HD Eruption Watch, Quake Magnetism, Weather | S0 News Nov.27.2016

Eruption Watch, Quake Magnetism, Weather | S0 News Nov.27.2016

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Deianera Richan
It's 28F with freezing fog in chilly Cincinnati this morning- Rise & Shine,
Fell0w S0s! we'll be warming up a bit more than usual with the Sun today-
53F by 3PM or so; later tonight we should have thunderstorms. Thanks so
much, Ben & family, for all that you do! Have a super Sunday, everybody!
Alexander Grimsmo
Radiation at sea level in Norway 12:00 GMT was 0.20uS/H.
Mark Garraway
Ben, what's your take on planet x. Is it really entering our solar system?
Good morning S0's, 32* and sunny here in northern NC. Have a great Sunday,
y'all !
Brutally Honest
Good morning everyone! Today in Worcester MA, sunny high of 40°. Be awesome
David Turner
it's 4:20 am somewhere................................
Mitchell Bupp
Howdy and good morning everyone from Henry Virginia where it is 24°F or
-4°C with no wind and a clear sky. Where will this moment to take you into
the future? Act now and take life by the reigns using each moment to chart
your course into the future you choose!
Happy Sunday from Middle Indiana! 32 now, near 50 later with abundant
sunshine. Have a great day! Namaste
Mr C
how much cash did we just give them,?
Cauffey C.
Cindy Burton
Good morning from PEI, Canada
Still no snow in Winnipeg Canada. Best November ever
neal glisson
On this date in History – November 27,
1701 — Anders Celsius, the astronomer who invented the Celsius, often
called the centigrade thermometer scale was born on this date
1703 — The first Eddystone Lighthouse (9 statute miles south of Rame Head,
England, United Kingdom) is destroyed in the Great Storm of 1703
1883 — Fire engines were called out in New York City and New Haven, CT as a
result of the afterglow of the sunset due to vivid red ash from the
Krakatoa Volcano explosion in August
1898 — The Portland storm raged across New England producing gale force
winds along the coast and heavy snow inland. A foot of snow blanketed
Boston MA, and 27 inches fell at New London CT. Winds at Boston gusted to
72 mph, and wind gusts to 98 mph were estimated at Block Island RI. A
passenger ship, the S. S. Portland, sank off Cape Cod with the loss of all
191 persons aboard, and Boston Harbor was filled with wrecked ships. The
storm wrecked 56 vessels resulting in a total of 456 casualties. (26th-
1924 — In New York City, the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is held
1919 — Snow brought a white blanket to area hills and valleys around San
Diego. 8 inches fell in Morena, 5 inches at Carrizo Gorge, and 4 inches at
Warner Springs. Along with the snow, very cold air covered areas from the
northern Plains, Rockies to the West Coast. Cheyenne, WY recorded a high of
-4°F which still remains the earliest day of the season that the
temperature remained below zero. Some record low temperatures for the date
included: Grand Forks, ND: -16°F, Clayton, NM: -1°F and Medford, OR: 13°F
1977 — Canadian high pressure brought scattered record lows from the Lakes
to North Carolina while high pressure over Idaho generated offshore winds
in southern California bringing some record highs. Sparta, WI fell to
-18°F, their coldest November temperature. Other record lows included:
Grand Rapids, MI: 5°F, Muskegon, MI: 5°F, Bristol, TN: 15°F and Raleigh,
NC: 19°F
1983 — The barometer dropped to 28.17 inHg over the Netherlands as an
intense area of low pressure moved in from Ireland and England. The reading
is the country's lowest pressure on record
1994 — Chicago, IL received a trace of snow making this their latest date
for the first snow of the season. Their normal first snow occurs on October
1996 — Hillsboro, WI plunged to -10°, their coldest November temperature on
record while Jackson, KY set a daily record low of 24°
1999 — The islands of the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu was devastated by
a 7.1 magnitude earthquake and tsunami that left thousands homeless
2005 — A major winter storm affected parts of Nebraska and the Dakotas
during the 27th-28th. Snowfall accumulations of 16-20 inches were observed
in parts of eastern South Dakota, while wind gusts exceeding 60 mph also
accompanied the snow, creating blizzard conditions. Thousands of power
outages were caused by the combination of strong winds and heavy snow. In
South Dakota, about 8,000 utility poles and 10,000 miles of transmission
line were brought down by the storm
Why is it that our magnetosphere recovers so slowly from being deformed by
changes in the solar wind?
Raine Carosin
Any idea of where the poles will settle as yet, if the earth has moved on
it's axis at the big eruption that took place a good many years ago? Also,
is there any info to support this futuristic research?
Thanks for the update.
I'm getting updates from Microsoft for my PC, so having to restart is such
a flurry of movement here!
Hope you all good!
Fine over here.
Looking forward to some Sunshine for the coming week or so… Had good
rains… :-}
Zeref Dangol
your prediction came true @ben i just saw your tweet then after an hour 5.2
eq nepal.
Keith Blankenship
Do you think the Ohio Valley will experience a winter storm this week from
the low pressure you talked about yesterday