty about not getting a Switch from mommy amd daddy?
We all know this is BS. Zelda has always been one of the greatest games of all time
Charlie Lainez
There all Sony faNboy who are jealous
Mr Objection
Sony fanboys are mad because the legend of zelda botw won against horizon zero down (in term of scores).
roger mawby
critics don't represent gamers. they represent English majors looking at games through their dillusional fairy goggles. when they're using words like delight and splendid to describe the game, you know there's something wrong.
The Speaker
i doubt that the good reviews are fake, zelda games have always been well recieved even if sometimes the reviews are fairly generous
Rukia Kuchiki's Husbando
Breath of the Wild is an amazing game and the only people I feel like are giving this bad reviews are Sony fanboys who for some reason can't accept the fact that a game is on-par with Horizon Zero Dawn, if not better. It's a shame that people nowadays can get mad over a game being good. Like, wtf.
Nicole's Saggy titties TV
It's was great, but 10/10? More like a 8.5 or 9
Ely Sanchez
not a fan boy. I got a ps 4 Xbox one wii probably the switch next. cause I just love video games period. oh and I bought horizon zero dawn and it's awesome.
*(. )(. )*
People are butthurt that others LOVE something that they don't love? What is this?
I honestly think Metacritic needs to start moderating user reviews before posting them to the site. Bam! That's how you fix the troll review issue. (Yes, I call these type of reviews «troll reviews»)
Inti Sol
The reviewers ARE a bit overhyped in my opinion. For me the witcher 3 is better in every aspect, especially in combat, story and enemy diversity. Also, the witcher has the best devs ever whereas breath of the wild has nintendo.
Someone tell me, as an open world single-player RPG. What is so special about this Zelda game that games that other RPG's have not yet already accomplised? I'm talking about an idea so good in Zelda BotW, future RPG's will undoubtably take from it because its a game changer. I don't have a Switch. I'm broke. But I have an eye for games and all I see is people excited that the «Zelda» name is open world and for it's franchise & it's done right. For a handheld it must be fantastic. But as a genre. It's looks just «ok.»
Gotta say, TLoZ: BotW does look good… But I must admit, the 98, second best game ever type of score leaves me a bit skeptical… Especially with the glaring performance issues noted by Eurogamer/digital foundry… With frequent performance drops to 20 fps. Not to mention heavy pop ins, etc…

Mediocre graphics, fine, no problem! Graphics aren't everything!.. But for an action adventure game that relies on timing during fast action combat to suffer from frequent drops to 20fps? and still get perfect scores from almost everyone? Hmm.
Laughing Last
While I agree the game does not deserve 10/10, I find it somewhat pathetic that people are giving it 0/10 to try and balance it out.
Cole Lariviere
Zelda Open WORLD looks Empty
joe parsons
I'm a Xbox gamer and I'm going to get it looks good
joe parsons
Sony fanboys sad people
Marcin Szostak
I have a strange feeling that most of those who gave the game 0 «just because» are PlayStation fanboys. From what I've seen so far they are the loudest and the most annoying group in the gaming industry.
Markystal Star
Came in to Zelda with high expectations. High reviews. Only game I bought at launch, which convinced me to get the system. Not much of a Zelda guy (played Ocarina of time around 2010 or so). The hype was massive. About 6 days later now and I can say that Zelda has exceeded my high expectations by leaps and bounds. If this game holds up to repeated play throughs, there is little doubt in my mind it may be the greatest game I've ever played. So for whatever it's worth, I think the critical consensus was dead on.
Jack Mae
Just Sony fanboys mad cause Zelda is better than Horizon. We all know ps4 has the worst community
William Merzlak
Best game I've ever played. case and point. I own a gaming PC, Xbox one, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PS2, N64, Super Nintendo. and have played most titles released since 1999.
Who says that? Oh, yeah folks who haven't touched the game…
The ponys can't stand that a game with lower graphics is better than their beloved HZD!!!
I bought BOTW. I played it, and its fine, not great, fine. If this was a Witcher game it would of gotten an average of 7/70%, but because it's Zelda and not terrible, 10!!! 100%!!! BEST GAME EVER!!!
Mariano Mendizabal
Why are people hating on zelda so much? It's such a legendary series and I'm glad to see it back in form the game looks absolutely amazing.
Simon Rockstream
holy f*ck the amount of immature kids that exist… 300+ people spent 5+ years to create one of the greatest game ever made. FOR US. And you're salty?.. That it's good?
Not paid reviews, more like reviewers dickriding Nintendo like usual
It's sad we live in a world were people who haven't played a game can judge a game just based on their fanboy Butthurt.Take it from someone who actually has been playing the game,It's a masterpiece! It sets the standard for open world.people need to stop.just enjoy a game and stop wishing ill on other games because they didn't give horizon a perfect 10. Like it because you do.
Rubus Roo
Ashley is a 10 fo sho
Ysabella Wuthrich
Now I'm really ashamed of being a PS4 and PC player… I've been playing Breathe of the Wild for days non stop and it's an 8/10 from me!
I went through some of the reviews before posting my own on metaritic, and the people that gave it a 0 out of 10 are just pitiful. There were 2 scores that were low and by low I mean 5s that made legitimate, good arguments.
Everyone who had a 0/10 had the most bogus claims, and either clearly stated they never touched the game, or said things that clearly revealed they never touched the game. Like one that said, «This game holds your hand too much and is for small children», or «Zelda is to slow when running 0/10», or «The game is overhyped trash». Oh and by the way you can read their other reviews, and a lot of them gave games like Horizon Zero Dawn a 10/10 hmmmmm. Also with minimal detail.
Meanwhile most (not all) reviews with 5-10s have long paragraphs of what they liked/didn't like, with some background on themselves, specific examples within the game etc.
I gave Horizon a 9 and would give BoTW a 9.5, but you cant on Metacritic so I also gave it a 9. Both fantastic games, that I would recommend to any RPG fan.
Now next up is Mass Effect. Good month for gaming am I right?
Ty rant
This is my first time seeing this channel. I think it's ironic there topic is the fake reviews for Zelda. Basically discussing about how the industry is fake sometimes. Just like the host seems to be fake. She's only there to get the attention of lonely male gamers.
The male host looks like what a stereotypical YouTube gamer looks like. Skinny, pale, boring clothes and has the sex appeal of a street mailbox. The female host probably played a couple games before this job. But is not a videogame player. Like the woman on IGN (and others) they tell them what to say and to act excited. I'm not complaining about it. Just thought it's ironic and funny. LOL Isn't it.
ll King C ll
All these Sony ponies trying to bring down the score just because they are upset that it out beat horizon
Mr Maximum
I see in the comments that you guys think that: O its Zelda, so reviewers give it a 10. Listen there are multiple reasons why it's so good. And i am not even a Nintendo fanboy, i own all the consoles: Ps4, Xbox one, Switch and a gaming PC

1. It does something new and bold with the freedom of the open world aspect of it and it succeed to keep a decent story line with that! And all the NPC's have there own schedule and dept to it its f** insane.

2. Its combat system is simple and fun but weapons break fast so you get a survival aspect to it. With a cooking mechanic that that gives you A LOT of stat options to boost you. And the weather effects your play style and even your quests.

And 3. The world and city designs are absolutely gorgeous and have a really beautiful feeling to them. I haven't felt that since a game like Kingdom Hearts as example.

And there are more small details to this game that i noticed.

Now, is it better then Ocarina of time? in my opinion Not.

But is it a 10/10 and one of my favorite Zelda games?

I'm seeing everyone say «it's only has good reviews because it's zelda and the reviewers are fanboys and it's not fair!» well what do you expect? Nintendo earned that name. Zelda has been in the game forever! everyone has loved zelda from young and when you take something you love and place it in a new world it's always gonna be super good or extremely bad. we've waited almost 5 years for this when they teased it, 20 or more for someone with a huge imagination in the past. i'm no «zelda/nintendo fanboy» but in this case i'm gonna defend it. In my opinion botw is very good don't lie and say it isn't (for zeldas / nintendos past zelda titles) botw is everyone's dream/imagination coming true. Most games now don't strive to make sequels, show dedication, or make characters that will forever leave a imprint in your brain like nintendo does.

there is good games, but nintendo makes memories.
Egon Spengler
So due to you showing clips of the new Zelda game means you are a partner with Nintendo? How can I trust what you say about a company paying you
kirito kirigaya
This is fake if Ive ever seen fake this game is awesome no paid reviews just Xbox and Sony fanboys trying to get the game bad reviews and shame on you the know you already said you played it before release and said it was awesome