HD i read the final fantasy xv spoilers...

i read the final fantasy xv spoilers...

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Subscribe to our channel for more Final Fantasy videos!: Also, if you enjoy the video, please hit the Like button! It will help us out a bunch as a channel. :)Yep, Lauren has ended up reading the Final Fantasy XV spoilers thanks to numerous leaks and early releases. And… well, you'll have to watch the video to see how she feels about it!***PATREON — SITE — FACEBOOK — TWITTER — TUMBLR — INSTAGRAM — ***With all of the various early releases of Final Fantasy 15 over the past week, it's been hard to avoid all of the story spoilers that have been flying around everywhere. It started off in Peru, but Final Fantasy XV has now seen early releases in most major countries around the world.This video is to talk, at a top level, about how Lauren feels about the spoilers that have appeared online. Do they make her worried to play the game, or have they made her more excited?! Be sure to watch the full video to see for yourself.
Shawn Gray
I'm so sorry. x(
Shinkei DEI
I am a spoiler-holic too and I have avoided spoilers so far xD
Jackseptic eye
so close argh
Ko Ender
I didn't see anything out of respect for Mr.Tabata.
Willis Allen Jr
I will not look in the comments for my own protection!!! I desperately want
to watch the story unfold and get a fresh take.
Sairyo Feana
People who only play a game to spoil it for others who have not played it
yet are sad little people who only want attention.
They miss the entire reason to playing a game: Enjoyment!
When you rush through such a massive game like FF15 just to reach the
story's end first, you don't win… You lose.
You miss out on the experience that others will get by going through the
game at their own pace.
I'm personally staying away from any of the spoilers, even most of the
'story' trailers just so I can unravel the mystery myself, but should I
come across the spoilers, it won't stop me from enjoying this amazing game
any less! ;)
JonJezel Gaming
I have read some spoilers too, Its really a shame.
Anime Toitle
Damn Thank God I Didnt But Bruh You Played Yourself Lol I Have Been Trying
My Hardest Avoiding Everything Even The Leviathan Fight Which Im Happy
About Cause I Wanna Play That Boss Myself And Be Surprised, I Did See The
Titan Fight Doe But Whatevs
Spoiler aler: I think this is a RPG game ...
Julio Carrillo
I spoiled myself as well and I say this the ending will be very divise.
I'm disappointing in you but i cant say i haven't been tempted to spoil
What a shame ;(
i've done my best to avoid major spoilers aswell despite being a spoiler
holic. So far I've unsubbed from 5 or 6 FF youtube channels due Early lets
plays and Ending spoiler Vids. So far i've only been spoiled by a handful
of boss vids and clickbait thumbnails and titles. Only 2 days left!
Chris Sukam
I can't respect those who spoil or those who want to be spoiled honestly.I
knew people who loved to be spoiled and used to read the ending of the book
or the last episode of the season.I never understood the purpose .what was
the point in even going through the trouble?I get the need to know,but
that's why we experience the story.So this friend of mine would always
spoil shit for him and then spoil it for me.Making me always pissed.Anyways
Final Fantasy XV in this case has been in development for 10 years,I'm
already not a fan of the direction they took with the gameplay and the
magic function,but hey I hope the story is at least good
While I normally don't care about spoilers, I'm doing my best to not spoil
myself this time around. Like I knew how FFXIII and type-0 ended, but I'm
gonna keep it fresh this time. Just why is the wait so agonizinggggggg
gary wood
I remember one day getting a phone call from a friend and the first thing
he said when I answered was «Dumbledore dies.».
It was 3 days after Harry Potter 6 had been released.
Some people like raping children. Some like spoiling things for themselves.
blasian FMA
The only issue is: They didn't follow up with the amazing story concept, so
there are no little nuances to discover. If you read the spoilers and know
what happens, then you know the story. It literally does not explain
anything and that's what people will remember of this game. I beat it last
night, and was very moved by how it wrapped up, but then thought to myself
«but what about xyz» or «what about 123» Like… they just don't follow
C Ziggy
Damn I hate knowing how a game ends because you can only ever experience it
for the first time once. And besides. Spoiling an ending can ruin the
journey easily and for me that's one of the worst things you can do,
especially since games nowadays don't challenge you mentally and you end up
figuring things out way too quickly. This is also the reason why i hate