HD Watch Dogs 2: Top 10 Starting Tips (PS4 Pro Version)

Watch Dogs 2: Top 10 Starting Tips (PS4 Pro Version)

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Top 10 Starting Tips of Watch Dogs 2. Learn how to quickly get started in the game by following these top 10 tips. Included are:1) How to do a long jump across gaps2) How to get away from pursuing helicopter and police3) How to quickly get Research Points (via ScoutX)4) How to steal more money from pedestrians with blue indicator5) How to find large amount of cash for taking in the world6) How to get a free Jumper (remote control RC Car)7) How to buy a Quadcopter (drone)8) Find hidden Access Key in HQ9) Find hidden paint in HQ using Jumper10) How to get hidden cap located near HQThese Watch Dogs 2 tips walkthrough were done on the PlayStation 4 Pro version.
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