HD DICE's Next Big Game OFFICIALLY TEASED! Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 Season 2 Update!

DICE's Next Big Game OFFICIALLY TEASED! Battlefield 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 Season 2 Update!

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►►STAY UPDATED ABOUT BATTFIELD 5 AT:So DICE just teased Battlefield 5 (BF5) with a teaser trailer and gameplay is expected to drop shortly! Plus we have a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Season 2 Han Solo DLC update, more on Hero Showdown and other updates from community manager Ben Walke! Stay tuned for more Clone Wars DLC news, gameplay and anything else coming from EA Play 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC!►FOR BATTLEFIELD 5 NEWS SUBSCRIBE TO:►SUBSCRIBE to Star Wars HQ: ►SUPPORT and DONATE to Star Wars HQ: ►More Star Wars Battlefront 2: ►Support Star Wars HQ by checking out our Amazon Store: ►Discord Chat: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Website: Thanks for watching! Star Wars HQ provides daily Star Wars videos and is family friendly. Have questions, or suggestions? Contact our business email on the about page on our YouTube channel.Star Wars HQ on YouTube:
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Who's hyped for Battlefield 5 btw? :)
Captain Fordo
Battlefield V: Skyrim
Wish it was modern or Vietnam
Doug Grief
EA you are the worst. finish the game you have before making a new one
Anthony Villapiano
Kinda upset that its ww2…
KYX Gamez
Am I the only one who doesn’t like hero showdown
Zach Rogers
I can't wait for clone wars content… (Sarcasm)
Jacobite Star Wars
Oh man i really feel so sorry for you guys(Star Wars Battlefront 2 Season 2 ) EA can rot in hell for the way they have treated the SWBF community.
I honestly don't care about any Dice/EA games anymore...I'm over this game and any other games from them in the future.
When you have an entire game teased before clone wars content
Reptile Kyle
Wish lightsabers can just one shot players in GA like the bots in arcade
Jack Miner
Not interested in battlefield V. Battlefront 2 wasn’t finished at launch, it took months to update the game to a point of acceptance and by now there hasn’t been enough content to keep the game from getting boring. My group of friends have been strong supporters of this game and at this point, I’m the only one whom hasn’t gone to fortnite.
Daniel Travelstead
Man, I played 5-10 rounds of hero showdown after not playing battlefront in a while and hated it lol. Probably just cause I kept getting double teamed and had no communication with my teammate. Was trying to get the weekend challenges and it made me quit playing Battlefront all together and move over to Battlefield haha.
Gabriel Penhallegon
Hero showdown is amazing because I was playing a game as Palpatine vs Luke and Rey, my partner died in the first minute, but I still got both Luke and Rey. The intense action is amazing, and there is more strategy than in heroes vs villains where someone appears behind you while you focus on the front. Love this mode!!!
EA should make a clone wars dlc first and actually FINISH SWBF before making a new BF game…
I will pass on anything from EA. They dropped the ball on Battlefront 2 and Andromeda, they will screw Battlefield 5.
I hope that they allow us to switch between hologram and non hologram because i think the hologram fits perfectly with the class selector and menu.
Luka Martin
Don't talk about other games on a star wars channel
Ya, because when I think Star Wars HQ, I definitely expect a video on Battlefield V.
Salvador Zambrano
I totally hate hero showdown, I won’t play that stupid game mode and timed challenges aren't working
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Played EA games since NFS Hot Pursuit. After Battlefront 2, I won't buy anymore of their games until they produce something great again.
Toby M
Guess who's selling BF2 on the weekend??
Wookie Alliance
So...I guess battlefront 2 is just gonna go down as a crappy game huh?
Lord Starscream
Someone say something about PRIVATE MATCHES
Ramo A
can… you… please… stop… talking… like… this… ple....ase..?
Pablo Ordonez
I’m done with EA games, I’m boycotting for now on
Nah. Not a battlefield player. I feel like a red-headed step child. I want to see DICE and their involvement in Star Wars game. I’m shocked Extraction did not come back on some of these Strike maps. I like playing Jabba’s palace every two hours it loads up with that map. Just bummed out. So announcement June 9ish. Part two released third/forth week of June? It’s sucks. Let DICE know this sucks. Oh well Spider-Man comes in September. This will be when I jump ship.
Vojta Janda
I am not hyped for Battlefield V anymore because I WAS hyped for Battlefront 2 and now I see how this game dies, whit thunderous applause belongs to new games.
Royalwithcheese 1
Before you say you don't want a «new ww2 game», COD did not do justice to one of the greatest war in history, instead they made it repetative and boring. I have trust in Dice b/c battlefield is there bread and butter, and I think it's gonna be a good game
Honestly I ABSOLUTELY hate Hero Showdown. First of all it isn't fair in case of rage quitters as said in the video. Also the fact that let's say you are playing it on a 2vs2 no one was leaving and 1 of the teams stomps the other that is going to happen until someone leaves and even then it would probably still be unfair. Seriously they need to add a matchmaking scrambler before they continue with ANYTHING in this game.
We should boo them at EA play and let our angry feelings be known. Thanks for taking the good developers and resources away from Star Wars