HD Kingdom Come: Deliverance - It Ain't Great (Honest First Impressions)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - It Ain't Great (Honest First Impressions)

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►SUBSCRIBE!►Follow me on to watch these moments live! ►Consider supporting these videos and keep them coming by subscribing to my Twitch channel! ►And follow me on to get updates on videos and streams!I'm prepared for the dislikes. Get at me, nerds. This is a completely honest first impressions review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, having played the first six hours of the game so far. (It isn't good, dudes)The Kingdom Come: Deliverance saving mod you NEED:
EDIT 2: Damn, this was really only intended for Kouties, but this vid really is exploding in views for something really quick and simple! Also all of the comments telling me I don't understand how good the game is because fun isn't immersive are hilarious. Deliverance is freakin' peak marketing brilliance

EDIT: For everyone saying «thanks for saving me from buying this,» you're welcome! I still need to give it another 12 hours to see if it actually does have any fun to offer, but overall hype trains are dangerous AF! Make sure you check out some FULL gameplays from streamers or tubers and NOT devs if you really want to know what is in store for you.

Not to toss a cold bucket on things… but to toss a cold bucket on things, this game is kind of a disaster so far. GIVING YOU MY 100% HONEST OPINION HERE. It might not be for people that like fun… (Makes me really appreciate good Open World RPGs, tbh)
Adam Thompson
Your awesome I would never turn on you and my opinion if I was to buy kingdomn come ( which I’m not) I would feel like I’m betraying our lord Todd and Uncle Pete and Lydia too so no way. Skyrim is all I need :)
Adam Thompson
I saw the guy near wood chopping block ( I WORK FOR BELETHOR!!) Lol that’s all I heard in my head hahah
Synerrox เ
Lul I saw your stream title yesterday called «I'm so hyped for this game» or whatever, and I knew it wasn't gonna go well. Stop getting hyped for unreleased games, people!
Matt Johnson
Cool channel
Man thanks for this. I almost got it literally saying to myself «Eh, i can give a game a blind shot. I haven't done that in a while.» I checked subs and saw this. Saved me $60. I'm always in it for the story. Difficult games are a bonus, you and I share a lot of taste in gameplay--part of why i love this channel. Disappointed, but at least i didn't lose 60 bucks.
Also thanks, because I was actually going to impulse buy this.
thanks again for saving me 60 bucks! you da best <3
Yikes! Great vid Koubitz, thanks for the info.
Simon Weinzaepflen
Oh wow, how fast do you actually edit? You were streaming only a few hours ago!
Anyway, thanks again for being honest in your first impression. I'll still get it because I don't mind slow paced games and I'm a bit of a history buff, but I can perfectly understand your impressions.
Patrick Torn Broers
Haven't played this game, but it sounds like a perfect example of why games aren't super realistic. I like a bit of realism in games, but i notice a lot of these«realistic» features often come in at the cost of fun or utility. Take survivalmode for fallout, where you can only save when you've slept for example. Most videos i see of Kingdom Come are more like a medieval simulator then a game, and simulators are meant more for teaching etc, while games are made for fun.
philipp plein
Its a pretty dull, overall quite boring game. In my opinion
Let's play: «Spot the angry backers in the comments!»
Sal CorGom
Thanks for the honesty, games like these are the reason why I stopped pre-ordering or rushing to the game store on day one to buy a game that could potentially become the best game I've ever played. Videos like these help me make the decision to be patient and just wait for a sale…
I guess its time to get back into Requiem >:D
Sidhion Eluneí
Koubitz, I've learnt the hard way never to buy something in advance. I've seen screen shots of this game since a year back and while it looked somewhat enticing, I've always had this gnawing feeling in the back of my head to stay off. The one thing I could pick apart from the recent trailer is that it has another one of those really generic stories, but what I am looking forward into a sort of medieval or fantasy game like this is honestly less of a generic «chosen one» story, and more of a fully realized, fleshed out and well planned world where I can be unleashed to carve my own path and just explore. You have confirmed my suspicions about this game; that it's not what I wanted. I'm anticipating your final thoughts on it, though.
What happened to the game? Where are the things they are showing us?
How can a studio that made Mafia I and Mafia II be this bad at delivering or just creating simple engaging stories and characters?
First of all, you are completely right about the game and THANK YOU for making this review before I bought the damn thing. Second of all, I am really disappointed in Warhorse Studios, they had a chance to make something great and it's just gonna end up being a crappy meme of 2018.

For a game that prides itself on realism, AI and combat, sure doesn't make ANY of those look even remotely good. The voice acting is awful, the characters are lifeless and boring…
I mean holy crap, people make memes about Oblivion voice acting, but I remember almost every single NPC I came across, the Dark Brotherhood questline being one of the most memorable and most fun quests I have ever played in a game.

Here literally, at the top of my head, before introducing the story of his family dying (ignoring bad voice acting for now) why not have some sort of interactive tutorial, to bind with characters. Maybe his dad takes him out for hunting or teaches him how to use a sword and you learn from your mom things about alchemy and making potions. That took no effort to make up, cause it's so cliche, but it sound helluva lot more fun than this.

There is such a thing as bad conveyance, but I think this game somehow overdid it, babysitting you through every step until it got so tedious, that you just want to go outside the goddamn sandbox and kill something with your sword. It should have that option, cause that's what open world games do, they give you choice, freedom to do whatever the heck you want.

All in all, good on ya Koubitz for having the courage to go against the hive mind and speak out the truth, can't wait for that second review after the first 7 hours of the game to see if it got better lol
A game priding itself on story, exploring and realistic combat with characters you that are hard to care about, an empty world and shoddy mechanics? Yeah, I'm good.
Jarl Denison
a WILD Koub appears!

Seriously a 7 hour tutorial? Guuuuurl i ain't got time for that
Milan Milivojevic
Too overhyped. Nothing special about the game imo.
Keenan Zeigler
I have found… there IS a thing as TOO much immersion…
Don Wasil Wasilewski
Medieval Revenge Story: The Game
It sounds like the Devs went over board on the immersion. You're a medieval peasant, what's that like, tedious, limited and boring, so the game is tedious, limited and boring.
Love your videos, Koubitz!!!
Is ok if you do not play the whole game to give a review. If I need more than 3 hours to start enjoying a game then there is something wrong with the game, I don’t understand why reviewers keep saying they need to finish a game in order to give a review
Played it a bit, pretty boring and bland game imo. Not to mention the countless bugs, definitely a hard pass if anyone is on the fence to get this.
Hahah I died when you showed those clips. Omg.
Craig Sinclair
Well done for a brave and truthful [review — edited for the pedants out there] First Impressions Koubitz. I was looking forward to this as an open world game that would give 1000+ hours of medieval play, but having watched three lets plays now....Nope. Looks very linear, very limited, and not going to be on my playlist or watch-list, which is a shame as so many You-tubers are going to be cranking out content on the back of the hype.
Jeffrey Soto
Thanks for the heads up, opinions are all over the place.
Anal Albatross
As miserable as it was, I'm glad I didn't miss the stream

But you still have obligations. Should get on that
I didn't know much about this game until recently. Then I watched some of the warhorse videos and got hyped as shit, (that barely happens to me so I was so happy). LUCKILY I calmed down and didn't buy the game. Now I'm seeing this shit and I'm just like UGH it took me so long to even get into Skyrim I'm not touching this with a six foot pole. Maybe after some patches and a 20 dollar PS sale
The Gank Manifesto
Thank you for being honest.