HD Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Day 12 review - Battery life, timer, calendar, S Health Running & more

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Day 12 review - Battery life, timer, calendar, S Health Running & more

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I continue to answer your questions through demonstration and share my experience of using this superb piece of tech.Battery 00:00:3003:52Timer 03:5405:50Calendar 05:5106:35Messages and notifications 06:3710:46Calls 10:4712:21Maps app 12:3213:29Bezel and dust 13:3514:35Samsung pay for non-Samsung Phones 14:4115:50S Health Running 15:5719:19
Cole Romani
question I am 53 years old and I really need phone for my business but I do
not like how it feels in my hands and I'll figure this can I use a watch
just like that without having a phone to connect it can I use it without a
phone like call with it
Cole Romani
phone can I just use it like a phone the watch itself
Kym Moulds
Good video. Well done. Relevant and interesting.
Brian M
Nice video. I've pre-ordered mine and your videos are very informative,
good to have the information before it arrives. Btw, «cadence» is for
cyclists. It measures pedal rotations per minute. :)
Yasinrahman _
Amazing vid,hel
Pawel Stryjecki
Very good functional description, another one! I've watched it with
pleasure. Thank you for the detailed info about battery time. Wait for next
how is your mobile battery life after connecting with watch
Md.Anwar hossain aanu
why do people give thumbs down, these are great informative videos, cant
wait till xmas day till i open this bad boy up, and yes i have been a goof
boy this year :-)
Infern Angelis
I have the Classic Version in the US, meaning not LTE. My questions are
with connectivity with getting call and text messages. As in, if I leave my
phone at home and just take my watch, will I only get calls/texts if my
watch is connected to a wifi? Does it matter what kind of wifi and will I
have access to select and input wifi passwords from my Gear? Thank you!
Dimitris G.
what about «whatsapp» can you please show if you can see all mesages or if
it is like the s2 (you could see only the last message sent) for example if
someone sent 5 mesages one after the other, you could see the last one
Ramon Plaza
I would like to know about the calculator and if you are able to have and
advanced calculator or just the regular functions. If you could cover that,
that would be awesome! Thank you !
Brian Poole
My Gear S3 Classic is on order. I can't wait! Thanks for these very
detailed and informative videos to help us hit the ground running when the
device arrives.
Another great video, super informative. I think your series of videos are
the best on the internet, you even do some myth busting in this one (I had
seen the review website that claimed the timer didn't work), well done! But
there was one thing you missed in this video: you didn't give us an update
on your overall thoughts on the watch! Now that the «shiny new toy» glow is
wearing off, are you still happy with the Gear?
i keep watching these reviews lmao, I CANT WAIT TO GET ONE...! im currently
saving up some money to get one soon, probs next two months… but these
videos that you make are actually amazing and very helpful. Thank you ^_^
Andres Soler
Will the LTE version work with an iPhone
Navraj Gill
8:20 for all technology in a nutshell
grant bird
thanks for an indepth review, I have a gear s3 frontier and watching your
videos have helped me find out a few things. one problem I have found is
with s health on treadmill settings the burnt calorie counts doesn't seem
to be right and differs massively compared to my old gear s2. on my old
gear s2 a 30 mins treadmill workout it would tell me I have burnt 443
calories but the same workout on the s3 it tells me I have burnt 89
calories… it's a big difference.