HD Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2: The Ultimate Best Camera Test!

Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2: The Ultimate Best Camera Test!

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Add MailTag to Chrome ➡️ The Galaxy S9 Plus recently got a DxOMark score of 99 beating the likes of the Pixel 2 and iPhone X. So, is the S9+ the best camera phone out there? Well, we pit Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2 camera to see which is the best smartphone camera out there. The camera comparison includes day time photos, low light photos, portrait mode photos, videos, slow mo videos and portrait selfies. Music: Time and Place by CraetionFollow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
Angry parash
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Moolchand Bhakar
Pixel 2 is still the best and Pixel 3 would be the monster Sorry Iphone x Lovers
Socratic Soumil
*My ideas on full form of «P»*
1. Android P: Patanjali
2. Android P: Peda
3. Android P :Pani-Puri
4. Android P: Parle-G
5. Android P: Pizza
6. Android P: Papad
7. Android P: Paneer
8. Android P: Puran Poli
9. Android P: Pakoda
10. Android P: Pav Bhaji
11. Android P: Poha
12. Android P: Petha
13. Android P: Puri
14. Android P: Paan Masala
15. Android P: Pepsi
16. Android P: Perk
17. Android P: Puff
18. Android P: Potato Chips
19. Android P: Pulse
20. Android P: Peppermint
21. Android P: Polo
22. Android P: Paani
23. Android P: Petha
24. Android P: Pie
25. Android P: Poppins
26. Android P: Panjiri
27. Android P: Pasta
28. Android P: Popcorn
29. Android P: Popsicle
30. Android P: Pancake
31. Android P: Pastry
32. Android P: Pickle
33. Android P: Piccalilli
34. Android P: Peanut
35. Android P: Pummelo
36. Android P: Pea
37. Android P: Pumpkin
38. Android P: Pill
39. Android P: Pudina
40. Android P: Pepper
41. Android P: Peppericon
42. Android P: Phaphada Jalebi
43. Android P: Pulav
44. Android P: Pyaaz
45. Android P: Pear
46. Android P: Pomegranate
47. Android P: Peach

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Sahil Dixit
*awesome video sir*
Sahil Dixit
*Google pixel xl is the best camera phone as usual*
*Good video*
*_Nice and cool comparison_*
Kartik Rawat
Did anyone notice details in intro for eg
imac ->5k,
Windows 10s
iPhone -> hey siri
Android watch.

Please reply @Beebom
google pixel is way better than s9+ its the legend and this noob channel showing s9+ better go get some fk kids watch GREEKYRANJIT's camera comparison and u know u r paid for this
Uddesh Raut
Pixel 2 is the beast with a single camera… and DxO score doesn't seems to work with s9+
Tech Sadique
Still the pixel 2 is a camera beast. But i only watched it in videos by youtubers
V.M Entertains
I love pixal 2 because it even doesn't have more low light capability the potrate photography make more sense I another big thing I don't like Samsung is it's UI because it's common in every lastest Android version my vote goes to Google pixel 2
mrwhotheheck •
Who else think that Pixel 2/2 XL are the best phones and the next lineup would be Monstrous?
No matter what… I liked every photo of the PIXEL 2! S9 it just close! But pixel 2 is the king!!!
Satyendra Kumar
Pixel is a good DSLR but S9+ is a good mobile
Akash sharma
Pixel 2! Daddy is Daddy!!!
yash jani
Pixel 2 XL is the baap phone, i don't even want google to release pixel 3 this year, they better dont do rush trends jst like other brands, its not necessary for them, same i wish they bring new Android version every 2 year meanwhile optimizing the available one so that its able to reach masses, they actually can be said to be working on the future tech, great ideas for all. Amazing video btw
Certified Pritesh
no one can match the mobile camera's
#Tech Star
Love U Beebom Yrr AAP Ky Osome Videos Bnate ho
Abhiram S Krishna
Compare S9 and Pixel 2 or S9+ and Pixel 2 XL, u just did S9+ an Pixel 2. Not Fair.
Arsh Raj
Sab smartphone company soch rahe hoga bsdk kounsa camera lagaya Hai ek hi camera se hamari jhund kr ke rakhi Hai
Bhavya Talwar
I really prefer Pixel 2 XL over every other phone....!!!
Nitin Mishra
*Dono Hi Aukat Se Bahar Hai
Arun Kumar
Even a single camera is enough for you!
Yo Day
Oh wow you changed your intro's android to P!!! Lol I commented in the previous video and you did it! Thanks :)
Shiv _3_
Pixel 2 is the champion
Techno Ansari
Pixel 2
Chris Willis
One line judgement:-
Pixel 2 captures more originality but the S9 makes the pictures look more awesome and beautiful.

Conclusion:- Don't watch videos about phones that you cannot afford.
A honor 8pro user.
Tech Urdu
I have watched a number of such comparisons but I was waiting for this one anxiously. Great Video Rupesh Sir. Love from Pakistan.
Bhargav Patel
Think what happens when google put dual CAMERA on Next pixel serise