HD Far Cry 5 Secrets - Ubisoft Secretly Adds New Item Drop, Changes Weapon Name & More (Far Cry 5 DLC)

Far Cry 5 Secrets - Ubisoft Secretly Adds New Item Drop, Changes Weapon Name & More (Far Cry 5 DLC)

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Far Cry 5 Update 1.05 has Far Cry 5 Secrets for Far Cry 5 WeaponsCheck & follow my background music: Like the video? Subscribe now: Background music on Spotify: Zinity — All YoursZinity — Found Myself (Outro)Follow me on social media: More Far Cry 5 news (Far Cry news):Far Cry 5 release date is March 27 for Far Cry 5 PS4, Far Cry 5 Xbox One & Far Cry 5 PCFar Cry 5 New Update CHANGED A LOT OF WEAPONS (Far Cry 5 Weapons — Far Cry 5 Best Weapons): Far Cry 5 Shovel Launcher OUT NOW Via White Collar Live Event (Far Cry 5 Live Event — Far Cry 5 DLC): Far Cry 5 Update 1.05 OUT NOW — Adds New Weapon, Masks, Outfits & More! (Far Cry 5 DLC): Far Cry 5 Update New Features REVEALED & New Weapon TEASED?! (Far Cry 5 DLC — Far Cry 5 Weapons): Big Far Cry 5 Update COMING REAL SOON & New Item Added To Shop (Far Cry 5 DLC — Farcry 5 Update): Far Cry 5 Live Event PICKUP BLOWUP Out Now — Adds Cultist Outfit & More (Far Cry 5 Pickup Blowup): Far Cry 5 Live Event News, Players Get Billions of Skins & More Far Cry 5 News (Far Cry 5 DLC): Far Cry 5 Secret Weapons — Jacobs Pistol HOW TO GET IT (Far Cry 5 Secret — Far Cry 5 Hidden Weapons: New Far Cry 5 Live Event ROADKILL Out Now — HOW TO COMPLETE IT (Far Cry 5 Live Events — Farcry 5): New Far Cry 5 Live Event ROADKILL Out Now — HOW TO COMPLETE IT (Far Cry 5 Live Events — Farcry 5)Far Cry 5 Secret Weapons CLASSIC RPG & Another Hidden Item! (Far Cry 5 Hidden Weapons — Farcry 5): New Far Cry 5 Outfit Adds EXTRA HANDS & New Vector Weapon Variant Coming (Far Cry 5 Live Events): Far Cry 5 Tips And Tricks Hidden Location YOU NEED TO VISIT (Far Cry 5 Tips Tricks — FarCry 5 Tips): Far Cry 5 News — Ubisoft SECRETLY ADDS NEW ITEM To Shop & Update on Vector (Far Cry 5 Weapons): New Far Cry 5 Live Event OUT NOW — Adds Vector BUT NOT FOR EVERYONE (Far Cry 5 Live Events): Far Cry 5 Update 1.04 OUT NOW — Adds New Outfit, Removes Best Weapon & WAY MORE (Farcry 5 — Farcry5): Far Cry 5 Live Event Rewards LEAKED — New Far Cry 5 Outfits & More! (Far Cry 5 Live Events): Far Cry 5 New Challenges & Maps OUT NOW (Far Cry 5 Arcade): Far Cry 5 New Update REMOVES BEST WEAPON & More (Far Cry 5 Best Weapons): Far Cry 5 Tips ALL THINGS You Can Do After You Beat The Game (Far Cry 5 Tips And Tricks): Far Cry 5 DLC First Live Event OUT NOW — Adds New Outfit & Weapon Skin (Far Cry 5 Tips and tricks): Far Cry 5 Best Weapons Vector Classic HOW TO GET IT EARLY (Far Cry 5 Vector — Far Cry 5 Weapons): Far Cry 5 Best Bow In The Game & HOW TO USE IT — Recurve Bow (Far Cry 5 Best Weapons — Farcry5 ): Far Cry 5 Tips And Tricks BEST GUNS & FANGS FOR HIRE (Far Cry 5 Tips Tricks — Farcry5 — Farcry 5): Far Cry 5 Tips and Tricks HOW TO GET SUPERPOWERS (Far Cry 5 Tips Tricks — FarCry5 — Farcry 5): Far Cry 5 Best Weapons — Vector Classic RELEASED TOO SOON (Far Cry 5 Weapons — Farcry5 — Farcry 5): Far Cry 5 Tips and Tricks ALL PERK POINT LOCATIONS — Prepper Stashes (FarCry5 tips — Farcry 5 tips ): Far Cry 5 Money Farm Spot For UNLIMITED MONEY (Far Cry 5 Unlimited Money — Far Cry 5 making money): Far Cry 5 Tips and Tricks BEST WAY TO GET PERK POINTS (Far Cry 5 Perks — Farcry5 — farcry 5): Far Cry 5 Best Weapons YOU NEED TO GET As Soon As Possible (Far Cry 5 Weapons — FarCry5 — Farcry 5): Far Cry 5 Tips and Tricks Best Perks TO GET AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (Far Cry 5 perks — Farcry 5): Far Cry 5 DLC — FREE DLC & INSANE EXPANSIONS Coming ALL THE INFO (Far Cry 5 Season pass — Farcry 5):
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Early af pls like my comments
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Turning on post notifications for this channel is the best thing I did. Now I can never miss a great informative video from JorRaptor.
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sam Worthy
Where are you from jorRaptor?
they fixed the wrong button placement in planes because x and circle are opposite
Hot shot
I wish they would add more types of guns
Hot shot
Like for example a D50
PS4 GAME MAN hacks.
you know what they say 4 hands are better then 2.
I've finished the game 100% so was just exploring went to larry's farm were he gets transported and was able to pick up his shoes it came up as a mission item
Michael Baker
I feel like I only use certain guns & there aren’t many guns in the game at all. Variety of the guns I mean. Like that first Assault rifle, I’ve used it so much. Too much.

Am I supposed to be buying them at the stores? I saw tips when the game was released to not buy them at stores. I’m confused.
Eh. I never really understood why they called it the «classic.» It's just a normal Vector which is probably why they dropped the «classic» part.
Dakotaz I
Alex Demers
Didn’t you already do this? Twice?
My face when i see a good pussi
I cant have the undercover cultist outfit i was in a hotel from sunday to last thursday my ps4 was turned off and i participated in the event and this really sucks
So no paid dlc wtf Ubisoft seriously it's been literally 2 months already who else agrees
Without a new game + patches are useless! Real! Nothing is going on anymore!
Jraptor do u play cod? If u do we would like to see u livestream it’s nice to see you in action
V.I.P. PyroTM
Anyone knows how to change bait? I'm stuck with Angel bait ever since and it's hard to attract any predators! Also, they haven't fixed the bug where Rye's Icon is still on the map if you finished collecting his plane before meeting him!
Watched some of your GOW vids today since I got the game on Saturday really helpful tips, appreciate the help
Sylvester Folks
This game needed another faction or two. Would of been cool if they would of had a hardcore militia group of ex-soldiers wanting to take over government.
Skyler Hall
Im really loving this game. But im feeling the emptiness/randomness of it all. Once you clear a region thats basically it, hardly any fights and hunting is only good if you need money. The other half of the time its too random. You start talking to an NPC and partway through they get attacked by a cougar. Kill cougar and start talking again suddenly theres a plane and an assault truck sitting next to you
There was another secret change in the arcade editor where you have acces to new weapons in the loadouts menu such as the .308 bolt action rifle and .44 magnum L
TVD- The Remedy
NEW GAME + PLEASE… It gets pretty boring ACTIVELY SEARCHING for enemies, and only stumbling across one lone dude standing in the woods next to one lone wolf, once every hour of “gameplay.”

I know I can reset outposts again and again (or just completely start over from scratch), but a new game mode would be great. Once you finish the story, there are pretty much NO enemies to be found anymore.
rustling jimmies
Anybody else ready for Hours of Darkness DLC?
Am I the only one who's waiting to here something about dlc
Uncrowned King
Shit game, unfortunately. 3 and 4 were awesome but 5 felt broken.

Traded it in for God Of War, never looked back!
You got bait from wolf only if the collar event is active.
Donald Trump
I finished this game and it’s literally the same as playing Minecraft peaceful mode. There are NO enemies anywhere.
OSN’s Laugh
I think we need more sub machine guns. Mp5k mp5 MP5SD literally the same gun just 3 variants. Then you have the MP40 which I thought was cool and the vector. But where a mp7 where’s the P90 hell even for the assault rifles. They put two different variants of the same guns in the selection. Maybe add a G36C and a SCAR either variant. Snipers could use a m14 type weapon( I don’t consider the ARC-L to be a marksman rifle). Pistols. M9 And D50. It’s been the same guns since far cry 3 smh
Lucas Wright
After the update, k don't know if it's just me, but I stopped getting bait from anything.