HD Review: Tempest 4000 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Steam) - Defunct Games

Review: Tempest 4000 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Steam) - Defunct Games

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Defunct Games reviews Tempest 4000 by Llamasoft, available July 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.Although the fast-paced gameplay and chaotic levels may look daunting at first, Tempest 4000 ends up being ridiculously exciting shooter that is accessible and easy to get into. It has a frenetic energy that kept me glued to the screen, even when the game introduces the tough new bad guys. And while it doesn't break new ground or evolve the formula in any meaningful ways, it does give us the best looking and playing version of Tempest we've seen yet. I sincerely hope we don't have to wait another eighteen years for Tempest 5000.Atari Is Using Me to Attack Jeff Minter
Angelo Torres
Pretty cool that an old as hell game can make a comeback. Atari should do a Mario all star treatment on their 2600 games or put more twists. I don't know if it is from atari but pitfall is cool
Adam Dominguez
Hey you should sue Atari for useing your words
Penguin DT
Naming a favourite Atari franchise is hard, since we'd have to specify 'which Atari?'. But I guess my eternal Atari-favourite will always be Infogrames-Atari and their Alone in the Dark series. From the original trilogy to The New Nightmare, I always found the Lovecraftian survival horror more spine-tingling than zombie fights, even when the super-early polygon characters looked like failed origami at times.

Let's just all pretend that 'Illumination' doesn't exist, right?
Alex Santa Maria
They threw in Sixaxis-style nonsense on PS4? That's quite unfortunate, especially since the Xbox One version has nothing of the sort.
Gummycore Gamer
Just a suggestion… can you put a Defunct Games logo on your video thumbnails? Reason being that some sites, like psprices.com, embed Youtube review videos on their sites, without showing the video title. Most of my trusted sources have easily recognizable logos on the thumbnails, so it's easy to pick them out to watch. However Defunct Games is one that doesn't, so I often skipped over you reviews unknowingly. (I know you have that «video review» label but other 'reviewers' do something similar too.)
Makes me want a trackball. Looks pretty close to the excellent tempest 2000.

Favorite atari franchise is hard since there was a bit of a distinct divide from when they died with the console then came back. Always loved centipede and combat from old school atari but they didn't really do much with those. Can't think of anything new that jumps out at me.

Their Primal Rage, Guardians of the hood, pit fighter phase was pretty funny.
Filia Luvs Squigly
These tempest games remind me of geometry wars. Why don't atari sue them too?
Still psychedelic crap. Never liked that… Even not the Atari crappy Jaguar version.
Mister T
I would love to see a reboot of Ninja Golf. It was this Atari 7800 game that was a combination of a golf game with a Kung Fu Master-esque 2D brawler. Once your ball lands on the green, instead of putting the ball into the hole, you fight a boss and that’s how you complete the hole. A sequel with deeper combat and more diverse level design could really make for a hit with the indie game crowd.
Cindy Jones
My favorites would have to be Pong, Asteroids and Centipede.
Also Pole Position actually belongs to Namco, but if that counts then Pac Man, Dig Dug and Galaxian would be my picks.
is this on 4k? on the xbone?
There was a PS1 version of Pong that was fantastic, otherwise Tempest.
pong, centipede/millipede and gauntlet, granted gauntlet technically belongs to warner brothers at present due to the aquisition of midway, there was a time when midway belonged to atari under the «atari games» label so therefor it counts in my book
i have heard something about this ending up being used as a prototype for the ataribox aka atari VCS in recent memory
Halcyon Show
Whoever down voted this...I swear to god im going to find you...and once I do...ill continue to defend your right to do so...but still...booooo…
Needs a vr mode also.
Probably a toss up between Star Raiders and Asteroids. Seeing the former running on an emulated Atari 8-bit in the 90's was probably what made my jaw drop in terms of what an 8-bitter could do. As for Asteroids, the unbridled purity of seeing that game in action on a proper arcade cabinet is awe-inspiring.

Such elegant bright points of light there.