HD DISGUSTING! McKayla Maroney's Forced Silence and HUGE Bitcoin Cash Insider Trading Accusations

DISGUSTING! McKayla Maroney's Forced Silence and HUGE Bitcoin Cash Insider Trading Accusations

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Philip DeFranco
Any parents out there have some thoughts on the bathing story? I'd be interested to hear some different perspectives… Let me know!
Ara Shadow
Regarding the bathtime thing, if she has had physical or sexual abuse in her past then i can see why it makes her uncomfortable but i think this goes way to far. I can also see why the husband would be upset by it. This is basically a way of telling him 'I dont trust you with OUR daughters'. I can imagine if the roles were reversed and he had said, 'i don't want you to bathe my son'. She would have been infuriated and people would be screaming about how its her right as the mother of those kids. Its not as if same sex abuse doesn't exist, plus its not like only men are capable of this type of thing. Women are too. Both parents can supervise at the same time, if shes that worried compromise that instead, don't just blatantly strip him of the bonding time with his children.
Never thought i'd be siding with and defending juggalos
Charon Graves
The FBI gang designation thing is just so stupid. Flip the situation around a bit to apply to fans of another band, how would you feel if the fbi had called The Grateful Deads' deadhead followers a drug cartel because weed could be smelt near their gatherings?
Or if we are purely going for violent crimes, what if they applied the gang label to sports fans? It seems almost every year theres a full on riot somewhere with massive ammounts of property damage after a game from those folks, to say nothing of the regular bar brawls over team superiority or a referee call disagreement. Seriously here even events as tame as ice skating can result in mafia style broken legs.
There are numorous small organized groups, even little league attendees are known to be hauled in for drunk and disorderly charges. Whole groups travel mass distances to convene. Theres even drug involvement the governing forces keep trying to crack down on. I bet the stats on the percentage of violent criminals who are sports fans (or players or organizers) of some kind are staggering.
Really, its just so stupid fbi. Either apply the designation fairly and universally or cut it out.
I hate ICP but declaring fans of a music group or band a gang is insane… This is a terrible precedent that they have set with this. The FBI has been able to declare any group a gang without oversight and this has huge impacts on anyone they decide belongs to a group they don't like. If you are on this list your rights are taken away. Being on the list is used as probable cause in searches and allows law enforcement to stop you for no other reason.This ruling sets a dangerous legal precedent, this was an opportunity for a court to say they cannot declare anyone they feel like a gang. I personally don't think this list should exist as it does now. I understand the need to let law enforcement agencies know about gangs but this is a list that the FBI can add groups to at will and those people no longer have the same rights as other citizens. How can we say we live in a free country when our government agencies can take away our rights simply because you share something in common with another person or group of people they don't like.
Cryptocurrency is never going to last, it's far to fraught with fraud, theft and outright scams. Suckers, I mean investors tout that the regulation free part is a good thing, except theirs no protections for consumers. Plus you can't spend it anywhere and that isn't going to change because it's to volatile, has no backing and it's to associated with seedy shit like money laundering and drugs. You are buying nothing but hype and hope.
isaac a
That woman is apeshit-crazy! I'm a single dad raising a little girl on my own, and there is nothing wrong with dad's giving their children a bath.
People abusing cryptocurrency? SAY IT AIN'T SO
The Bonesaw ..
Does the FBI classify the Philadelphia Eagle's fans as gang members? What about New York Giant's? Or the L.A. Dodger's?
Tim Scheive
«a corporal in the army feared he could be discharged at any point for involvement with the gang»

Lmao the army cracks me up
Dylan Michael Nahuliak
I never thought I feel news fatigue for something as boring as crypto currency
Mad Poe
The ICP story goes beyond who the band is, we can take their name out of the equation completely, lets use KISS and their kiss army. Some of their fans have had to of had run ins with cops, and have done awful things. But just because some of those kiss fans have done awful things doesn't mean you say that all Kiss fans are the same. Even further lets look at you Phil and the Phil Nation, lets say some of your viewers are murders that doesn't mean we all are. Lets say some of your viewers are starting to lose their jobs, getting arrested and or harassed because they are wearing your «don't be stupid, stupid» shirt. This is big news that is not getting enough light. You could be in ICP'S shoes 100 percent, just imagine, no one wants to buy your shirts any more (thou they love you) because they are afraid if they rep your gear there could be consequences
As someone who was sexually abused as a child for years, let me say that, even if the mother was abused, which there is no clear indication of so far, the reality is she needs to accept that her husband is not that person. Also, that being a man does not mean you are more likely to abuse a child nor does being the opposite gender from the child mean that. There are many female sexual predators (who, by the way, are far more likely to get away with it) and many of them prey on girls. Her husband has just as much right to demand she not bathe their daughters.
On a separate note, as you said, what about single parents? Should the child never get bathed? Or maybe getting someone else of the same gender as the child, but who isn't really trustworthy? It's moronic. When I was about 18 my niece came to live with us for a few months. My parents had a lot going on and I was happy to help out, so I was her primary caretaker. I was with her from 5 A.M. every single morning to 8 P.M. every single night. 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, for about 3 months. I (a young MAN) gave her every nap, nearly every bath and nearly every diaper change (GASP!!!). It's called being a family. Never once did I have even the slightest sexual thought or feeling and, to this day, if someone hurts that little girl, Hell help you, because Heaven sure won't, not from my vengeance.
It's because of pieces of crap like this that when a child, esp. a girl, says «hi» in the grocery store or such, I have to pretend I don't notice or else I may cause their parents undo alarm. These people have convinced parents «if a guy doesn't hate children he's a pedophile». Yes, be careful, be protective, but be reasonable.
Last point, if she believes her husband may be a pedophile, she should remember she's more guilty than he is. As of yet, we have no info that he is a pedophile or has put the children in any harm, whereas she chose to have children with a man she believes may be a pedophile.
Mother can wash their sons, and fathers can wash their daughters. Why is there any controversy there.
Your Likes Make Me Moist
so what your saying is wearing insane clown posse merch is like being black?
Wake Archus
everything about the story of the freak out mother is bat shit crazy and that mother needs to be removed from the children
I think the Mother's post was inappropriate to post on social media. Kind of seemed like she was ousting her «Hubby» and claiming people who were molested to be «playing a card», but the important fact of the situation is...its her kids. If she feels it's wrong for her husband to wash her daughters, those are her feelings, and those are her kids. Not saying they are correct feelings though…
My dad was home a lot more than my mom during the day because while my mom worked a 9-5 my dad worked shift work-often nights. When I got lice or chicken pocks my dad was the one to take care of me and bathe me when I wasn't able to go to school.
While I'm not a Juggalo, im deeply versed in their culture due to my older brother being one. He hasnt been profiled cause of it, but thats cause hes got a rap sheet as long as your arm. No violent offenses mind you, just minor drug charges. But he still doesnt like the fact that they were branded a gang. I dont either, i think it was very stupid for the FBI to do that. Theyre mostly normal people, ive met plenty of them. They all seemed pretty nice to me, just regular people who happened to be into this sort of thing
Moose TheTitan
Hey Phil, love your content, I think it would be great if you could add clickable time slots in the description below for each story u are covering
Not A cookie Like seriously
Does someone want to tell her there are people who molest the same sex too.
Sounds like bath time mom has some serious projection issues. Pay attention over the next few years, Phil. I will be utterly not at all surprised to find that SHE molested the kiddos given the deflection she demonstrated.
Riya Mavi
Any parents out there have some thoughts on the bathing story? I'd be interested to hear some different perspectives… Let me know!
Riya Mavi
When do we not just jump into it??
Ron Fillmer
I'm a single daddy with a beautiful baby girl… *Tosses child in the tub turns it on and leaves* sorry hun, cant let society think I'm a pedo.
As far as I read the mother's comment, «How people play the 'I was molested' card so very often these days, I don't want to give my children the chance to even think about that» implies she thinks most people are lying when they play the card, and that they're making it up for attention.

She's not being anti-husband, she's being anti-kid. A bit like that shitty coworker who doesn't want to be alone with women «because you never know when they'll start accusing you».

So when Uncle or Auntie Badtouch is fiddling her kids, and her kids tell her, you can be damn sure she won't believe her kids, «because Uncle/Auntie Badtouch wouldn't do that!».

My parents had a discussion with me when I was little that if people told me that it was «a secret and I shouldn't tell my parents or I would cause trouble», that that was a sure sign that that was exactly the sort of situation I should tell my parents and that whatever I did I would get an instant forgiveness for it because someone wanted me to keep it a secret. They didn't mention molestation of course, but years later it's pretty clear that was the exact situation they were thinking about.

I think that parents instead of spending their time policing which parent can bathe which kid, can better spend their time making sure their kids trust them enough to tell them things.
Today's Episode Summary:
* Don't be a dick
* Don't be a pedo
* Don't Use coinbase
And of course keep on jumping right into it ;)
Pillsbury DoughBane
Do I think the mom's Facebook post is stupid and do I disagree with her stance? Yes.
Is it newsworthy? No. I think it's moronic that media even covered it. I don't know why we should care about what she thinks.
Michael Coffey
Sad and sickening they tried to get Maroney to sign a non disclosure, but people in power do not want their sickness and wickedness found out. Happens all the time in fortune 500 companies to women, politics, and sports. As for the Insane Clown Posse ( I can not believe this is a 2017 thing) it feels like reaching to me. An for the couple I agree with Phil, the 3 year old now without Mother and Father is the true victim. I just do not know how that even sounds like a rational good idea when ti was said aloud, not to mention sadly tried.
As someone who was raised with the ideology 'mothers should raise daughters and fathers should raise sons', similar to the bath time mother, I found it extremely damaging. My father was an abstract authority figure in my own home who barely got the chance to get to know me. My mother used him as a glorified boogeyman I gave birthday presents to.
This woman might have had a bad past, but gender segregation at such a ridiculous level will leave to a damaged household where the children don't trust you. I'm not saying it's forever scarring, but I do think it creates unhealthy unsustainable attachments to family members that can expand into general socialising and relationship formation.
john j ninja
The real CLOWN here is FBI…