HD Space Weather, New Solar Systems, CH Watch | S0 News Nov.10.2016

Space Weather, New Solar Systems, CH Watch | S0 News Nov.10.2016

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Bug Out Brad
Sunny NH!!! Morning everyone!!
Good morning S0's, 41* and sunny here in northern NC. Have a great
Thursday, y'all !
40°F here in southwest Virginia. Highs today in the low 60's, 0% chance of
rain; lows tonight in the upper 30's, 0% chance of rain. Thanks for the
report, Ben; love the photo of the spiral! Have a blessed day, every0ne!
“Nothing is more active than thought, for it travels over the universe, and
nothing is stronger than necessity for all must submit to it.” ― Thales
Deianera Richan
It's 34F & foggy in shivering Cincinnati- G00d M0rning Fell0w S0s! We'll be
as warm as 61F later this mid-afternoon if we're lucky- thanks, Ben &
family, for all that you do! Happy Thursday to everybody.
Hi all. UK south coast ( Dorset ). 11 degrees C ( which is the predicted
high ), winds W" — WNW at 22 — 29 mph, humidity 82%. it's a grey but dry
day here today with total cloud cover. Outdoors it's a bit breezy. But
apart from that it's not too bad for the time of year.
consmelly because
mornin SOs. starting the day at 37F in southern Maine. clear skies and a
awesome day ahead. thanks Ben. great work! Great day to all!
Bug Out Brad
With a name like " bugoutbrad" how can I not chime in on the current
status? Everyone was played in this election. There is a bigger agenda at
hand and our country is in big trouble...and this division is what «they»
count on. We aren't united at all. Left right black white middle upper gay
straight. Now this? Please be prepared. Not fearfully but intelligently.
There is a looming economic crisis to contend with at some point and we are
very close to engagement with Russia thru NATO. I know this much.....when I
shut off my phone and go out to our land on top of a mountain in
NH......things seem perfect. ;)
Scott Romesburg
Haven't heard anything on the north pole in awhile...where's it's present
location? keep up the good work!
Angie Evans
12 *c feels like 9*. Cloudy. Plymouth Uk.. It got cold really quick in the
Uk, wishing you all a good afternoon, love your channel Ben .
At 6:46am here in Albuquerque, it is about 35F («feels like» 32F), the
coldest morning in the city so far this season. The high should be about
58F under mostly clear, dry skies, with light if any breezes. Tomorrow a
little warmer. This at last is normal November weather for around here. The
birds are arguing over the seed I put out, which is normal, too. Food and
exercise, a good combination for them. Bird lovers should also provide
water for our feathered entertainers.
Hey, Ben
You should offer to take Nemes1s with you to the conference to be your
sound guy, or just to tag along, as he is one of your members. A gesture of
kindness to his contribution to S0s.
Just a thought...
Kurt Boulter
Thanks Ben.

There are no planets or galaxies forming in any of those images shown.
These forms are dynamic, but in varying states of decay, not formation.
Someone looking at a field, who has no idea about the equestrians occupying
said field, would look at a 15 year old Shetland, a 15 year old Appaloosa
and a 15 year old Clydesdale and incorrectly assume, from 20 miles away,
viewed through binocular, that all three are in various states of
evolution, with the smaller two in earlier ages of the Clydesdale not
knowing that they are all dying and nearing the end of their existence.
This is the glass darkly, all men view the creation through and most
assume, incorrectly.

Also, the Midwest, the heartland of America, those disaffected, hard
working coal miners, steel workers, brick layers, fabricators, farmers and
housewives, they are the winners in defeating the most corrupt,
untrustworthy, thieving, lying, treasonous whore of a candidate, ever to
attempt to be elected into the white house. Barely edging out the current
occupier of of the white house. It is the real Americas who won the
election, rather than the politically correct, social just warriors, who
scream for decent folk to shut up, because they have the second amendment
when it suits them and to hand in your guns, because the Federal government
will keep them safe in their beds a night.

The real battle begins now, since Obama still has over two months in office
to complete gutting America of its constitution and forcing his love of
sodomites and transsexuals down the throats of decent people with at least
some moral compass. Trump is already receiving assassination threats and if
these threats bare fruit, the real war will begin, as the second shot heard
around the world.
Elmer Fox
Im glad to see Dr Robitaille will be there .french canadian biggest fan
here! :)
Hook Echo
Blot echoes: *M5.1 — 57km ENE of Ndoi Island, Fiji 2016-11-10 **17:35:38**
UTC* at a depth of *547.4 km* and *M4.5 — 226km ENE of Sola, Vanuatu
2016-11-10 **22:04:27** UTC* at a depth of *639.4 km.* Eyes open. There is
potential for transmigration and another shallower, similar or higher
magnitude event nearby the epicenters, to the West/Northwest over the next
48 hrs