Left 4 Dead 3 New Infected Ideas (Unofficial)

Left 4 Dead 3 New Infected Ideas (Unofficial)

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Joseph hare
Is da haggard in da gam already (l4d3)
I would like to see an infected called «The Digger» that pulls survivors halfway under the ground and claws at their lower body from the underground. I also want the deaths to be more brutal and violent instead of just ragdoll physics or the same death animation from l4d2. If the survivor dies from this, I want to see them be pulled completely under the ground and maybe some guts and blood are spit out of the hole.
Raul Bahena
Unfortunately I'm not really feeling these but hey everyone to their own (:
All new ideas are just ripped off ideas from what valve has already done. The screamer is too OP aswell so no wonder Valve scrapped the idea 4 it!
Apocalypse is immortal
the haggard is my favorite idea
if anything, the tank's health and damage should be doubled, he is way too easy to kill
Good ideas but way too unbalanced and OP.
Fargo The Elite
i think survivors need to be able to sprint but have a stamina bar that has a cool down. also have customizable weapons we can upgrade like in c.o.d black ops or like in halo as well as unlockable outfits. that would be freaking awesome.
SuRaKaSoEr X
None of these are your ideas, you just made random overly op stats for already existing ideas of future and previous zombies
Aidan Bartlett
what i was thinking about the haggard is that he grabs the survivor, impales them and leaves them on the ground. they would have their health drain at about 3-5 hp per second Or all their health would turn into pill health (so they wouldnt get incapped but would slowly drain their hp) and they could crawl at about 30-50 hammer units per second and could fire a primary but only able to crawl and shoot a few seconds after the haggard can move away from the survivor, so he has time to move out of the way. they would eventually get incapped (unless they choose to make you get pill health instead of health drain) but a teammate would have to basically revive them but they would pull the spike out of them instead of helping them up. So instead of it being a close range smoker it would be able to take out a survivor temporarily, weakening them severely. It would only beable to spike one person at a time for balance OR its recharge would be longer. And the throwing metal, stupid remove it.
Ghost Games
maybe the hunter should be able to climb on celling and walls with his sharp claws
cookie bro
the hagger and the screamer are okay but the others kinda just would make the game suck since now theres a zombie with an open stomach with a head inside and that stupid zombie called worker that uses a weapon why is there a zombie holding a jack hammer i understand a jocky humps your face but at least hes not picking up an axe.
Watcher V6
I like the idea for the Haggard. Seems pretty interesting.
I personally think each campaign should have a Final Boss, some kind of Special Infected even more dangerous than a Tank wich you can only fight in the finale of the campaign it's in.
Landen Neacy
Dude these ideas are so dumb I can make the most best I idea that can look like a special infected so you suck at making ideas
Way too Overpowered.
The first one was werid. But creative
Faridah Ismail
They should add the unused Special Infected from L4D & L4D2 :D
This guy is sad lets cheer him up with a controlled shock. BZZZZBBBBBTTT
Weasel Arlington
he only wants them easier cause he gets rekt by them
In L4D3 they should made TANK drving a TANK
The basic formula for a special infected is as follows:

It must have a primary attack that is detrimental to the progress and encourages the teamwork and attentiveness of the survivors

Infected like the Charger can grab and pin survivors, the Smoker can use a long range attack to grab survivors and drag them out of position, the Hunter can jump long distances and pin survivors, and the Jockey can jump onto survivors and pull them into environmental hazards like acid, fire, witches, or common hoards.

Each one of the aforementioned special infected are very vulnerable while doing this, and any experienced team will work together to remedy these detriments as quickly as possible. Essentially these infected are meant to destroy uncoordinated teams, but are extremely weak against coordinated players.

Special infected such as the Boomer and Spitter are meant to be played differently. They provide direct detriment in a way other than simple incapacitation. The boomer temporarily muddies the view of the Survivors with vomit while simultaneously summoning commons to attack survivors. The blinding effect works in tandem with the hoard to provide excellent offense against any Survivors caught in the bile spray, but this ability has a very long cooldown, and the boomer is extremely fragile.

The Spitter uses an acid attack that causes damage to Survivors who stand in it. This attack can be used in tandem with other Special Infected, it can be used as a source of area denial, and it can be used to damage Survivors directly. The Spitter is also very fragile, and the acid is a static source of damage that can be easily avoided until it wears off.

Just like the Survivors, playing as one of these Special Infected requires teamwork. Each infected works very well together, and is much weaker on their own.

Understanding these sets of abilities, their limitations, the effects and how they are effected by other Infected and their strengths, we can attempt to come up with a new Special Infected that is both fun to play, balanced, and provides new challenges for Survivors.

Now we could go two routes with this. We could create a special infected that incapacitation, or one that works with Special Infected that incapacitate.

Let's first create the latter. How about an Infected that functions similarly to the boomer, but in a different way similar to the spitter? Perhaps this infected has very low HP, low enough to die in one hit from any weapon. It's secondary ability is like the Charger, where upon Activation it gains a speed boost, jumps over low objects, and runs in a straight line until it either A: Is killed, or B: makes contact with a survivor. Upon one of the previous conditions being met, it explodes into a firestorm, setting nearby infected and survivors on fire. During the charge it would emit a very loud screeching noise to denote it's charge.

So basically as follows

HP: 25
Primary Attack: Suicide Charge; the infected charges in a straight line at high speed, jumping over small objects until it dies or contacts with a survivor. Upon contact it explodes, setting it's surroundings on fire
Secondary Attack: Claw; deals minor damage to survivors
Speed: Average. Think smoker speed.

Now lets look at a possible incapacitation Infected. I'm thinking something a bit weirder here, but hear me out. What if you could play as a Special Infected, but could only spawn as a normal infected? To choose a spawn you would need to select a nearby common to spawn as. This common would get a lot more health than a regular common, and would constantly leak and ooze blood, making it obvious upon closer inspection that this wasn't a simple common. At any time you could use your primary attack to burst out of the common, dealing no damage but allowing you the element of surprise. Once you burst out you could then grab hold of a Survivor, incapacitating them and dealing damage to them. This primary attack would be very close range, and you would rely on the element of surprise in order to get close enough to the survivors to grab them. Survivors would have to pay close attention to commons in order to detect you, but if they did you would be an easy target since your Special Infected when out of it's common state would be incredibly slow, like boomer speed.

HP: 250
Primary Attack: Subdue; the infected mutates it's host, suddenly increasing upper arm strength and grabbing a nearby survivor. If the infected has already mutated, it can still use subdue, but it cannot un-mutate and becomes much slower.
Secondary Attack: Claw
Speed: Slow (after mutation); Average (before mutation)
The first one was kind of stupid.
Cassandra Sae
I WANT THE BREEDER!!! is she playable if she was to make it into the game?
It's the 1st day of the outbreak, and 4 people, Micheal, Alex, Lucy, and an unnamed US Soldier, are fighting to get out of New York City. Things change when orders to execute everyone are issued, as the US Soldier tries to kill the 3 survivors. They kill him, and escape New York wearing military gear.

It's now 29 days after the first infection, and things don't look good. New zombies are found (like the ones in the video) and old ones are quickly destroyed because of genetic failures. The three, now four with a man named Johnson, head to Orlando, Florida, and meet an old WW2 gun store, taking all the supplies while navigating through the city.

They find a new zombie type, the 'Liar,' (custom zombie of mine) which is very rare, and it proceeds to act like a human. When Johnson approaches it, it bites him, and they kill it. Johnson is ''infected'' and they let him live, unaware of the side effects. After 24 hours, Johnson still hasn't turned.

They're now in Nashville, Tennessee, as their group's car has run out of gas. They find gas and supplies, also fighting off some zombies. They find their car in ruins by bandits and zombies. The car is blaring it's alarm, and attracts a horde. Johnson, being the cocky brave one, tells them to hitch it to a safehouse. They do so, and arrive safely there. Johnson never followed them.

They navigate Nashville, searching for Johnson and more supplies. They find a survivor, supposedly Johnson, in an almost dead state. He has an arm ripped off, and guts and gore all over the broken car. They'd end his suffering, and find a new car with gas. They'd drive to their safehouse to see it has been raided and infested with bandits. They steal some weapons and supplies, and also find a new friend, Zachary.

As they leave Nashville, they head all over the US, taking supplies and weapons. On one trip, things go horribly, as they are ambushed by bandits, but are luckily saved by a Tank. It somewhat doesn't harm them, and lets them grab supplies and go. As soon as they leave, more bandits arrive, firing at the Tank as it defends itself. They arrive at a safehouse, taking refuge there for supplies. They find the bandits and the same Tank, all dead. They decide to head to California, trying to find a safezone.

They arrive at an abandoned safezone, with bandits all around it. They shoot at the car, destroying the engine and popping the two front tires. They'd hop out of the car and take cover. They are saved by a horde of zombies nearby. They realize they're next, so they hightail it out of that area and make it to an airport. They find some military soldiers with orders to evacuate everyone. They do, and are placed on a MH-60 Blackhawk. It is shot down 2 miles from the area they were. They take their radios and check in. They'd hear that an evac 2 miles from where they crashed was picking them up near a place called Bloomsday (fictional town) and decide to head there. They arrive, and sees that the town is filled with common infected, so they fight there way through. Alex and Zachary are killed by a horde, in which they tried to stop it. Micheal and Lucy keep going, as they are almost near the evac site. Micheal is pinned to a wall by a common infected, and tells Lucy to get out of there. She arrives at the helicopter, and is evacuated.

Micheal fires into the zombie pinning him to a wall, and looks at his arm, him being bit. He deci---

Micheal twitched, as he was being eaten. The zombie on top of him was eating his insides like they were jelly. It was then shot, as a US soldier looked at Micheal. He'd decide to let him be a zombie after he saw Micheal's lifeless eyes open, him standing up in a zombie-like pose and walk off.

Amy M
my son says that the hunter should not make noise because he's a hunter and a hunter is silent
gamerdude 1985
I think the screamer should be like the clown in left 4 dead 2 in the carnival map but it would be in a abandoned over run insane asylum
Jake Ω
You make these mobs so op half of them can just sit on roofs and make it so like 1k zombies spawn in like 5 minutes it's ridiculously over powered
minecraftian 1045
the pregnant woman zombie is a good idea but needs rework as its op
Hot Dog
«Moderate speed unless breeding which greatly reduced speed»

Breeds every 0.4 Seconds.

So what you're telling me is that no, it's not moderate speed. It's slow.
I have an idea his name should be old friend he should be the only one who uses weapons and has 100 health his weakness his old friends Louis,zoey and Frances u prolly guessed it he is bill his arms and face should probably be jacked up because those three tanks advanige weapons he can use maily sorry for my spelling but he can use pistols and the main weapons like a shotgun disadvantage he is rarely found if he is found by the way this is an advantage but if he is found from the back he looks normal and can kinda talk they will drop there guard and he will open fire or maily attack you his maily is a frying pan and if he finds one of the first aid kits he can destroy one and it takes 2 minutes to charge again I put a lot of thought in to this I’ve been typing and thinking for 30 minuets and btw I’m twelve and typed all this in like 8 minuets