HD Thanksgiving, Pets, Black Friday, Fan Art, & Pokemon

Thanksgiving, Pets, Black Friday, Fan Art, & Pokemon

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Thanksgiving is on the table of topics this week including pet viewers, Black Friday, Fan Art & Pokémon… and an Art Critic bit thrown into the mix. illwillpress.comFor those who want to help out besides watching here's some stuff:SUPPORT FOR FREE on Twitch through Amazon Prime/Twitch Prime: (Follow the instructions and sub at: )Patreon: Design By Humans Shop: Digital Comics: Artwork on Etsy: Follow my Twitch Channel For Future streams:(I usually do art streams, but randomly game.)(You can also support on Twitch via Amazon Prime/Twitch Prime FOR FREE!!! Read up!)Also, I tend to post a bunch of stuff on Instagram: (Short bits or comic strips usually)
scott mccowan
oook hi
Lucky!!! Get off the MAC trashing!!
Phat Man89
writes down pumpkin guy music tastes.....
Stella Coulson
Glad the highlights were posted yay. Sorry I missed the live twitch due to
illness and sleep. Hope to catch it next time.
At least the radioactive gnats will be nice to have around for your
December videos. :P
Azathoth Nyxkind
Really glad Amazon Prime allows me to — [belatedly] — give something, for
the years of relief your animation has given.
Now I have to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. Been avoiding watching all the
Marvel stuff because I just want to binge it one day.
Kid Grizzly also sounds like a good name for a pro wrestler.
Fib Vaporwave
It's the Nut House. It's the Nut House. (It's the Nut House!)
Chris Mcdonald
Lol some one screen name was you blow hobo stuff who came up with that 
Jonathan Malone
The artwork with WITNESS across the top is a reference to Mad Max Fury
Nick Hawkings
sighhh. OK I'm done being a sleep deprived crazy mess. hi! it's funny
getting in your martial art work out in, and almost feel better everyone
looks just as crazy as you. lol. let's ink? nahhh I found the magic of
deeper lead in graphite.
Nick Hawkings
butterfry is my boy. boy am I a happy camper they went crazy on the
butterfry designs.
Nick Hawkings
I like Pluto being a dwarf planet. it's perfectly round. it's been in the
system for years. best of both worlds.
Nick Hawkings
modern climate, yay.

voices = auditory hallucinating. if it's internal. your fine. that cures
easily. frequent external doe. then I would worry. there's a huge list to
qualify you as a schizoid. trust me you don't want it. long road to heal
that scar tissue. you can normalize things so. you're good.