HD [News] WTF - Florida Man stabs sleeping father because he feared circumcision

[News] WTF - Florida Man stabs sleeping father because he feared circumcision

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20-year-old Alex Fultz recently took a knife to his father's neck, because he feared that his father would personally circumcise him. Not much is known about how he came to have that fear, but once again it really sparks the discussion of why circumcision is so taboo in American culture, and why it really needs to be a subject that is talked about in public.► PATREON — ► Buy a PS4 Pro (Amazon Affiliate) ► PAYPAL Donation — Subscribe here: Got a great news tip? Submit here:Website: Email: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: All footage taken falls under ''fair use'' of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998). Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright has been committed. Freedom of speech is the ability to speak without censorship.
Garrick Groover
That guy is such a dick!!
Euron Greyjoy
That was really wrong considering the circumcisions.
Steve Fenton
Chances are if he hasn't been circumcised by the age of 20, it ain't never
gonna happen.
Is this the origin story of Florida Man?
For the ʟɪght!
Do you know what they call a cheap circumcision?

A rip off.
James of Menifee
only in America does it make sense to cut something off rather than clean
Benjamin Wiseman
So, really he stabbed his father because he was mentally ill
I didn't know that circumcision is a taboo subject in America. I am
circumcised and I consider it a nothingburger. I also don't consider it
genital mutilation, because I got the most beautiful dick you have ever
seen! ;-)
Zak Ras
Ballsy move if I do say so myself.
bobby uptain
you know I'm circumcised and fuck you Matt for even implying my mom is a
bad person for having me circumcised prick.
Raven Ghostly
It's not only an American thing. It's also middle eastern, European, Asian
etc. As for forsaking being used in women facial cream, Matt once again,
you got your facts wrong. Just like you got the foreskin in the facial
cream completely wrong. Matt you also got it wrong about rabbis sucking
them. IT IS NOT PART OF THE JEWISH TRADITION!!! Only less then one percent
of Orthodox rabbis do that nasty shit. You bitch when others don't research
before making their vids but with you, research priority is not at the top
of your list. FYI yes STD's should be and talked about more than foreskin.
STD's will kill you. Not chopping off a hunk of skin.
Maliah NightFyre
You are weirdly sympathetic to a strange list of proclivities and
situations. Pedophile? Poor dude! Homicidal schizophrenic? Poor dude!
Arsonist? Poor dude. Casual racial stupidity? D'aw, those guys…

Come on, Matt. Stop.
The Ranting Hick
I guess if i thought some one was gonna take a knife to my dick id prob try
and cut him first. Actually no, im sure id try and stab him first. The
moral of the story is don't cut other peoples dicks and/or mental health is
Unlabored Reason
Someone still has their foreskin...and its not me.
TBH, I would stab a guy for this too. Circumcision is such a gross
procedure. EW.
Circumsion should be a choice IMO
I just wish Matt would have cut to the point of the story a little sooner.
Icebergs can't cut steel hulls
If your religion doesn't require it there is no reason for circumcision.