HD HAN SOLO Movie - Dead Before The Trailer?

HAN SOLO Movie - Dead Before The Trailer?

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We haven't seen the first Han Solo movie trailer, but hey it might be great. The greatest film ever made. A real Star Wars game changer. Or it could be bad also. Star Wars.SUBSCRIBE HERE ►► Slenderman Caravan Of Garbage ► Luke VS Kylo 16 Bit ► Edited by @resdolfTwitter ► Facebook ► Patreon ► T-Shirts/Merch ► The Weekly Planet iTunes ► The Weekly Planet YouTube ► The Weekly Planet Direct Download ►
onymous _
I feel like this is a new marketing scheme by Disney
MLG Big Bossu
I don't care for this movie if I'm honest
Tyler Durden
Not hyped for this one at all
Joe Broady
Mr Sunday movies can I get a reply it's my birthday
Matthew Matson
It was dead after it’s announcement.
Little bit a’ trouble on the homefront at the end there haha
George Carter
Ill watch it… Ill probably enjoy it… but the pre release is very thin, there's no hype, and its too soon.
Steven Lambert
Why is this even being made?! Who wants this?!
Badass Dan
Well let’s put it like this, this is the first Star Wars movie I’m actually not excited for whatsoever
Millennium Failcon
A Millenium Failcon
Raghu Seetharaman
Well Han Solo will have a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 with father son dynamic between Solo and Harrelsons character. They took a dangerous risk I feel they could have just left it a mystery with Han Solo unless by miracle it is a good story but that looks unlikely with some of the news outlets regarding the Solo film.
Anyone else got the Ron Howard Masterclass ad before the video? lol
Mr Sunday Movies
Hey, roll of the golden space dice. Will this be any good?
Robert Williams
The Solo movie… are they running out of straws? Give us the Fett & Kenobi movies like we wanted. Solo's story is done, does anyone care how he became a smuggler? It's not like there are a ton of jobs going in the SW universe.
Christiȧn Talagtag
Should have cast Anthony ingruber instead of that guy
Han Solo movie a disaster? Well no shit, shall we count off the ways why this film was dead from Day 1?
* Cash grab that's so obvious it might as well be called, «Solo: A Star Wars Cash Grab»
* Casting that made no sense
* Disney got cold feet mid-production and fired the team that they trusted the project with
* Literally no one asked for this
* This «films» very existence represents everything that's wrong with the current industry
Pvt. Duckling
I haven't heard of anyone who ever wanted this movie… Seriously, I've NEVER heard people actually say the words «Han Solo movie», EVER…
I have however heard of people losing their shit over the unannounced Obi-Wan Kenobi movie that EVERYONE is asking for for the past 3 years… What is Disney doing?
Kyle Lambert
Well if there's one thing for sure, you can never please Star Wars fans
Owen Cammy
Donald Glover is the only reason I’m even interested in see this
A Millennium Fail-con.

I can't believe you guys missed that one. You're slipping.
i bet, its going to be an *Alright* movie. nothing crazy, but just something thats enjoyable to watch.
Ben Masta
Harrison Ford is Han Solo.

there is no other person who can be the character even If you are trying to cast someone else to play his younger self,

Replacing harrison ford makes it no longer be Han solo and is just some poser that shoots second/at the same time as green aliens.
Luke Skywalker
how ironic, Ron Howard just show up in an ad lol
ali hussain
should have just made the obi wan movie instead, han solo shouldnt be messed with at this point
I think Alden Ehrenreich is a good actor, but he just may not be the right fit for this role.
Agent Tomato
Even if it's complete garbage, I'm exited to see how it plays out, and the memes that it'll spawn.
Elliott Lars Olsen
Disney: The odds that this movie will bomb are innumerably high.

Alden Ehrenreich: Never tell me the odds.
TJ Hastie
Look, I'm not super excited for the movie due to Lord & Miller's departure, but this article reeks of yellow journalism. I've never heard of Screen Geek before this. The name alone makes them sound like just another clickbait pop culture news site. Lawrence Kasdan — writer of The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens, and Raiders of the Lost Ark — turned in an «unworkable» Han Solo script? Yeah, okay. And even if Alden isn't fit for the part, saying he «can't act» is just not true. Watch Hail Ceasar, he's good. The very best actors use dialogue coaches for all sorts of roles, no shit it'd be helpful to have one around when you've been cast to play an iconic character previously played by an iconic actor. Having a dialogue coach just shows that they're doing what they can to make sure it's the best possible performance, which I prefer to having the actor just show up and wing it. Getting help where it's needed is not a sign of failure. Saying an actor is a failure because they used a coach is like saying a director is a failure because some scenes ended up getting cut out during editing. As long as the final product is good, who cares?
They shouldn't have done it… I agree. But still, I hope it turns out decent, as I'll still be seeing it.
Imperial Failcon.........I'll show myself out