HD Minecraft | IS HE SETTING ME UP?! - Troll Craft

Minecraft | IS HE SETTING ME UP?! - Troll Craft

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Minecraft | IS HE SETTING ME UP?! — Troll Craft►Merchandise: SSundee: Captain Sparklez: Kehaan: X33N: Custom Map By: ►Join the Family: • Instagram: • Twitter: • Facebook: • Stream: -- Crainer returns to Troll Craft!!! :D Today, he finds out that Sparklez might be setting him up against SSundee?! :O-------------------------------------------------------------Music by Ninety9LivesAxtasia — Let It GoFree Download: Ninety9Lives: -------------------------------------------------------------Intro Drawn By:Portfolio: Twitter: Twitch: -------------------------------------------------------------Thumbnails by Runic:
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I edited this so it won’t break the server.

This troll would be very tedious to setup, but worth it in the end.

First, setup a basic ME system separate from your main one to make this
process easier. Just a Drive, Energy Acceptor, a Terminal, and some power.

Second, get 3-4 diamond chests, and fill them with the following things:

1 diamond chest filled with Golden Bags of Holding (Extra Utilities)
1 diamond chest filled with Satchels (Thermal Expansion)
1 diamond chest filled with Dolly's (JABBA) with a bunch of regular chests
1 diamond chest filled with 1k ME Storage Drives (AE2)

Now what you do, is take all of CaptainSparklez drives. If you want to be
really mean, you could take the Crafting Terminal off his ME system as well
so he can't access it to help with this troll.

Now, I heard from some smart people, that if you do this the wrong way, it
can break things on the server. So here’s a safe way to do it without
breaking anything.

So, what you do, is take all of CaptainSparklez drives, and put them in a
ghost chest hidden somewhere in his base. Then, you make a bunch of regular
chests and put them all over his base.

Now, rename a bunch of pieces of paper to “nope”, or, “not this one”, and
name 1 piece of paper to the coordinates of the ghost chest.

Now, take one of those pieces of paper and put it into its own golden bag
of holding.
-Then, put that Golden Bag of Holding into a Satchel.
-Then, put that Satchel into a chest, and pick it up with a Dolly.
-Then, put a single 1k ME Drive into the little ME system you just made,
and throw the Dolly into it.
-Then take the 1k Drive out of the ME system and put that into a Golden Bag
of Holding
-Then put that Golden Bag of Holding into a Satchel.

And repeat this process until you have this like 20 layers deep, and do
this for each of the pieces of paper.

Now, you should have around 29 golden bags of holding, each about 20 layers
deep, all with a piece of paper at the end of it that says “wrong”. And 1
golden bag of holding that has the coordinates to CaptainSparklez ghost

Take all the chests you made, and spread them around CaptainSparklez base.
Try not to put more than 3-4 chests inside of the same chunk (16x16 blocks)
to avoid the server breaking. Press F9 to see the chunk boundaries. Now,
place 1 golden bag of holding into each of the chests, and leave signs
saying 29 are wrong and 1 is the coordinates of CaptainSparklez drives.

Just try to keep it organized while you’re putting it together, or you
might accidentally confuse yourself! Lol

The way this would break the server is, ME drives have a lot of data in
them. If you take a drive with lots of items in it, and put that into an
inventory, and then put that into another inventory, the data it uses is
multiplied. Then if you put that into another inventory, that multiplies it
even further. And eventually corrupting chunks and player profiles if you
go too deep. So this way, it minimizes the data in each chest and it will
not corrupt anything.

Special Thanks to +Machete Tigre for telling me the previous way I posted
would break the server.
Also, I'm not a copycat, I am still the original person who posted this on
the previous episodes.