HD The Best Galaxy S9 Features You Might've Missed

The Best Galaxy S9 Features You Might've Missed

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Sponsored by iOttie. Go to and use discount code «iOttie15» to get a 15% discount on the ION Wireless Plus fast charging pad featured in the video! (Discount good through March 30.)[GALAXY S9 FEATURES TOUR]As of the day this video hits the feeds, you can officially buy the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s an excellent smartphone, but it’s so similar to its predecessor that, in your haste to move into it, you might miss some great options both new and old. So join me for a look at my favorite under-represented Galaxy S9 features in a change of pace from the usual round of reviews and first-looks – and if you've got favorite Galaxy S9 features of your own to share, please do so down in the comments![SUBSCRIBE][PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO]Samsung Galaxy S9:[LINKS]Top 10 Essential Galaxy S9 Tips [The Tech Chap]:bxActions Bixby Remapper [Google Play]:Animated Galaxy S9 border wallpaper [lock screen only]:Galaxy S9 Review [Android Central]:[MUSIC]“Days and Days” by Eternity Bro, available at Premium Beat:“Live Up” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:“True Persistence” by Cymatix, available at Premium Beat:[SOCIALIZE][DISCLOSURE]This post may contain affiliate links. See Mobile Nations' disclosure policy for more details:
Mark Atkisson
Watching on my S9+
Didn't even start to watch the video… anyways video is gonna be great.....love u mr mobile
Raian Levy
Last time I was this early you had a lumia as your daily
Hey @mrmobile whats that theme your using?
Concept Creator
Hahaha that aremoji cut out hahaha
Michael Livote
Sadly, too rich for my wallet...gonna stick with one of last years hot phones...surprisingly, they still work great, who'da guessed ;-)
Farhan Tbs
02:27 I see, you like watching LGR.
Raian Levy
I just noticed, I haven't been getting your notifications. I guess youtube is broken again :(
Ishan Rishminda
7:08 wat daaa… hahahha
Still don't understand why some praise stock android so much which lacks so many features and is soooooooooo boring!!!
One of my favourite samsung experience feature is the media player pop out in their browser which google copied and turned into picture and picture in oreo. (Offscreen notes are also pretty useful but just for the notes)
As always, this was excellent.
Rian Talamati
can't get the lockscreen wallpaper tho…
MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
That AR Emoji video I promised you folks. Michael Josh is good people:
Kshitij Gupta
3 minutes into the video, I realized I cannot go any further without liking this video.
Droid Xplorer
*Bixby is seriously underrated* Its freakin amazing!!!
Xavier Robinson
I wasn't going to get this phone. But my Note 8 is cracked. I loved the audio of this phone. The screen was noticeably better than mine ( idk how they do it ) I think Coral blue is beautiful and I can afford it. So yeah going to wait a couple weeks see if TMobile can come up with a better deal than shoot
Sweet learned a few cool things. Will definitely try some of these on my s9 Plus.
David hunsinger
I seriously don't know how this channel doesn't have millions of subscribers already, I always point friends here, the ones that don't think I'm a giant nerd for it, and the quality is unmatched. You're being robbed here, Mr.Fisher
The apps edge is literally the reason I can't leave Samsung. Finally someone gets it lmao
I don't even have the phone and don't plan on buying it but I have to support my boy Michael Fisher.
Banglaz Bless
Dude you're very underrated! You should've been the biggest YouTuber on the internet. The quality of work here is unmatched.
The 90s Myth
The best galaxy S9 feature we been missing is that we do not have a galaxy S9
Zanoor Simran
Haha The edge screen was the best thing you've shown us… I'm using the s7 edge and never used the edge screen until you explained it… I feel stupid for not using it… Now it will be my shortcut to my favorite apps always
Geric John Olivar
Waiting for 3 years to make this phone cheaper
Nice to see you give Bixby a fair shake. A few folks tell me it's more useful than most reviewers make it out to be, and I'd have to agree.
Alex Knight
Samsung puts so many features into their Galaxys to which you don't even know where to start lol!
Abdurrahman Alchoughri
Here's an even better feature that ONLY 1 YouTuber mentioned it so far
It's called Art Bokeh
It's an after effect to live focus
One of the things it can do is change the shape of blurred lights for example
When it detects blurred lights, it will give you a menu full of shapes beneath the editing of blur slider.
The feature is seriously underrated
Tyler Barron
I used to think the edge was stupid a few years back but I use it almost everyday now
OnionsOnFire 911
This guy reminds me of tony Stark anybody else?
Lord Cekrom
5:17 This also works with the Nova Launcher. =D
Lord Cekrom
I don’t have a Samsung smartphone, But I like the video! =D